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  1. Hi, I use an Acoms Techniplus 4 with my King Hauler (MFC-01) and it works fine so it should work with the F-350. Some of the special functions may be reversed on the trims was the only thing I found but all fine.
  2. Hi all, Just built a King Hauler with MFC-01 and am really happy with it. Apart from the speed indicators on the roof. They light up the wrong way!! 3 lights in first gear two in two then one in third. I've tried reversing the channel on the transmitter/changing the light order round on the MFC unit but this doesn't work. My transmitter is an ACOMS Techniplus 4 by the way. I have noted some of the special functions (light switching etc) work with the trims the oposite way to the instructions, does this have something to do with it??? Or should a try a different servo??? This is only a small issue but really annoying, please help!! Thanks in advance.
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