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  1. I was planning on leaving this kit standard as I think it's good enough out the box performance wise... Not really decided on motor yet, but was contemplating sticking with a full tamiya brushless set up... I tested it tonight with an old 2700kv smd brushless set up... Was smooth but slow on acceleration... Thinking that might have been down to gearing though as I only had a 27t pinion to hand
  2. Thanks for reply... Have you had one of these and what t pinion did you use on the stock spur?... I tested it tonight but only had a 27t for the stock 48pitch and acceleration was slow...
  3. Not going crazy with this one... Was thinking 15.5t tamiya brushless set up... And keep as standard..?
  4. I'm quite liking the Dn01 chassis, ball diff seemed to take some breaking in πŸ€” lots going on with body decals😬....
  5. Wow.. That's insane πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Thanks, follow that for my runner shells...
  6. Also if you go for this conversion will need the non tamiya motor mount so you can have much more pinion options.
  7. https://www.fibre-lyte.co.uk/fl/cars/tamiya/tt02.html Check out the link, and the link within on installation as need some spacers. Below is pic of mine installed.. Hope this helps πŸ‘
  8. That's why I chose that page πŸ‘Œ
  9. Worn out magazine... Love that.. Still got one😁
  10. I do think the tt02 chassis is one of tamiyas best for speed if u fully modify... I started this chat based on my tt02b which is fully upgraded... Its a cheap entry base model with so much potential... The key is removing the gear cover and buying a fibrelyte brace, gives u so much more pinion options...
  11. He only 6πŸ˜‚... But can't believe how well he drives... The stock RTR bigfoot gives u a 50% option on the esc which I use for him otherwise could be dangerous... 😬.. Agree the thing is bonkers...
  12. 🀞For weather let us know speedπŸ‘
  13. The classic... He is obsessed with monster trucks so loves it.... Must admit it is fun to drive, but I had to buy the aftermarket wheelie bar as the thing just lifts and rips the back end of shell...
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