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  1. Thanks Mark. Other than that, I doubt the new differential would fit in any way inside the original gearbox, perhaps the gears don't mesh?
  2. Oh, I'm a huge fan of the HPI 4x4 Wheely King trucks. To me this is the best piece of RC ever if you're into the FUN factor. The thing never fails. Your truck has been modified, perhaps with the "Crawler King" kit? I see the stretched wheel-base there. I love that bodyshell, too. Great truck indeed!
  3. Quick question. Do the new rear axles for the Kyosho Scorpion fit the original early 80's version? You all have a good week!
  4. Yeah, 240ST motors are sweet
  5. Thank you guys Think I'll try to swap this part for something I could use in my project cars here one of these days.
  6. Hi everyone. Can anybody be so kind to help me Id this old part? I've just come across it and can't remember what kit belongs to. Thanks in advance, and y'all stay safe and have a good weekend!
  7. Fell in love with the radio. Fantastic specimen! And from the land of the greatest rock n' roll ever none the less
  8. I love your work. Tractor pulling isn't something you see around much these days, so it is always a pleasure to see projects like yours turning into reality. Myself I've made a custom Intl puller a few years ago, and over my bench I have a 2wd puller to work on this month that we will be in quarantine. Thanks again for sharing your work with us in here
  9. LOVE that stuff. And oh, that radio there got me droolin' fosho!
  10. That pulling sled is absolutely fantastic! And what a great truck. You really made me smile with this one. GREAT JOB!!!!
  11. That's a beautiful buggy! Do you think you can show us that nifty radio, too?
  12. Easy thing. They go backwards, with the lower part in the picture upside to fit the orig Grasshopper shock mounting point.
  13. Weather finally got a lil warm, so I had to take the chance to work on the Superchamp body. A couple of years ago Nelson @Cooltoys sent me this fantastic Fighting buggy bodyshell to work on replacing the body of my original Superchamp. As you'll see in the pictures below, it took me some serious elbow grease to remove the moldlines off of the body. This is something I'm not fond of in the new bodyshells Tamiya is making. The moldlines are noticeable more pronounced than before. And oh, I don't like them! Also, I had to correct the mods Tamiya made to the body to make it look more like the original. Pictures below: The body all worked up. I've decided against using primer this time. I've noticed primer kind of takes away the final shine on hardbodies. But that's just my feeling about it. That's all the material I removed off the new shell. I hate moldlines, tube frames must be perfect! Also, what about that stupid squarish angle Tamiya changed the original sides with? No! That had to be worked on to make it good. See: And here finally the Tamiya TS-54 sprayed to it properly. I'm absolutely loving it! Decals will be applied sometime later. In the meantime I'm enjoying the look of this beautiful body with this nifty color! That's for now. Y'all stay safe and have a good week!!
  14. It was a couple of weeks ago, but these certainly got me smiling. All thanks to our good friend @Cooltoys
  15. Thank you! In a couple of weeks I expect to take the Lunchbox out for a spin. There will be some pictures to share later
  16. Hi Well, our friend @Saito2 is correct. Here's a picture of my inspiration truck. And the build link, in case you're curious about the detail https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/69730-another-lunch-box-build-thread/& Y'all stay safe and have a good Friday!
  17. I got the body from someone in Switzerland, years ago. It is the original 1989 version. Unfortunately, the guy cut the rear wheel-arcs because he had it mounted over a Tamiya Thundershot chassis You can get a repro body for this truck (minus the mock Engine) from TBG bodies in Canada. They got it all 100% correct except for the underside of the front part:
  18. Who doesn't love the Lunchbox? What a great little truck! Here's mine:
  19. Well, February got me back to the hobby, due to some pretty unfortunate circumstance. Still, I'm getting a a kick out of tinkering and running these things. The week before I ran the 1989 Kyosho Hi Rider, and last Sunday the all-stock original Clod Buster got all the attention from the people around. I told the guys, "wait & see me bust some Clod Buster myths when I turn this old goat on". And with the original MSC, cheapest Futaba servos you can find, a 1800 Mah NiCD batt pack, and a proper 1992 radio to go, nothing stopped the Clod to steal the show! If you keep the MSC clean and in good shape it works great. Anyway, here some photos... Here's some alu "double washers" I've made to keep the anti-rotation brackets to break. They keep everything in place, and you don't need to modify anything or use different screws. You put them on and if you want remove 'em, no sweat! Oh, my heart will always belong to the Clod Buster! Finally, the truck and the boys... Y'all be safe and have a good week!
