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  1. That's such a great idea!! I think you can find the decal sheet in Canada. Here's one but it's a lexan body. The hardbody ABS while harder to work on will look much better.
  2. Oooooh, that minute that you feel like dying. Been there mate.
  3. Finished up the fixing process of the 1984 Tokyo-Marui Datsun BIG BEAR body and it is now all in primer and ready to be painted.
  4. Inspiration took LONG to catch up with me but anyway here it is, the Datsun BIG BEAR body all fixed and in primer waiting for me to go grab the airbrush! Here's the body with the Tamiya putty applied in the not-so-nice areas before sanding. The putty helped to cover all of the scrapes properly -everything you see in the left picture you just don't see it anymore once the primer was sprayed over the body. A quick look at the rear end never hurts. I'm excited I'm concerned warm days are about to go now so I better grab the airbrush soon and finish this one. Still not sure about color... No way to buy anything these days I've to check what I have around. Hopefully it is going to look good. You all stay safe and have a good Tuesday!
  5. I remember the Ranger radio by Hitec. I think it looks pretty good!
  6. Not sure about PS22, but here's a lot of different optional colors to check: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/69118-best-optional-color-for-a-hornet/&page=3
  7. Happy belated birthday, Nelson!

    So sorry to be late for the party! :D

  8. For heaven's sake please don't destroy or modify the original CHEVROLET Clod Buster! I am with @berman on this one, just replace what is broken. If you want to destroy one of these, you can always get the Super Clod Buster.
  9. Earlier on this year I've bought over a hundred issues of Popular Mechanics magazine from the late 60's until late 90's from a local seller. It was great to have the chance to recover some of the magazines I had to sell decades ago, and also finding great articles, particularly on woodwork. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody of you know of some website or blog that I can freely download the files? If you can send me a PM with such link, please? You all have a good week!
  10. That vintage NIP chassis plate looks juicy. Love it!!
  11. Oh, typical problem with the Marui plastics. Little fixing will make the car usable again, IF you want to run it.
  12. I haven't used them myself to comment on how they actually perform, but the guy behind them used to be a TC member years ago and the parts look absolutely fantastic if worked properly.
  13. Looks promising. I'm sorry I don't have a tire here to help your build, but it's always nice to see one of these cars. I hope I can come across one of these someday. Keep up the good work, Kev!
  14. What a great little car and in such a nice condition! Love the vintage Marui cars, they're so unique.
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