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  1. Thanks Mark. Other than that, I doubt the new differential would fit in any way inside the original gearbox, perhaps the gears don't mesh?
  2. Oh, I'm a huge fan of the HPI 4x4 Wheely King trucks. To me this is the best piece of RC ever if you're into the FUN factor. The thing never fails. Your truck has been modified, perhaps with the "Crawler King" kit? I see the stretched wheel-base there. I love that bodyshell, too. Great truck indeed!
  3. Quick question. Do the new rear axles for the Kyosho Scorpion fit the original early 80's version? You all have a good week!
  4. Yeah, 240ST motors are sweet
  5. Thank you guys Think I'll try to swap this part for something I could use in my project cars here one of these days.
  6. Hi everyone. Can anybody be so kind to help me Id this old part? I've just come across it and can't remember what kit belongs to. Thanks in advance, and y'all stay safe and have a good weekend!
  7. Fell in love with the radio. Fantastic specimen! And from the land of the greatest rock n' roll ever none the less
  8. I love your work. Tractor pulling isn't something you see around much these days, so it is always a pleasure to see projects like yours turning into reality. Myself I've made a custom Intl puller a few years ago, and over my bench I have a 2wd puller to work on this month that we will be in quarantine. Thanks again for sharing your work with us in here
  9. LOVE that stuff. And oh, that radio there got me droolin' fosho!
  10. That pulling sled is absolutely fantastic! And what a great truck. You really made me smile with this one. GREAT JOB!!!!
  11. That's a beautiful buggy! Do you think you can show us that nifty radio, too?
  12. Easy thing. They go backwards, with the lower part in the picture upside to fit the orig Grasshopper shock mounting point.
  13. Weather finally got a lil warm, so I had to take the chance to work on the Superchamp body. A couple of years ago Nelson @Cooltoys sent me this fantastic Fighting buggy bodyshell to work on replacing the body of my original Superchamp. As you'll see in the pictures below, it took me some serious elbow grease to remove the moldlines off of the body. This is something I'm not fond of in the new bodyshells Tamiya is making. The moldlines are noticeable more pronounced than before. And oh, I don't like them! Also, I had to correct the mods Tamiya made to the body to make it look more like the original. Pictures below: The body all worked up. I've decided against using primer this time. I've noticed primer kind of takes away the final shine on hardbodies. But that's just my feeling about it. That's all the material I removed off the new shell. I hate moldlines, tube frames must be perfect! Also, what about that stupid squarish angle Tamiya changed the original sides with? No! That had to be worked on to make it good. See: And here finally the Tamiya TS-54 sprayed to it properly. I'm absolutely loving it! Decals will be applied sometime later. In the meantime I'm enjoying the look of this beautiful body with this nifty color! That's for now. Y'all stay safe and have a good week!!
  14. It was a couple of weeks ago, but these certainly got me smiling. All thanks to our good friend @Cooltoys
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