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  1. Best beach runner has to be the Mad Bull. Certainly not eye-candy, but the thing does the job like nothing else in the RC field. Runs good on loose & wet sand and I believe with some nice custom paintjob you might even make the Mad Bull a better looking car.
  2. Yes. Black & silver is a good option to the original colors. I can say the only thing I could not get from the original box-art BIG WIG is the yellow on the exhausts. So I painted 'em on mine: [/IMG] And here's a very unusual color I would like to try if I ever come a cross a 2nd car to work on: [/IMG]
  3. The Big Wig is absolutely wonderful. And don't forget this is Tamiya's 10th anniversary vehicle! Here's some pictures of the real Pikes Peak racers that inspired this fantastic buggy. More pictures here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=104764&id=23692 I know I love 'em! Have a good Sunday!
  4. First steps working on the body. And I am enjoying it for sure. Results! More later. You all have a great weekend!
  5. If you can understand 4wd buggies like the Boomerang and Hot Shot, it is clear that you're going to love the Big Wig. Simple as that.
  6. I just love it, what a fantastic car! :)
  7. My settings are very much like yours. I am afraid the problem is between this website and hotmail I'd wish the admin would tell us something about this.
  8. Perhaps this website doesn't match the new hotmail called "outlook"? But I don't see any warning about it or more people having the same problem. When it worked it was good, and a help indeed.
  9. Really!? That would be fantastic. I'll get your name on my truck, Simon
  10. I have some parts to trade for the cup you mention, if there is anything you need. It'll all take long because I have no money and I am literally a world apart from anything I need. Right now I have $20 on my paypal and that doesn't even cover postage costs for a single washer to be shipped here. I have other project cars to finish, Porsche 956 tires needed, and right now trying to get the Avante running. Can't focus on getting the missing bit for this truck right now. But as I say the body will be stripped soon!
  11. Alright, once again I seem to be the only one going through this problem. No solution on my end seemingly.
  12. They're not cheap. And I already wasted money on the Avante re-res. I'm hoping the steel sleeves will make the ones we were fooled with useable with the buggy.
  13. Dang truck's missing a drive-cup and the servo saver. It's going to take years to make it run, sadly. BUT I just got caustic soda so I can try to strip the body soon!
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