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  1. comet, cromwell, churchill, Chally 1, Chally 2, centurion, and any other british tank
  2. I use a Planet T5 and T7 2.4 gig radio with my trucks and tanks the planet radios have analogue trims and I have never had any control issues with the radio, the receivers on the other hand are OK but I would not use the planet R7M receiver with a truck or a tank because the throttle channel defaults to a wide open setting causing the truck or tank to runaway, in my latest project I am using seven channels on a roll on/off hook lift container truck and use a R6M to run the MFC and a R7M to control the seventh channel for the fore and aft movement of the container on the trucks back prior to unloading it of the truck
  3. I had to bend the steering arm slightly to gat the rod end to clear the leaf spring on the suspension
  4. I used two low profile servos that i got off ebay, they have metal gears and are branded bluebird this picture shows the height difference between a standard servo and the low profile one this shows the underside of my Mercedes tractor unit, with the servos name showing
  5. nice work on the steering mod to your truck
  6. I used low profile servos and the two parts numbered 1 of the G sprue that comes with the MFU kit to get them set up the USA truck way also wedged them in and used hotmelt to hold them in place, the mounts are resting on the lower flange of the frame rails and the servos are lower than the top of the frame rails to give extra clearance to the motor I have done this to the two tamiya trucks I have built and the third which I am building at the moment
  7. nice work on the Knight hauler
  8. the weighted wheels run well and they will just do me fine over loose ground I also cleaned out the grease from the diffs and filled them with modeling clay (plastercine) to make the a limited slip diffs and they run well too, helping the traction over loose ground and they turn just enough on carpet to stop them being a pain in the butt to steer the truck
  9. if you read this topic properly you will find that I have filled the tyres with 9mm ball bearings (catapult ammunition) that I got from a hunting and fishing shop in Stafford, they take each set of tyres up to about a pound in weight and have improved the traction on the truck really well, I also glued the tyres onto the rims to stop them slipping because of the extra weight in them
  10. I have added another orange beacon to the roof of the Scania and moved the existing on to the front left and placed the new one on the opposite side at the front of the roof, then filled in the holes in the roof with car body filler from this to this video
  11. I have a Novak 55 in my Scania and a Carson poison motor in my Mercedes
  12. I was looking for a short prop shaft to go between the rear axles to replace the dog bone in this picture well I have found one on RC4WD and it fits a treat
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