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  1. Yeah, that looks very very nice, I don't think I've seen one like that one before.
  2. [Excuses to everyone in here for going off-topic] That No Secrets album cover was oh, so nice. Now, her less-known 1981 Torch album cover must be hottest one. I've always had something for Carly Simon, plus she's a genius songwriter.
  3. Please bear with my bliss here. It's been LONG since the last time I got anything... but you see Christmas sure came early for me this year. THANK YOU @SuperChamp82 I understand eight pictures is too much for this kind of thread but well... Here's some RC good, CD earfood, and a couple of incredible Hot Wheels cars signed by two legends, John Force and the late George Barris himself! Some detail: Ima need to find me a used rere Scorpion to fit all this fantastic stuff, yay. I have three Stomper tires and TOYO high lift wheels. I need to find some fourth to finish the set. These might work like a charm on some Wrangler! Decals...oh, these are sooo cool. Another transmission needed and another JUICY Hornet will be ready... someday The greatest Heavy Metal album of all time in two versions. The Castle re-release and the 2021 Rhino version expanded and remastered which is absolutely incredible!! Oh, and that's Carly Simon's best 80's effort, one of my favorite female pop singers ever. Hot Wheels' MEGA bliss here... John Force's gorgeous Catrol Dragster! And look at this one... the one-and-only George Barris' Batmobile!! THANK YOU BRANDON !!! You're a legend indeed ! Y'all have a GREAT weekend!
  4. @Saito2 is correct for sure! https://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?t=46280
  5. Love the wooden trucks. That is art indeed.
  6. Lunchbox. If you get a Monster Beetle you'll be bound for a heartbreak.And if it is the new version, well, you better stock yourself up with three or four sets of replacement gears if you plan to run it.
  7. You certainly did a great job with that one-looks great!
  8. Have you got more pictures of that one?
  9. That's fantastic! I can't count the times friends here have helped me with my projects the last decades. We're sure proud of you @Aerobert!!
  10. Could have worked had he stretched the rear wheelarches instead of keeping two rear ones each side...
  11. The orig. Bruiser shares the axles with the earlier Toyota 4x4 truck. I presume the rear one is wider because of the space required for the radiobox that goes right in between rear wheels. The same cast and material for those axles were used on later 4x4 models like the Blazing Blazer and the Bruiser. Here's the truck below. You see the original 4x4 chassis shares nothing with the 1985 4x4 truck, except for... the axles
  12. Does it have the Trinity motor in it? That's a sweet extra for that monster beetle!
  13. Although you can fit drivers inside the '85 Bruiser and its re-release from 1992 (Mountaineer), there were no drivers for these models. The drivers belong to the first gen of 3-speeders (Toyota 4x4 and Blazing Blazer). The helmets are exactly the same between the new ones and the original version.
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