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  1. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=43786&hl= I run my ReRe-Brat which has the same chassis as the ReRe-Frog on a ABC TQ100 brushless system. No problems with diff. and gearbox. So this chassis can take a lot. Just try it and don`t fear.
  2. The first mod at hte frontaxle - original coils and unknow damper (Kyosho Optima?) - better but not optimal. The next step dismounted original coils and Tamiya CVA shocks - much better and the possibility to adjust - this mod will stay You can fit any Tamiya CVA coil when you change the coilplate so now this shock is adjustable too. Just some minor improofments, but they make the car more controlable.
  3. Ok boys, here Im again and the Brat is still alive I said before that the swingarmplates a weak point and they still the thing which stop me from running the Brat. But there is help coming. I bought a second pair of plates and double these swingarmplates so this problem should be solved. The driveshaft are going to be changed to universals which even may help a bit. One big change was made to the electrics - I aded a gyro to get the car under control. Especialy when you exellerate on slippery surface the Brat was uncontrolable, so the gyro which I had with the 11turn motor was a "must have". Piniongear and diff are still original and have no wearout. So stay tuned for "The Brat journey across the brushless universe"
  4. Have a look at the ReReFrog - almost bulletproofet and if your not going to race it against modern rc-cars lots of fun. Or the ReReBrat which brought me bach into buissnes ;-)
  5. Thanks a lot for this, I was close to clean a lexan shell with ovencleaner. So nitrofuel is the only way?
  6. Brakefluid works well on ABS bodies but NOT on lexan. Lexan will get milky. For removing paint from lexan ovencleaner or nitrofuel has been recomended.
  7. tcphotos.com seems to be a dynamicpage which is not alloud ( what ever it means) Try to upload your images to imageshack.us and copy the url
  8. Loaded this was a very interessing excurtion to collectors world. I was into ols Kawasaki motorbikes and like you do with NIB, I just bought spares just for trading. Sometime you would get a part not for money and word, so you have to over something from your collection. I never tought that its running the sameway with Tamiya. Thats meens to me that some parts are rare as a blue martius and just got traded form collector to collector.
  9. Tamiya - 53908 Thats the kit that sould fit. I got the advise here on TC and will try it with my next part order.
  10. While Im in love with small cars and especialy Fiat I would like to see a cinquecento - seicento the new 500 a 126 or maybe a Fiat Ritmo Abart MK1 - all can be based on the M-chassis Or to fullfill my wildest dream - a Merc SSKL - Bently Blower - Bugatti 57... - no idea which chassis will make things like this possible.
  11. Yeah the Stelvio or Stilfserjoch is very close and a perfect mountain road. If you own a motorcycle take this for the Stelvio The track in Imst is owned by the club and you have to ask them before start driving, but that wouldnt be a problem.
  12. Imst has an RC- tarmac track Motorsportclub Imst Innsbruck/Kematen has another track, but they dont have a weblink. Contacts can be made trough the Motorsportclub Imst. 1:1 Offroad is nearly impossible because mountain areas have a very slowly growing flora so anywere offroaing is prohibited. Ther is a offroad club in the Stubaital which has a training ground maybe you try it there. In Roppen is once a year the truck trail championship but the rest of the year the ground is shut. Greetings from Innsbruck Michael
  13. So it has to be a Simca - for an Aronde it is to big - maybe an Ariane? edit. I dont belive that it is that new that it could be a 1300/1600
  14. Its not realy a truck or is it? Did you thought about a ReReBrat? I love mine more then any other car I have. It could take so much, even if you go crazy like me and put a brushless inside which gives wings to the thing. Good looking and nearly every driving mistake forgiving the Brat will allway paint a smile on your face. And you get to fantastic shells with the ReRe - the ABS for the Shelf and the Lexan for running it. so what you waiting for?
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