  20. If you want to go that way, this video might be of help.
  21. Faskolor by Parma works great and is cheap.
  22. I bought the body used just to have the chance to get the original dummy engine. If memory doesn't fail I got it from someone in Switzerland. And he had it fitted to a Tamiya Thunder Shot-if anybody can understand that. At first I could not stand the met.purple, but as I cleaned the engine and added a couple of decals I ended up finding it very, very nice Here's a couple of pics: Thank you so much Robert! I already happened to get the Super Champ & Avante decals from MCI, but they're at a friend's place in Canada waiting for things to change. And even if I didn't got them before, I doubt the postoffice in Norge would be willing to ship anything to my country. I really appreciate you offering me some help with this. I hope you'll have a great weekend Robert. Y'all stay safe and enjoy the weekend
  23. Well, I don't need no crystal ball to expect a complicated year. Job problems, I'm doing more construction work to keep the bills paid, and this Covid thing has changed family life in such an unexpected way. So far one of the most desolated feelings last year was being severed completely from the hobby. In my life I could hardly accept the fact of not being allowed to visit the States anymore (not that I ever wanted to stay for a living there), when all of a sudden RC, books & records trading became completely forbid. It's still something hard to swallow. I can't have any spares. Postal services abroad won't ship here. Whether it's a CD, a small gear, or a rubber belt replacement for my CD player I just have no way to have it. You guys in the richer side of the world would probably find the feeling hard to understand. Being severed from the world, or actually from the markets overseas. So I have to keep all my RC projects on hold for "someday". See, I have a Porsche 956 missing a small bushing that's in OH, a Super Champ missing decals, a Scorpion in need of a lil bit to be finally tested, and a full vintage blackfoot that only need a drivecup and a steering arm. And no money in the world can get me anything here to finish these projects. Things have reached a point where I can't even accept free parts from local friends. A couple of months ago a guy I work with told me I could have a brand new Tamiya Wrangler body, complete with window and some bits if I wanted it for free. And, as much as I happen to love that model, I had to refuse the offer as I know I am not going to find a chassis or anything to put under it. Actually that was the reason why my buddy wanted me to have it. It's sad. Now one thing that will be good for me is to work on some interesting cabinet that I come across at a local fleamarket last September. The thing has lots of potential, but was very dirty, stained, and required not only some glass shelves and front doors but also LOTS of work. It's 1.62mt tall, 1.30mt wide, and 40cms deep. When I saw it from afar I immediately knew it could solve the problem of keeping a good part of my RC car collection in a safe, dust-free place! I figured if I could fit two more shelves in it the thing could fit a lot of cars inside. So I had to sand it all over to remove the stains and also some small scrapes in the wood. Then I polished it with brown shoewax. I now need to raise some money and get me some quotations on glass prices. I hope I can get it ready before the end of this year. Some pictures: This is how it looked like when I brought it. I was told this thing spent two years outdoors receiving dust, some water, paint and my guess is a dog used it in some way... I've placed some random cars in it to help me see how many cars I could fit in it by moving shelves... And here after sanding it completely: To me it has potential. I just need to get the missing glass parts, and work a little more the wood to get it all good. If I get to finish the project this year I'm sure I'll be smiling satisfied. That's pretty much my "RC related plan" for 2021. Other than that just surviving would be okay. I mean for the kind of times we are living in nowadays. Y'all stay safe and have a good Friday!
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