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  1. mongoose1983


    I've seen those for sale on eBay
  2. I've seen other people making reproduction tires for other models. Making repro sets for these seems to be a good biz opportunity. It would be awesome if such repro tires would be made of thicker rubber. The original ones are too darn thin!
  3. Oh, we're all wondering where these tires can be found!
  4. Nice! Just last weekend I started the restoration of a 1989 Technics CD player.
  5. Alright, mate that looks fantastic and so spot on! I've checked a couple of youtube videos but can't get it all down yet. Can I use a piece of ABS plastic on my dremel to get it done, or am I getting it all wrong? Thanks for sharing the idea and pictures by the way
  6. Gives a lil credibility to the chopped-up Sand Scorcher body that Tamiya has on the market nowadays, too.
  7. I've started the body preparation by sanding it. I'm not done with the work yet, but I already got a can of Testors primer on my bench and I also have some putty to get the Datsun body fixed and ready for some color to be applied to it. Unfortunately, I could not find arctic blue color in the store the other day, so I will have to find some paint sometime next month I believe. It has not been easy to get it right as there were light scrapes on the hood, one side, and the cab's top. I can see the putty is going to be a real help with this one. I am excited as I go working it to my tastes. STILL, I seem to have made one super dumb mistake removing a bit as you'll see in the pictures. Not sure what I was thinking as I thought about it as it was a Toyota, not a Datsun! The straight line (chrome line) over the side windows was bugging me. I thought it wasn't correct, but it sure was Also, I see it goes all the way down the pile, but I haven't found the part that goes down in the real vehicle. I don't know, but I am not satisfied. What a dumb mistake indeed. A couple of pictures: The body has these cracks on both sides. I've fixed a lot of issues on other bodies the last decade but these are making me feel a bit unsure as to what would be the best way to permanently fix this. So if you have some idea I know I could use a lil extra thinking You all have a fantastic Friday!
  8. Time came to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the KYOSHO HI RIDER MONSTER VETTE. I can not post videos anymore, but here's some pictures of how it looked like when I run it last Saturday morning. Hey, we're celebrating! I'd like this one to be re-released in its original fashion. It's a gorgeous-fun vehicle, although I can see the looks are very very dated to what monster truck were like back in 1988. I mean, a car body, supercharged engine front with pipes and a blower, kids would not think it's based on real vehicles, or at least by the looks. Anyway, I guess that comes to prove how classic is this vehicle today. Happy Birthday, Hi Rider Vette !!! And you all have a good Wednesday!
  9. Not today but last Saturday morning. I'm now getting my pictures in order Time to celebrate the 30th birthday of the mighty Kyosho HI RIDERRRR !!! So I went out to run it a bit with my bud Alan to celebrate and have a lil RC fun with the "Soccer Mom" and some soul-less RC Crawler Jeep-bodied vehicle, lol. Some piccies here and a couple more in the Kyosho thread: Anybody in for a Hi Rider 1 re-release?? You all have a good Wednesday!
  10. Oh, you most certainly have style, pal. Promising, thumbs up!
  11. We love 'em all, definitely!! The Lunchbox is a 1:12 scale monster truck, therefore tall and very prone to rollovers. The body is pretty fragile, but if properly driven it has the adorable capability to make incredible wheelies! The Mad Bull is a a 1:10 buggy with oversized tires, actually the very same tires of the Lunchbox. It is much longer and wider, so it is more stable and runs better than a Lunchbox. If you want something for your kid to run I'd say the Mad Bull is a much better choice. Once he "gets" the feeling of driving an oldschool RC vehicle, you can then get him a Lunchbox to build together. Building these things can be as exciting as running them. The Lunchbox is pure eye candy!!! Here's some pictures of the Mad Bull (stock) and then some of my own Lunchbox: [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Let us know later what car you will choose! And have a good Wednesday!
  12. That might be true after Tamiya went ahead with their Hopper line, and the infamous Shot "Family"
  13. Mad Bull is more resistant. Check it out.
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