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  1. These ones? https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t1032589595 And you said $40? That's not a bad price for the set.
  2. The 1978 Porsche 928 on a TA chassis would be totally nifty!
  3. Tamtech cars are super nice! The nicest collection I've ever seen belongs to @Crash Cramer
  4. For some reason the image or link doesn't work for me Kev. But these "sand tires unlimited - paddle" are not the other Chinese tires that doesn't fit the standard WW2 wheels. Chinese sand paddles with odd inner diameter: These ones are different. The new GYAR ones are more like the WW1 tires but bigger: They look this way mounted on stock WW2 wheels: Here's GYAR website: http://stortau.livedoor.blog/ And this video shows tire comparison and all: It's in Japanese but images are useful. Now I wonder how expensive these things are...
  5. I've just come across some video on youtube and noticed these nice tires. The guys from GYAR RC are selling Lucnhbox-sized tires with the classic Sand paddle look. I was wondering if anybody here is using them these days, and if so how would you rate them? Y'all stay safe and have a good Wednesday!
  6. The Frog was actually an offspring of the Subaru Brat. But I do agree with what you are expressing here.
  7. Here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/69730-another-lunch-box-build-thread/&page=3 I was obviously inspired by the 1985 Rollin' Thunder monster truck. But that's just because I did not have the means to do it all the way, unfortunately.
  8. Heck, I didn't notice until now the sponsor decals! They're in no way worst than the stuff Tamiya's been putting out since 1991...
  9. Yesterday I come across this "Fox" at the Fleamarket. I did not buy it but I still couldn't help to take a picture of it with the cellphone. And last Wednesday a lil action with some friends and some Porsches, too. The onroaders belong to my buddy Ian and his daugther [@tatamiyarc on IG]. Y'all stay safe and have a good Tuesday!
  10. Last Wednesday I had the exact same problem but it was a late 80's Futaba ESC coupled with an early 90's AM-75 receiver of the same well loved brand. So I am commenting here to be if there is anybody able to help with ideas or experience on how to fix the problem.
  11. Yes, Kev. That's definitely something to keep in mind if you go for a perfect paintjob. By the way, what a LOVELY Holiday Buggy! The other stuff i like a lot is Humbrol's MASKOL. Once you get used to it you will be able to avoid using masking tape on curved surfaces plus it works super good.
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