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  1. Man, I love your Marui collection and I sure love your custom parts, too! Big Bear, Galaxy, Land Cruiser, and Jeeps, ALL of them are so cool and kick all a** known to men!
  2. Yes, both bodies (Bullhead AND Clod Buster) will fit that chassis, the only thing required are specific bodyposts. I was going to say dont forget the LEXAN options you have, as there are many of those available for that chassis.
  3. Thank you all for the help, ideas and most of all for the enthusiasm with my RC car here Mystery solved! It is a 1978 RC model made by SANWA in Japan. Here's some pictures of it. Through these pictures I'm getting to know you can swap the 360 for a 540 motor in it! And here the tail my car is missing So far I'm loving it. The car looks great, and the parts seem to be perfectly good for a spin (i.e. tires, etcetera). Let's see if I find some time and motivation to go ahead with the resto project. Again, thanks to all of you. It's been also super nice getting to hear from you guys after so many years. Y'all have a fantastic Sunday!
  4. Haven't seen those tires before. Are they good for the original Kyosho rims?
  5. Hi guys. Here back for a lil information...if anybody of you are able to help me with this. Here's another vehicle of the collection of rc cars I got a few weeks back. At first I thought "nice, the Tamiya Porsche", then I've been checking again and again possibilities and no, it isn't Tamiya. Considering the fact that I got this along other 1981-1983 Tamiya cars it must be from somewhere in that time frame. I'm thinking it must be older than that. But that is just a hunch, nothing else. The pan chassis feels nice (white plastic bumper not original), wheels and tires are really nice, too. The rear swinging axle is amazing, and yeah, that's a 360 motor in it! Anybody in the know? Is it a Kyosho??? The hard body has really nice detail. The bits look to have been glued there, so this must have been some type of RC kit. I'll leave the photos below so you can see them, and if you can help me, well, be sure someone in the poor hemisphere will be smiling. And yes, I plan to restore this car in the future. Thank you all in advance!! Thanks in advance. I wish y'all a good Thursday!
  6. I wanted to thank you Erik, yogi and Mouc!! Unfortunately I can't access the forums on my cell phone because of the password. And I now very rarely use the laptop. The chassis belongs to the Celica, and the bumper as I suspected it's not model-correct. I know you'd be in the know Erik. Unfortunately I will not be able to locate the body for it. Things have changed a lot here with the socialism, and postage costs to buy & sell things from abroad are now impossible to go ahead with. I also have two other incomplete cars here, nothing to do with them. Too bad. Anyway, thanks for the help and I hope and wish y'all have a fantastic Friday!
  7. Hey. Can't seem to track down any information on this one. It is stamped Tamiya. I got a collection of vintage RC cars a while ago, and this is one of them. Anybody in the know? Thanks in advance. Y'all have a good Sunday!
  8. I like your work. That's good stuff indeed.
  9. Just a couple of hours ago... Orig '85 buggy with a 550 MRP motor, vintage rear bars+axle retainer device, and Turbo Blaster rear tires mounted on RR wheels. Many thanks to @SuperChamp82 for the nice vtg ESC I'm cheating with in here Y'all have a GOOD week!
  10. Think I have four or five Tamiya ORV vehicles here but none has any transmission mods. I wonder where or what did you saw such thing, I'm curious. Best of luck with your RC car there!
  11. Did you get the truck? Care to share some pictures of it? Sounds nice.
  12. Hope I'm not too late... So let's get HI with the HI RIDER Corvette Y'all have a good week!!
  13. Not today but actually from our last Friday Night vintage RC run... We've made some 1985 duel here as the orig Hornet faced the orig Turbo Scorpion. My car was the Hornet, obviously Too bad I did not finish the lamps although I've have had the orig decals in my possession for over one year, maybe two Anyway, here's some random pictures. We had fun, yeah. You all have a FANTASTIC week!!
  14. Happy belated birthday @berman!! I'm sorry I'm late once again Neil but I hope you are happy, safe, and enjoying your hobby. Today I spent some time out with my RC buddy Ian, this time running a pair of vintage Hornet buggies. Here's some pictures of the cars. The buggies: Even though the winter has been a tad cruel over here today we had a lil sun so it was very nice to have the chance to go out with the cars. Ian ran a 1985 Hornet buggy with a Buggy Champ body sporting one of the craziest paintjobs ever! Now my car, this time using a beater body, as you can see below has a set of 550 Turbo Blaster tires, a vintage 550 MRP motor, and a set of vintage stab bars. Nothing was a problem with this car today! You all have a FANTASTIC week!!!
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