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    Kyosho 1/18 Lamborghini Cheetah

    OOOOH, that is totally sweet. I want one!
  2. mongoose1983

    niki lauda has passed away...

    A giant in the history of F-1! Rest in peace Niki Lauda.
  3. mongoose1983

    2WD HiLux stepside pick-up - aka. Cilla... aka Ali G.

    This has got to be my favorite in between so many incredible vehicles you've created. What a fantastic piece of work. I'm loving it.
  4. mongoose1983

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Congrats for such a FANTASTIC PURCHASE! What about the motors, both trucks have the same motor & gearboxes? I have heard these come with different motors sometimes. That Toyota pickup looks very very nice. I wonder what your plan is with this one, something out of the ordinary I believe? But as it looks now I know I am loving it
  5. mongoose1983

    Kyosho Honda ATC 250R [1982]

    Well, it's been a not-so-nice time here, and come to think a little work done to some classic might get me in a better mood. So I turned to this fantastic vintage 3wheeler for a little distraction. And I can say that it's REALLY been fun. The bike itself isn't in bad conditions, it just needs some electronics and a little work to get it running. I planned to have it ready today, but my soldering iron is broken. Have to buy another one. Sucks! Here's what I am starting with. A forward-only LRP ESC, and a fantastic classic Futaba radio to go with it. Yay! This is how the Honda looks before starting the work: Music today for sure did not help this here fire I can't put out... Oh, well... The Honda was missing the aluminum bits to attach the steering servo to the chassis. Had to grab some alu bits and do them myself based on pictures and a photocopy of the original manual. Fortunately they turned out pretty good. The transmission was missing a small spacer in the gears, but other than that it was alright. The pinion seemed to be shot, but I did some magic trick to it and now it's back to work again. Pictures will follow right away.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm looking to trade or sell my Buggy Champ (Rough Rider re-re) bodyshell, painted in Testors Champagne gold. Impeccable, zero cracks. Includes the roof, dash, and main shell. I'd like to trade this for a Grasshopper bodyshell or the Clod Buster main body piece. Doesn't matter if used or badly painted. You guys know I don't run from doing a lil work to get things good Let me know what you have. Picture from an old TC competition: What I have for trade: Y'all have a nice week! PS. More Tamiya parts for sale of trade here:
  7. mongoose1983

    SRB joblot for Wild One joblot? Anybody?

    Anybody into trading? You all have a good week!
  8. Hi Have a look at this lot of old parts. I kinda lost interest in building another SRB buggy as I already have them in my collection, also I would like to try something different to have a little fun with. I understand this might be a long shot but I would like to trade these for a similar lot of Wild One parts to start a buggy project. As usual I am not looking for anything shinny-new. You guys know I don't run from a pile of old, worn & dirty parts to start a project. Basically I would like to find a tub, arms and cage, maybe a bodyshell. Not in need of motor & wheels. Anybody interested in making such trade? Just let me know You all have a good Tuesday! Description, item and overall conditions: - SRB chassis FRP plate original in good condition. - Gearbox's internal gears in nice condition. - pair of 65T and 70T vintage, never used. - gearbox cover orig crack-free, nice. - front beam tubes set. Lower one scuffed, all work. - Internal bars for the front beam useable. One of them is slightly bent. - two lower front arms in good useable conditions. - Three original vintage ballrace adapters still in tree. Never used. - Three rear shocks, have marks require rebuild or refill. - Torsion bar set (New RERE) with brass joint and small bars to fit the rear susp. arms on the rear of the gearbox. - Two rear shafts in good working condition - Lower electronics bathtub. Vintage. Is worn and has black enamel paint. - Rear Alu bar for SuperChamp buggy (original) - Pair of Front wheels for SuperChamp buggy, vintage. Painted silver in good working condition, missing screws and tires. - Pair of Front wheels for Rough rider, vintage. Wheels are painted silver, and tires are worn and one of them has a crack. Missing screws. Useable. - Pair of rear CRP wheels with Rough rider tires, vintage. Tires are old and worn, AJ'S wheels are complete. - Buggy Champ rere bodyshell, perfect conditions, crack free, only missing driver and lamps, has a nice champagne color paint and classic decals. Very nice, just dusty. - o - Detail pictures here:
  9. mongoose1983

    Avante Egress parts FS/FT

    I need Avante or Vanquish rear halfshafts to get my car running again. Anybody? You all have a good week!
  10. mongoose1983

    Avante Egress parts FS/FT

    Here's a small lot of vintage parts for the Avante & Egress buggies. They're used but in very good conditions. I will take $28 for the lot, or you can pick a piece for $6 each. If you want to trade I'm in need of: one front Sand Rover lamp Buggy Champ driver/roof tree Avante rear haflshafts Avante driver "No Guts No Glory" Frog wing decal Hornet/Grasshopper battery door tree Grasshopper bodyshell used Fighting Buggy/Superchamp bodyshell Avante SB-8 rear right gearbox joint Some pictures of the parts: You all have a good Thursday!
  11. mongoose1983

