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  1. This one was designed by @Problemchild
  2. Hubs have nothing to do with the problem, mate. The Monster Beetle gearbox is a flawed design. The aluminum covers (sides) of the gearbox are too thin and the flex and the differential gears get stressed in action. You need to stiffen the gearbox with some extra bits like these: The gearbox in your MB was actually designed to be fixed. It just happened the Tamiya guys thought that fitting a differential inside of the gearbox would be a good idea, back in 1983. There wasn't too many problems with the FROG buggy in 1984, but two years later when they mounted big wheels to that chassis the flaw really showed up. This has been discussed thoroughly in this forum, I truly expected some other Monster Beetle owners here were going to share some knowledge on the subject but that didn't happened unfortunately. The good thing is that it can be fixed. You better buy a extra set of spider gears if you keep using the Monster Beetle.
  3. Yes, please hold them for me a bit. I just sent you a message to your Gmail.
  4. Before the end of 2020 I will be receiving this lot from a fellow TBer in France: thread here: https://tamiyabase.com/forum/5-for-sale/19280-fs-ft-vintage-tamiya-parts-more?start=10 Now, I have no interest in turning this into a Manta Ray. What I want it to build a custom TA-02 offroader. So the red bits and knuckles in your lot would be of use to me. This is more or less what I would like to make: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/87375-custom-chassis-tamiya-hummer-ta01/ This particular vehicle was modified by: @87lc2 Y'all stay safe and have a nice Wednesday!
  5. Got some present from a local buddy. MSCs to restore for mid 80's Tamiya & Kyosho buggies AND the Futaba ESC I used to dream about three decades ago Too bad it's raining here. Such a long winter and no parts to finish anything in here...
  6. Matt black for the grill, and specially between the bars to make them pop up and look realistic. ALSO, don't forget a very lil touch of clear orange or yellow for the front lamps.
  7. Should be the spider gears inside the differential, but since you mention it is a new build vehicle I can not be sure. Thing is, sooner or later you'll need a new set of those. That's a design flaw, since that gearbox was first conceived for a fixed gear instead.
  8. Haven't been able to work the cars the last couple of months, but I still got to make a nice trade here with another local RC enthusiast. Here's what I just got in exchange for... a NIP set of Tamiya TLT-1 wheels and a partial sheet of LRP decals. Tamiya Willy on a Suzuki. Not only that but holding the wheel on the British-side. Didn't know these exist. It is battery operated, just like the Academy boat. I'm liking the motor storage. It's my very first one You all stay safe and have a fantastic Tuesday!
  9. If you care to have your Lunchbox all done properly don't forget to finish the front grill. It is a critical part of the body for the thing to look completely and realistic.
  10. Where did you get those? Any link with prices?
  11. Very nice truck. Reminds me a bit about Dan DeGrasso's BEAST from mid 80's...
  12. Glad to see your project buggy coming along, Bert. It looks absolutely fantastic!
  13. I haven't used the Proline brand but Parma's Faskolor is absolutely fantastic and bang-for-the-buck. I've had great results with it using both, brush and airbrush. I would definitely recommend the brand.
  14. That's right up somewhere beyond this hobby... WAY TOO GOOD! By now I believe you're more a Ford man, Jeff. If you ever consider doing some Chevy would you do Jack Willman's original Taurus?
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