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  1. I like your work. That's good stuff indeed.
  2. Just a couple of hours ago... Orig '85 buggy with a 550 MRP motor, vintage rear bars+axle retainer device, and Turbo Blaster rear tires mounted on RR wheels. Many thanks to @SuperChamp82 for the nice vtg ESC I'm cheating with in here Y'all have a GOOD week!
  3. Think I have four or five Tamiya ORV vehicles here but none has any transmission mods. I wonder where or what did you saw such thing, I'm curious. Best of luck with your RC car there!
  4. Did you get the truck? Care to share some pictures of it? Sounds nice.
  5. Hope I'm not too late... So let's get HI with the HI RIDER Corvette Y'all have a good week!!
  6. Not today but actually from our last Friday Night vintage RC run... We've made some 1985 duel here as the orig Hornet faced the orig Turbo Scorpion. My car was the Hornet, obviously Too bad I did not finish the lamps although I've have had the orig decals in my possession for over one year, maybe two Anyway, here's some random pictures. We had fun, yeah. You all have a FANTASTIC week!!
  7. Happy belated birthday @berman!! I'm sorry I'm late once again Neil but I hope you are happy, safe, and enjoying your hobby. Today I spent some time out with my RC buddy Ian, this time running a pair of vintage Hornet buggies. Here's some pictures of the cars. The buggies: Even though the winter has been a tad cruel over here today we had a lil sun so it was very nice to have the chance to go out with the cars. Ian ran a 1985 Hornet buggy with a Buggy Champ body sporting one of the craziest paintjobs ever! Now my car, this time using a beater body, as you can see below has a set of 550 Turbo Blaster tires, a vintage 550 MRP motor, and a set of vintage stab bars. Nothing was a problem with this car today! You all have a FANTASTIC week!!!
  8. TCer @Sayroll did a fantastic one that I'm sure you'll like to see https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=122399&id=22164
  9. Congratulations on such a great restoration work. I love the truck, and also went through the process myself with one of these lovely models. Not sure you know but the original decal is thinner than the one that comes with the re-release truck nowadays. Still, it's near to impossible to make it work properly and if you get it in place, the decal lift afterwards. When I did my resto I decided to do without the side stickers for that reason. By the way, I see you decided against shut lines on your doors. I've painted black the frame of the truck --even though the manual says nothing about it-- because all of the built trucks Tamiya used for promotional pictures and videos back in 1985 were painted that way. I feel your pain regarding the side mirror. I waited for years to find one of the repro they used to sell, and then a friend here gave me a re-re one. They're not the same, the new one resembles the original. Works for the truck, but definitely not for the trained eye. Thanks for sharing pictures of your work here. Great job!
  10. Thanks ever so much Erik for sharing the great news here!!
  11. Original boxart Sand Scorcher and the 1985 Bruiser (the one with the solid one-piece rear half). I recall the experience to be as nervewracking as satisfying in the end.
  12. About a decade ago I had the TIGER but I've always liked the Konig Tiger better. Your example looks nifty!
  13. Man! Your 1:10 garage is absolutely fantastic!!! I've made rollcages, and more specifically custom rear cages for Sand Scorchers with spare plastic parts.
  14. Thanks so much for the detailed info, Kev! Again, you did a great job with that fantastic HB!
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