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  1. Hi Kev, I believe the Tyco trucks and buggies, and certainly the Bandit were made by Taiyo. So if you're trying to complete the collection you'll probably have to search for the "mirror" vehicles, too. Oh, and what a bout the micro or mini versions? They're neat too. Also, I know you've been working on QD vehicles lately. Well, here's some combination you might want to look at [/IMG] I've nothing to help, sadly. But I will be happy to see your restorations Kev! Have a good Friday!
  2. Good bunch of rockers! Your list is missing Bachman-Turner Overdrive!
  3. Ah, how many of the BIG names played the Cow Palace... You were there in Dec 1981 then. Lucky you! Anyway, not sure you know but Randy Rhoads was going to leave Blizzard of Ozz right after that tour's final show to study classical guitar at UCLA. He wanted to go a complete different direction musically. And yes it would have been great if he would have left more recorded music. He was --and still is- one of the greatest guitar players in Rock N' Roll history!
  4. What a gorgeous RC boat! Too bad I can't get it myself. Best of luck with the sale!
  5. Doesn't look bad all shiny black
  6. Really sorry about this. It seemed to be a really nice storage box! Have you got a picture of it to see how it was like?
  7. Well, this one seemed much easier than it really is. The bodyshell was painted many times in the past -I can see blue, red and white. So far the most difficult paint to remove is been the nasty-thick white enamel that just doesn't want to go! I thought something fast would take it all off easy, so I went the Caustic soda road with it. And it did not worked I will try next weekend with some brake fluid -the wet t-shirt method as my buddy @Crash Cramer calls it. I'm getting my fingers crossed that it will work. Some pictures below: Excuse me, my workbench is such a disaster nowadays... but the Datsun BIG BEAR is gracing the mess as I write this I haven't washed the bodyshell after the caustic soda bath & scrub, so it is now all covered with some white dust. Still I managed to bring out the detail of the Datsun model. Tail and grill: More pictures later
  8. I'm happy and excited as I did not expected this moment to come as soon as it did. For years I've been wanting to have the chance to work one of these, and out of the blue earlier on this year I received a friendly message from a fellow TCer telling me he'd give me the truck "if I was willing to make a good restoration". You guys can imagine the reaction and what my answer was like [I thank you so much Kym for making this possible, you know this project is something I really-really wanted to get into!]. Anyway, here I am slowly going ahead with the task. This is the truck as I received it, and I'll post more pictures of the process as I go working on the truck. What I plan to focus on this year is the body. I am too short of money to get into the chassis and drivetrain these days. Well, first thing's first, here's the truck as I got it The bottom of the chassis looks great You all have a good Tuesday!
  9. Got me some DVDs the last months to enjoy some concerts, and each and every day I listen to music as much as I can. The stuff I've been listening to the most the last weeks is George Jones, and Wade Hayes (Hardcore Country), Black Sabbath with Dio, and Early Ozzy solo records, Bee Gees, and LOTS of Phil Collins & Genesis, which I've been rediscovering... If you can get the Heaven &badword Radio City Music Hall DVD with Ronnie James Dio, DO IT! It's one of the best live shows on DVD I have ever seen. In my list of future DVD purchases I have the 70's McCartney/Wings show that a buddy of mine told me about.
  10. That's great stuff, don't throw it away. I know I would not if they were mine.
  11. Anybody interested in doing some trading? Here's what I am in need of nowadays: Used set of wheels & tires for PORSCHE 956 or Toyota TOMS. AVANTE rear halfshaft dogbones. Grasshopper or Hornet battery door. BigWig, Clodbuster, Cheetah, Rough Rider original manuals. You all have a good weekend!
  12. Thanks, and YES I'm beside myself as it seemed pretty difficult to find a decent BIG BEAR to restore. Super happy now! I absolutely love projects like these Kym. It sure is nice to find a like-new body, but these old, worn ones when properly treated are much better in the end as they're a challenge. Every step of the process is something to enjoy. I particularly love that kind of work. Oh, and definitely! It's there in the pictures. The bumper will go to this one, my Hornet #2. Now don't let the picture fool you mate, this is a Hornet chassis that I built with original 1984 unused parts a couple of years ago, it's just that this one's the only bodyshell I found. I would like to find a Grasshopper body for this one someday (or maybe Hornet but in better shape of course). You all have a good weekend!
  13. Thank you! Excellent stuff!
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