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  1. mongoose1983

    King Hauler Drag Truck

    I like your work. The truck looks fantastic! It made me smile to see you source your cardboard just like I do. The stuff is perfect for laying out the design of custom parts! Keep up the good work!
  2. mongoose1983

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    White wheels. Definitely.
  3. mongoose1983

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    Had I have the chance to work on one of these fantastic monster trucks I know I'd love to get one painted in any of these colors: Metallic red, Shiny black or, better than those, Metallic purple
  4. mongoose1983

    Random boxart thoughts again

    Here it is: You all have a good week!
  5. Sorry Martin. My TC mailbox is full. Also, I haven't had a minute, lots to do here with work, the wife, and life you know The Tamiya molybdenum grease isn't too expensive: The gearbox is not and will never be liquid tight. Tamiya is not even able to make shocks with such qualities! If I was you, I wouldn't use anything liquid on my cars -they're not made for that. Perhaps there are other brands that might do, but not the Tamiya we know and love. Kids at hobby stores these days don't have a clue about Tamiya cars, I would be careful with whatever they say to you at the hobby store. What you need is the creamy Tamiya grease (the one that says gearbox) and a lil moly grease. I would strongly advice against using red grease from other brands as that stuff usually dries and make things more complicated in the long run. And also, the gears don't need much stuff in them. I have seen guys applying lots of grease when there is really no need. Watch your wallet buddy. Spend on what you really need, and don't throw away the cash that might help you get another Tamiya car Have a good weekend!
  6. Welcome Tin tin. That's a nice specimen you have there. The clicking sound is a common problem with these vehicles. You replace gears and you'll be hearing that again in a short time. The problem is a mixture of the spider gears' natural wear and the gearcase not being as stiff or solid as it should. This is problem is shared with other Tamiya vehicles like the ORV based cars (Frog, Blackfoot, etcetera). Now, a lil clicking is okay, but if it's too noisy you better check it, change the spider gears and add a lil Tamiy moly grease. That will keep your Wild One buggy in good shape. Have a good Sunday!
  7. mongoose1983

    Avante Egress parts FS/FT

    Anybody interested in trading parts?
  8. mongoose1983

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Excellent color choice for the tiny Toyota Bruiser! You certainly have style
  9. mongoose1983

    Wild Willy Restoration Part 2

    Perfect specimen. Congrats! I know I'd love to lay my hands on such a wonderful RC vehicle!
  10. mongoose1983

    BIGWIG Question

    500 Euros is indeed a lot of money. BUT you have to keep in mind Tamiya got Takuya Yura to design the Big Wig to celebrate their 20th anniversary of making plastic models suitable for radio-control, so the car is not just any Tamiya car. The thing is in the same league of landmarks like the Bruiser, Sand Scorcher or the Avante. Not just any RC car, IMHO.
  11. mongoose1983

    Vintage 1982 Wild Willy - Wheels

    No other Tamiya rc car use those wheels. I have not seen aluminum WW wheels, but not sure if aftermarket companies offered such thing back in the day.
  12. mongoose1983

    For sale, egress parts

    One Q. Are the rear halfshafts compatible with the original Avante?
  13. mongoose1983

    Vintage Hot Shot restoration Help.

    Oh, that's it! Yes you're right. I grew up seeing my cousin's Boomerang here back in the late 80's and the only 4x4 buggy that I have is the BigWig, so I did not have much knowledge available on that particular line of buggies. You all have a fantastic weekend!
  14. mongoose1983

    pinion gear came loose

    Like Juggular pointed out already I would say you have to check the flat part. Also, I've never used threadlock on pinion grub screws, and I don't remember ever getting a loose pinion.
  15. mongoose1983

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread