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  1. Yes, US dollars. Thats actually the price I paid about a year ago when I bought them for the restoration.
  2. I have an original set that I bought to restore mine before I decided to make it a runner, I'm selling it for $40 + $5 worldwide shipping. email me to anavon@gmail.com if you're interested. Avi
  3. I think this is an HPI body made for the Lazer (this was when HPI was just a third party hop up company, before they started making their own kits).
  4. I recently won this Samurai in parts on ebay. I have some spare parts that I got locally from the Marui importer at the time, so I'm quite confident I'll be able to rebuild it. I was just going over the manual when I noticed that in two different locations it warns against using non kit grease in the gearbox as it damages the polycarbonate it is made of. My question is what is your experience with Samurai gearbox breakage and do you know what grease type was in the kit, since Marui's warning included all the grease types I know of.
  5. Sorry for kidnapping the thread, but since the Wells Coyote body was mentioned I thought I'll post a link to mine (which is for sale btw ).
  6. Obviously a very similar design, too bad Duratrax cheaped out on adding a second o ring... Interestingly, it looks like you can add a second o ring by not installing one of the two spacers. Looking at the pic it looks like the Duratrax shock shaft is a smaller diameter than Kyosho's?!
  7. my brother did just what you described with his Avante runner. It does look a bit weird but the grip is fantastic with the modern 2.2 tires.
  8. check out the Kamtec body in my showroom http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?c...25&sid=1147 quality is good but price could be a bit lower. I guess its all about supply and demand...
  9. 2007: HotShot Rerelease Durga 2008: Wild One/FAV Rerelease A Frog/Hotshot/Wild One ball diff hop up option will be nice... New, more realistic body for the Durga, maybe along the lines of Associated Protech 4 (1989 'American version' of the YZ10)
  10. Losi springs fit Hi Caps very nicely, if you are willing to steer away from Tamiya
  11. I'm in Israel, too bad MRC doesn't ship outside the US... For some reason I was under the impression that the SB Sport was quite popular among the club racers, but checking ebay, I couldn't find many parts available. Is it possible that they sell this buggy under another name (not Academy)? The part I'm looking for is the white plastic wing (Associated used to carry these so I bought it once and really liked it), do you know of any other manufacturer making these wings?
  12. Anyone know of a good online store that handles Academy SB Sport buggy parts? I'm looking for a body and spoiler.
  13. 6160 is the Protech body and you're in luck as it should be available again within the next few weeks. Apparently Associated moved production to China and it took them some time before they were able to resume production again. One of the shops that carries it is Towerhobbies, check them periodically, eventually they'll get it. http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...LX2697&P=ML
  14. whats with the blue windows, looks like someone forgot to remove the window masks
  15. rear wheels are easy, just get rear Lazer ZX-5 / Ultima RB-5 wheels (they are the same). As for the front, here's a neat trick I recently found: the outer diameter of the Ultima's front bearing is 8mm. the outer diameter of the RC10 (any RC10) front bearing is 5/16" which is 7.94mm. That means that RC10 front wheels can be mounted on the Ultima using the Ultima's 8x4 bearings. I tried it and it fits like a glove! The only possible exception is the RC10B4 wheels which I believe have different offset and might not fit right, but older versions wheels are still available.
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