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  1. Absolutely no chance to change the body or getting new paint for it. Actually, I plan to remove all the sticker residue left by the previous owner, and if possible I will try to remove the paint off of the cab window so I can fit a driver in there. Also, I would like to get stickers for the car but I'm afraid that's out of the budget right now. I'm still excited about it, as working on these buggies isn't something that common.
  2. My father gave me his AKAI AA-1135 receiver from 1978 and I am over the moon with it. Not that I don't love my current Yamaha receiver (that I got over a decade ago) but the tone and looks of this vintage receiver are oooh, so nice! As it's usual with vintage stuff there is some work to do to it so it can perform just like back when radio stations were playing KISS and The Bee Gees non-stop First of all the dial cord was loose. Once I opened it I could see the tunning wheel's little ring broken and now no way to re-attach the dial cord again! I will have to give that extra thought and see if I can come up with some solution so I can get the tuner section working properly. What can I do? I mean anything except finding a replacement wheel... Also, two of the three dial lamps were broken. I'll have to check if I can still get these little bulbs so I can get the dial properly lighted: That's for now. Hopefully I can solve these little problems to enjoy this fantastic piece of vintage Hi-Fi
  3. I got a set of HSP dogbones for my Avante. At last I'll have the chance to make the car run! Excited Once I'll get the chassis and electronics properly built I'll start working on the body of the Avante.
  4. What is the use of that unusual tool? I don't think I've seen another like that one before.
  5. And a few more pictures of the buggy as it sits over my bench right now. I plan to work on the body (and some driver) AFTER I get the chassis and electronics properly installed. Chassis: Body on: Sideview: If I had time tonight I'll cut some foam for the tires You all have a good Thursday!
  6. I must thank our good friend @MICHAELs TopForce17 who sent me a quick link to an eBay sale early in December so I could finally get dogbones for my buggy!! Now these dogbones are HSP brand, a very cheap set that fit the axles alright. The deal was for a lil over 3 bucks shipped to my place in Chile, and took only a month to arrive! Thank you so much Michael! Here's some pictures of the car and the dogbones in. I built it all quickly, so I will have to rebuild it all again later to install electronics and the motor pinion so I can finally run the buggy. After having lost the original set I got, and being screwed by @alexkidd selling us a set that was not for this buggy this is such a good new for me. In case anybody is going through the same problem, here's the link to the sale and a picture of the dogbones: https://www.ebay.com/itm/292727270438 So here it is the Avante on its way to hit the dirt... hopefully not long from today Some pictures of the dogbones in place: I really like them, they don't feel cheap. The only thing I can mention by now is I think the pins are a bit shorter than the ones in the original halfshafts.
  7. The Toyota High-Lift was a complex but nice to build kit. A totally wrong pick-up truck in its own right, but still a super cool kit to build
  8. The BIG WIG. I happened to get one a decade ago in a local trade. I was first interested in the motor, then I fell in love with the buggy. I have seen all of the other buggies in the "Shot family" and I never liked any of them... except for the incredible BIG WIG. The Tamiya's 10th anniversary RC car is way too cool!
  9. What a gorgeous place. Where are you located?
  10. Yes. I've just tested a hump pack on mine and it works great. And you can fit the hump right or left side, no problem.
  11. Nice specimen! Gotta love these Rover buggies You can use a CD case to replace the windshield. The plastic has the same thickness, so you can mark down the contour of the orig windshield and then cut it off to have a perfect one. Of course, you can get a replacement nowadays, too. And you can also get body mounts from the re-release. Those still remain in the tree and are of no use on the new Sand Rover. Good luck with the resto work. Would be nice to see pictures of the updates
  12. Excellent then! Both my Bruiser and Blackfoot trucks are on stands to avoid tire cracks. Keep up the good work!
  13. The pressure the rims place over the tires' walls are going to break them for sure. Unfortunately, the Blackfoot tires are prone to sidewall cracks, moreso with slight changes in the rims dimensions.
  14. Yes it is. Add to that the nostalgia factor and you've got people willing to let go serious money for it. Or for the reissue that is, which still isn't a good vehicle to run. To me it all goes down to feelings over reality.
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