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  1. Anything in here that would be of use? http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48190
  2. Someone must be interested in this gear? (Miggers, will let you know asap!!)
  3. Have a look at the ones in my thread.......might be off some use. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48190
  4. As title says.... These connectors are all new and never used. Some have come off the Lipo's i use when new and some have never been soldered. Make me an offer on bits......or i might swap bits for 4mm gold bullet's (as these are what i use on my boats/cars etc.) or parts for the Jaguar XJR-12: Also got various shocks and parts of shocks here: and various plastic tree parts with a couple of resistors, 1 is a Drive shaft joint (slight chip in it), i think 2 is a centre Boomerang shaft and 3 is the front of a helmet: Frog Chassis, front arms are broken on one side (got snapped in storage, parts in pic above to fix!): If you want better pics, pm me and i'll sort some out for ya... Thanks for looking, Jez
  5. OK, Please do......could do with one for my sons boat
  6. I use Am and Fm.....what crystals are with them? Cheers.
  7. Hi, I use 40mhz in my boats.....what do you want for them? Also interested in the crystals (always having to change up the club..........) Thx, Jez (PS: Nice pic!!)
  8. Sounds about fair going on what you've bought....... I'll be looking for it on the bay soon!
  9. Will you tell the figure you put on it???? Might then give everyone else an idea???
  10. Same here.......A price guide will tell you if it's worth the time to respond. Otherwise msg's and mails fly back and forth. I was thinking of a price, but wouldn't want to offend if it's to low or the other way around and my arm get ripped off! Still interested in this though Charlie........
  11. Is this for just the car or everything in the pics? Is it rtr? (i know not been run, but is it all there?)
  12. How much is this going for? What's wrong with it? Some more details will help!!!! You in UK or US? Thanks!
  13. Don't worry about this, i've gone for something else now...........
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