    [updated] NICE vintage parts FS/FT

    Still looking to trade
  12. Hello good people! I'm looking to sell or trade some pieces to go ahead and work my current RC projects here Let me know if there is anything you could use or if you have parts for trade. I am so far looking for: Grasshopper bodyshell USED set of wheels & tires (PORSCHE 956, Toyota TOMS). AVANTE driver. Sand Rover, Brat, BigWig, Clodbuster, Cheetah, Rough Rider original manuals. I am not looking for anything new, just something I can use and work to make it look good SALE OR TRADE LIST OF RC TAMIYA & RELATED PARTS: 1. Avante / EGRESS parts lot used but very good condition $25 2. SOLD SOLD SOLD Lunchbox body parts. What you see in the pics here Incl. shock chrome bottles. Used but very nice, windshield is cloudy. 3. Bear Hawk buggy front bodypost $3 4. Frog / Subaru Brat / Lancia gear set. 49T, 50T, 52T, NEW. ($10) 5. Frog / Hornet / Super Champ rear wheel set. Used, taken from a very nice example I've found recently. ($13) 6. Grasshopper II shock & misc bits New $5 7. DT-02 Holiday Buggy 2010 wheels front like new $10 8. SOLD SOLD SOLD MUGEN MANX Buggy. Orange bumper in excellent condition. NO MARKS excellent $13 9. Rear foam tires + wheels for Frog, Rough Rider, Sand Scorcher, Grasshopper, Hornet, FAV, Brat. Very nice. The previous owner made some mod to the back of the wheel, not sure the reason for that, but they still work and look great on a stock buggy. $8 10. Mugen / Panda / Graupner Manx Cyclone buggy front axle parts. Only what you see in the pictures. 11. SOLD SOLD SOLD CRP 1602 rear adjustable coil-overs for Frog and Wild One (vintage, NIP) 12.- Pair RC10 Team Associated front tires. Not new but very nice. 13.- Four sets of PEGASUS stainless hex screws. Seemingly not metric, these are probably good for RC10 Team Associated stuff? (vintage, NIP) $6 14.- Assorted bits and junk. Ask for specifics. 15. TLT-1 NIP chrome wheel set. $13 16. Monster Ishipla RC Jiken numbers decal part.sheet $9 17. F-1 Williams parts (new) $8 18. SOLD VW Blitzer Beetle nosecone $5 19. Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop re-re manual with all the original inserts: 20. Tamiya late 80's rear halfshafts. 69,5mm long. Used but good for runner. Not sure what buggy they belong. These were sold here in TC as Avante, but they are not. $5 21. SOLD SOLD SOLD Toyota Bruiser Custom aluminum front hubs for tractor pulling (sled pull) Anything you could use? Just let me know. You all have a fantastic Thursday!
  13. mongoose1983

    King Hauler Drag Truck

    I like your work. The truck looks fantastic! It made me smile to see you source your cardboard just like I do. The stuff is perfect for laying out the design of custom parts! Keep up the good work!
  14. mongoose1983

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    White wheels. Definitely.
  15. mongoose1983

    Best colour for a Bullhead?

    Had I have the chance to work on one of these fantastic monster trucks I know I'd love to get one painted in any of these colors: Metallic red, Shiny black or, better than those, Metallic purple
  16. mongoose1983

    Random boxart thoughts again

    Here it is: You all have a good week!
  17. Sorry Martin. My TC mailbox is full. Also, I haven't had a minute, lots to do here with work, the wife, and life you know The Tamiya molybdenum grease isn't too expensive: The gearbox is not and will never be liquid tight. Tamiya is not even able to make shocks with such qualities! If I was you, I wouldn't use anything liquid on my cars -they're not made for that. Perhaps there are other brands that might do, but not the Tamiya we know and love. Kids at hobby stores these days don't have a clue about Tamiya cars, I would be careful with whatever they say to you at the hobby store. What you need is the creamy Tamiya grease (the one that says gearbox) and a lil moly grease. I would strongly advice against using red grease from other brands as that stuff usually dries and make things more complicated in the long run. And also, the gears don't need much stuff in them. I have seen guys applying lots of grease when there is really no need. Watch your wallet buddy. Spend on what you really need, and don't throw away the cash that might help you get another Tamiya car Have a good weekend!
  18. Welcome Tin tin. That's a nice specimen you have there. The clicking sound is a common problem with these vehicles. You replace gears and you'll be hearing that again in a short time. The problem is a mixture of the spider gears' natural wear and the gearcase not being as stiff or solid as it should. This is problem is shared with other Tamiya vehicles like the ORV based cars (Frog, Blackfoot, etcetera). Now, a lil clicking is okay, but if it's too noisy you better check it, change the spider gears and add a lil Tamiy moly grease. That will keep your Wild One buggy in good shape. Have a good Sunday!
  19. mongoose1983

    Avante Egress parts FS/FT

    Anybody interested in trading parts?
  20. mongoose1983

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Excellent color choice for the tiny Toyota Bruiser! You certainly have style
  21. mongoose1983

    Wild Willy Restoration Part 2

    Perfect specimen. Congrats! I know I'd love to lay my hands on such a wonderful RC vehicle!
  22. mongoose1983

    BIGWIG Question

    500 Euros is indeed a lot of money. BUT you have to keep in mind Tamiya got Takuya Yura to design the Big Wig to celebrate their 20th anniversary of making plastic models suitable for radio-control, so the car is not just any Tamiya car. The thing is in the same league of landmarks like the Bruiser, Sand Scorcher or the Avante. Not just any RC car, IMHO.
  23. mongoose1983

    Vintage 1982 Wild Willy - Wheels

    No other Tamiya rc car use those wheels. I have not seen aluminum WW wheels, but not sure if aftermarket companies offered such thing back in the day.
  24. mongoose1983

    For sale, egress parts

    One Q. Are the rear halfshafts compatible with the original Avante?
  25. mongoose1983

    Vintage Hot Shot restoration Help.

    Oh, that's it! Yes you're right. I grew up seeing my cousin's Boomerang here back in the late 80's and the only 4x4 buggy that I have is the BigWig, so I did not have much knowledge available on that particular line of buggies. You all have a fantastic weekend!