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  1. i'd have thought so too but not in this case! It's my first Brushless motor and has 3 motor cables, all silicone black. No more usual pos and neg. To alter brushless motor direction, you just swap any 2 cables over and leave the 3rd! I've bought a pack of 3 gold mini bullet connectors to solder in place once i've sussed out weather i have a fault or not. I'll take some pics and post them in my showroom so you can see how it looks. jim
  2. No can do herebemonsters, the motor wires are hard wired straight from the box. There's no possible way of making a mistake there as they are literally soldered. After reading my question back i'm thinking it may have been poorly worded, its a case of it runs fine in the right direction but misses out the slow smooth speed transition and goes straight to top speed. I'd already run it fine on 2 occasions and had no problems, it seems to have developed a fault. I think i'm gonna have to get in touch with the manufacturing company on this one. I'm hoping they will know what to do seeing as they made it! if not then i'll return it to the shop and get a a swap. But thanks anyhow and cheers for trying. jim
  3. I've recently bought a TTO1 R34 GT-R Z TUNE Brushless Sport with the LED kit. Very easy to build and ran fine on factory settings but as soon as i fine tuned the very old Futaba attack r controller/trasmiter to the Carson brushless controller, its all messed up! Instead of a smooth transition off speed, it just hits top speed straight away but in reverse it has the gradual speed increase. i've tried every possible set up option including fowards only, battery settings, brake setttings, undervoltage, even controller sensitivity and still no result. Is it time i splashed out on a new controller? I tried a different receiver and another transmiter and still same problem. If anyone else has had the same issue please tell me where i'm going wrong, i'd be most grateful for any advice. jim Technical info - CARSON DRAGSTER SPORT 906008 CONTROLLER DRAGSTER SPORT SL AND BL MOTOR 12T
  4. My Mrs at first regreted buying me a re issue Hornet last year. It didn't help when everywhere we went so did the RC cars and seeing as i was the one controlling the car, she had to be the one filming or taking pics. I'm thinking that may have been the reason why she started to say "when's it my turn?" and then that was it...... she's was hooked!!!! Now we have 3 running and 3 on build ( Monster Beetle x2, Mardave Meteor, TTO1 Lipo Brushless, Frog, Hornet) , she's still yet to try her hand at construction but i'm thinking of buying her a TTO1 for Christmas. We race against each other at weekends on car parks and she loves night racing with glow sticks strapped to the buggies! I'm building her a hybrid Monster Beetle and she's got full say on the body design spray job so expect something trippy! And what they say about lady drivers having less accidents seems to be true.... Only bumps she has is when she's trying to run me off the road heading for the finish line!
  5. Good old lighter fluid works a treat! I find you only need to use wet and dry paper on the exposed edge surfaces. Then a real good scrub with hot water and washing liquid to de-grease.
  6. I had to rebuild my first Monster Beetle that i'd stripped as a kid and boxed up. 17 years later and parts were missing, i ordered parts from fleabay and the rest i scratch built. For the steel pin running through the bevel gears i used a heavy gauge sowing needle with both ends cut off! I got the needle out of a needle variety pack from a well known super market (te**o's!) As long as the section of needle to be used is the same diameter and length as the original shaft...... no problem! It's a case of finding a needle thats mid section is long enough. Don't forget, needles are very high grade stainless steel so your every day hack saw just skids off. You need to cut it with a high speed cut off wheel eg Dremel. Only last week i installed a set of re-release Frog universal joint shafts and gearbox joints.....The scrath built shaft came out after a years use in perfect condition with a total cost less than 1 !!!
  7. Here's my take on the matter........ noob or not you won't be for long and i reckon you'll have so much fun building your first buggy that within 6 months you'll probably have built 5 more!!! I'd buy them both, then you could race against each other! With the right tools and a good read of the instructions i'd say 10 hours build time no problem Good luck. jim
  8. Aup! Good old Sunny Stoke hey! Not far from Stoke myself, live in Crewe. Don't own a Truck yet but i'm sure if i speak nicely to the missus..... What scale?
  9. Mostly old off road 1/10 for me(i'll spend some decent cash one day!). Mardave Meteor, Tamiya Monster Beetle, Kyosho Raider. TL01.
  10. Well up for it! I'm in crewe cheshire with family in staffs so stones throw from shropshire. What rc's do you have in mind?
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