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  1. Guys, Im like a kid in a candy store, Postman has just delivered a new alloy chassis from germany and , bead locks and tyres from the US. Ill now be able to set up the dual batteries, 550 cans and hot bodies esc properly, I cant wait, it should fly
  2. Hi Guys, I am looking at changing the body on my twin detonator to wildcat one from kamtec. I am going to need to raise the rear body mounts to fit the new body. I think that the body mounts from the new cr01 may do the job, does anybody have any thoughts on this, and know the relevant part number Thanks
  3. Sorry not what I am looking for, and the answer to my original quetion for nayone intrested is yes the Hot-Bodies ECU is exactly the sme as the E Savage one. I now have it on order from modelsport, along with a couple of 550 motors.
  4. Hi Guys, I am trying to get hold of an HPI Esavage GT Speed Controller to make my twin det 14.4v. Supposedly modelsport do it, but I cant find it on the site, is the Hot-Bodies GT Speed Controller the same esc? Thanks,
  5. Hi just posted review of Twin detonator on my site for Dads www.ye-gads.co.uk/Joom/Dads-Stuff/Tamiya-Twin-Detonator-Review.html any comments welcome.
  6. its not really held in any more the beariing sits snugley on the inside, of the chassis and the two dogbones keep it in place. my view was a brand new chassis is cheap enough off of ebay so in for a penny...... it has to be said I probably would not have bought it if I had known I had to drill chassis though. But now its in I have not had any probs, sounds like I may be the only one though
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys I have changed acordingly. With regards to below: you are quite righ tofficially it only runs with 20, 18 and 16, and I have changed in article. However 21t fits in if you use the 20t holes, and I have got one that is running with a 22t, but had to drill additional hole in chassis. it is able to put the power down a little better, and top end speed is pretty impressive, if a little unstable if you hit a pot hole. As for ball race, I am actually using a diff from 3 racing but not an official tamiya upgrade so didnt put it in article. It allows you to tighten and loosen on the fly, but does require enlargement to holes in chassis to 10mm, I personally think this is a great item, see picture. Anyway thanks again for the feedback guys, I am planning on putting up some more RC reviews, so would be happy if you have any thoughts on what I should be looking at, I have a Twin Det as well, but review would be pretty much the same as the Blaze one.
  8. just a bit of fun, its actually just the suspension components and drive shafts that have changed
  9. let me know what you think needs changed and ill get it sorted
  10. Hi guys, I have uploaded a new review of the mini cooper sporting on to my website for dads www.yegads.co.uk The review is here: http://ye-gads.co.uk/Joom/Dads-Stuff/Tamiy...ing-RC-Car.html Jason
  11. Hi, Is there a huge diffrence between the King Blckfoot Chassis and the Blackfoot chassis?? A king Blackfoot has come up and would like to mount the monster beetle body onto it. Cheers
  12. lol Hopefully it should have similar performance to my double blaze, at the moment it scrables about trying to find grip. I had lots of fun with the wheels and tyres catching the body, so had to change to lunchbox tyres, they just dont have same grip as the originals. I have got some other tyres on order, so it may improve things until I get the twin motor sorted.
  13. I did try, but aftre the 400th post thought it would be easier to post the question, you guys are the fountain of all Tamiya knowledge!!!!
  14. great looks similar to mine but with the dual motors I am currently running on an 18T Pinion gear, but have just order a 16T from ebay, it just doesnt have enough power at the moment.
  15. Hi Guys, I am keen on putting together a dual motor mini based on the M03 chassis, has anyone done this before?? I was windering if something could be done with a combination with the M04 chassis? Thanks
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