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  1. So many to choose from! In the meantime you can have a look at the brackets from AMpro shapeways so you can mount your new dampers properly https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ampro?section=Tamiya+Frog&s=0
  2. Earlier on this year I got an old medicine cabinet for less than 3 bucks at the fleamarket. You guys can say I kinda saw the potential in it, haha. Anyway, I brought it home and I started taking it apart. I framed the nice mirror with a nice wooden frame I found in the trash and painted with shiny white enamel. Looks fantastic now in our bathroom. And for the case I had the idea of using it with some glass (that I also found & cut to size) to showcase old Matchbox or Mego figures or maybe diecast cars. I have a collection of mid 80's monster trucks & dragsters tractor pullers (the 1985 Matchbox "Superchargers" line). A couple of good friends here in TC helped me finding them in the States throughout the years (thank you @beefmuffin, @speedy_w_beans, and @Crash Cramer!). Now the wife helped me find a set of thin wooden bars (the thing that architects use), and so I finally got the inside shelves in place. I now have to sand it and then repaint it all in fresh white. I am liking it a lot as dust is something I sure don't like over my stuff! Also, the chrome corner covers for my guitar/bass custom pedalboard finally arrived from China. That's another ongoing project of mine. I now have to dismantle it, rework a little the wooden sides, and then spread some nice wood varnish over them. Oh, I'm smiling. Here's some pictures: Testing some Superchargers inside... Trying to get the shelves in the correct distance one from another. (the Gravedigger you see there is not vintage, but actually a very nice Burger King toy that I worked on a bit to make it look better) My "magic carpet" is almost done. I'm excited, and I enjoyed building this pedalboard a lot Y'all have a good Thursday!
  3. From my end I can't see the specific problem. What I would do if the car was mine is to disassemble all of the parts of the rear axle and rebuild it all over again following closely the step by step directions in the manual. Perhaps you missed something the 1st time? I hope you get your axle going this time. Have a good Thursday!
  4. How can I forget about those! Many times I've come across that, and I don't like it a lil bit!
  5. I agree with most you guys here. I like to restore almost anything. Guitars, HIFi equipment, bikes, furniture, kitchen devices. I use to tell the wife "I like to find that diamond in the rough", haha. I see people around throwing away stuff that I can fix. Maybe to use, sometimes to sell and buy something that we need here. And when working this stuff I always wonder the reasons why they skipped it, and of course I grumble about these people "not knowing or not appreciating the good thing they had", whether because they did not know how to use it or because they abused it. In the case of old RC cars, yeah, the way they were built and treated. And yeah, I DON'T LIKE plastic sprues that were not cut properly, haha. Bringing life back to a vintage - hi quality piece, specially something I could not have bought myself, is extremely exciting to me.
  6. It's hard to tell, without any pictures to help and "see" what the problem could be. Have you checked the position of the wheel-stoppers on your axle?
  7. Basically getting to do some old projects snail pace here, slowly
  8. Best beach runner has to be the Mad Bull. Certainly not eye-candy, but the thing does the job like nothing else in the RC field. Runs good on loose & wet sand and I believe with some nice custom paintjob you might even make the Mad Bull a better looking car.
  9. Yes. Black & silver is a good option to the original colors. I can say the only thing I could not get from the original box-art BIG WIG is the yellow on the exhausts. So I painted 'em on mine: [/IMG] And here's a very unusual color I would like to try if I ever come a cross a 2nd car to work on: [/IMG]
  10. The Big Wig is absolutely wonderful. And don't forget this is Tamiya's 10th anniversary vehicle! Here's some pictures of the real Pikes Peak racers that inspired this fantastic buggy. More pictures here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=104764&id=23692 I know I love 'em! Have a good Sunday!
  11. First steps working on the body. And I am enjoying it for sure. Results! More later. You all have a great weekend!
  12. If you can understand 4wd buggies like the Boomerang and Hot Shot, it is clear that you're going to love the Big Wig. Simple as that.
  13. I just love it, what a fantastic car! :)
  14. My settings are very much like yours. I am afraid the problem is between this website and hotmail I'd wish the admin would tell us something about this.
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