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  1. Incredible work designing some pieces to replace in such rare car. The resto work on these ones isn't easy. I love these cars, and I like what you're doing
  2. Am I wrong or all of the 380-powered cars had no differential? I remember seeing one interesting video on youtube of a F-350 with a 380 motor. The thing was no wimpy at all! Too bad they removed the video. I might be able to locate my copy of it somewhere in the external drive but that might take me some time.
  3. Not today but last Saturday morning went out with the rc boys here. Unfortunately there's no car of mine there as I didn't charged the transmitter batteries for the occasion
  4. Will check the thread. That's such a great project buggy to work on!
  5. I'll tell you the best kept secret for that. All you need is a pair of cheap & trusty Sharpie pens. One red, and one orange. It never fails!
  6. That's totally SWEET! The best looking Tamiya buggy from the late 80's. Congrats!
  7. Subaru Brats in black they do look nice. I remember doing one in black many years ago. It's the best color for the truck IMHO, and yours look very nice.
  8. Those are blinkers. And they're only used in the Sand Scorcher nosecone.
  9. No problem. Just be cautious not to hit the car when running it fast!
  10. Here in the Third world we call it Ranger, too.
  11. Spotted some interesting vintage non-Tamiya insect type of buggy at the San Cristóbal this morning Thank you for the lil big help @SupraChrgd82! You all have a good week!
  12. I like the color I painted mine: I went for this after seeing this one... I dunno, but I love how the Toyotas look with this color.
  13. Our old friend @Connor did I dunno like fifty different cool Monster Beetle color schemes over a decade ago. Too bad he had to leave. Anyway, you can check most them in his showroom. Here's a link: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=29259
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