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  1. Thanks! I thought that is what happened, but wanted to be sure before I bought it.
  2. No it is for the kit version on Tower. Here is the link: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXCLJA&P=7
  3. Thanks, but I know that it is injection molded, but the description says it is "painted and trimmed". I don't want it if the body is already painted and trimmed.
  4. Thanks! Tower needs to change their description: This is the 1/10 scale electric powered, radio controlled, 4WD, RTR, Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide Off-Road Truck Kit from Tamiya. FEATURES: Chassis: CC-01, plastic tub construction Drive: Four wheel drive, shaft driven Motor: 540 brushed, with 16T pinion gear Electronic Speed Control: TEU-104BK (TAMM4541) with reverse Shocks: Oil-filled, black plastic construction Body: Injection molded, painted and trimmed, black plastic spare tire cover Gearbox: Front and rear sealed gearbox Differentials: Planetary gear, rear differential may be locked during assembly Transmission: Single speed Tires: Semi-pneumatic all-terrain, rubber construction 1.2" (30mm) wide, 3.5" (90mm) diameter Wheels: ABS plastic, brushed chrome 1" (26mm) wide, 1.9" (48mm) diameter Bumper: Front, plastic construction, black in color Suspension: Front, long stroke double wishbone Rear, four link rigid Camber Tie Rods: Fixed non-adjustable Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis Steering: Bell-crank type with servo saver and adjustable linkage
  5. Hey Everyone, Doe the re-re-release of the Pajero Metaltop wide come with a painted and trimmed body? The description on Towerhobbies.com syas that it does. This factors into my decision to buy it. I don't want a pre-painted body.
  6. Looks like Ray Lynch is wearing a red helmet to match his red headlights now!!
  7. To TomEG and Yonez and anyone else in Norway....I am truly sorry for the senseless tragedy that happened in Norway today. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your country.
  8. I am shocked....not one single Hornet???
  9. I have a feeling that the 2wd off road buggy may be the Astute re-release. That would be awesome!!
  10. I love seeing old pics like this. It really takes me back! Thanks for posting these.
  11. The Astute would be great as it is one of my favorite builds! Not to mention it still makes a good runner too. I would also love if the Wild One was released again.
  12. If you go to Tower Hobbies and enter in the model number 84057, it will bring up the Tamiya Unimog kit at a price of $209. This is obviously a wrong description as the Unimog sells for over $300 on Tower Hobbies and that is not the model number for the Unimog. I think this is supposed to be for the Black Porsche. Check it out: Tower Hobbies - model #84057
  13. That is a Blackfoot or a Mud Blaster.
  14. The body, wing, and decals for this car are worth more than gold! I had a brand new in the box body set for this and it sold for over $400 on eBay! Good luck on finding the parts and make sure you post a pic when it is all finished!!!
  15. The Monsters of Touring motors were very cheap. I used to have a few of them and they only cost about $19 brand new. Not sure of the value of the ESC though.
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