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  1. Can't buy it myself, but I can't let this Ad pass without saying WOW!! You did a fantastic custom job there with the looks and those front arms. Totally gorgeous. Love it!
  2. Thanks for letting us see the pictures! What do you mean the tires perished? And how did they got ruined? I was curious on the TLT-1 tires in the previous picture.
  3. And what's the story behind the Hummer. How did you get it first?
  4. It's for a single wheel cover trade, Kev. For five LONG years I have had three rears and only one front chrome wheel cover for my boxart Sand Scorcher. It's crazy, I don't even remember what's the reason for this. And it happened that a bloke in California it's in the exact opposite situation and sent a message telling me he's willing to do the trade. I had the thing packed, and while in the postoffice I got to know about this. Prior to that he said the USPS would not ship here. At least I thought they'd be able to receive my package but it wasn't the case, and now I doubt the trading will be possible. Sending it to another country would rocket the costs, and the timing involved in the process. This is completely negative for my intentions because when you're anywhere in a rich country you just click a couple of times your cellphone and you can have stuff like even a forty year-old piece of junk right on its way to you for almost nothing. Would you wait for a part from someone on the other side of the world to be shipped whenever the authorities want. I don't think so. And so I'm gutted. And I see how long it is going to take me, perhaps a decade before getting to complete the chrome wheels for the d*mn car. I feel it is totally unacceptable these Tamiya a.h.s would paint the car sporting chrome wheels on the box cover while including white ones in the kit. I mean the kit comes with chrome parts alright, doesn't it. You see door handles, VW emblem, indicators, and even a nice set of mirrors. I'm sure it wouldn't have been complex for them to include the correct wheels as well. Now I understand there's much bigger problems than this in the world today, but this thing sucks.
  5. I remember that sound on my Pumpkin a couple of decades ago. One of the gears lost one tooth.
  6. That picture is 100% cool! And it reminds me to paint my Subaru tires sometime before this week ends...
  7. If you chose to go through with that, then you're modifying a classic model, not just any chassis that's laying around or that you can just go out and find at any LHS. I would not have the hart to mod it myself, but that's just me. Yes, most TA-01 parts will work on this one. The XV-01 is one great Rally chassis.
  8. Oh, had I have something to give in exchange for that one I know I'd have one BIG smile on this here face
  9. Although it actually is a far better runner than both, the Fox and Honet, it is certainly one RC car to avoid. Unless of course you come across one in some garage sale for $10. If you have the money they ask for the Avante, you sure have a lot of options. And that in and out the the Tamiya catalog.
  10. I don't access to over cleaner. It's not cheap. Here's my latest caustic soda experience. And there was more enamel layers behind the black/grey.
  11. Today I wasted some Tamiya fluid and a lil precious time changing the rear pogo shocks of my Lunchbox van. Unfortunately I had to replace them back immediately. Think these are RC10, maybe Duratrax? The gold ones lifted up the whole thing almost 7mm, which is something I was NOT wanting for the truck. So I removed them immediately and had to go back to the stock ones that I painted black. The chrome bottles and springs take away some of the truck's charm in my opinion. At this point I kinda liked the change: And this is how the truck looked like with them: Wasn't happy with them, so I had to get the Lunchbox back to stock: Wasted time, and also some Tamiya shock fluid replacing the one in the gold shocks. Not a happy camper. You all have stay safe and have a good week!
  12. Any chance that we can have a look at the Amarok in the back?
  13. That is the first version of the HUMMER. A wonderful piece of chassis that is. Don't destroy it for heaven's sake!
  14. I'm getting some Manta Ray junk these days to customize, because I never really liked the model. But WOW looking at your custom paintjob and wheels, I'm loving it. You did a GREAT job with that Manta Ray. It all depends on the type of enamel you used. I've done that easily with brake fluid, and if that doesn't work caustic soda and a lil elbow grease will get it all off.
  15. Check the antenna cable for creases or other problems. Also, keep it away from the modern ESC you're using. If damaged, you can change the antenna cable for one with the exact length to keep the thing receiving signals as back in the day. But the cable must be the very same type. I've done that in the past with success.
  16. Welcome to the Club. I once had a Falcon. It's a nice chassis. Oh, and I have the exact same radio. I love it. And my cousin had that one too, back in the day. There is a Futaba version of that radio, too. Great stuff.
  17. Oh, good ol 2002. Not that bad of a year!
  18. Just today I got a note from a guy in CA, USA, and he's telling me the USPS is not shipping anything to my country anymore because of the covid. I was wondering what's behind that, because in here the covid isn't as strong as over there up in CA. TOTALLY GUTTED. Here's the link: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm
  19. That's the kind of sugar papa likes!
  20. The one member who knows a lot about static and motorbike models is @mcovalsk Mario is not going to return to TamiyaClub, but I spoke with him just a couple of weeks ago. Great guy. You might want to have a look at his international website here: http://www.modelersite.com/en/ http://www.modelersite.com/en/1684/building-the-honda-cb750-four--step-by-step-tamiya-1-6-scale
  21. I like that black Fox, Kym. And I rarely like cars with black wheels. Stands out nicely. And Foxes are definitely eye-candy, do you know that
  22. Welcome aboard, and thanks for sharing pictures of your buggy. You know we all love Hornets here! Or so I'd like to believe. Anyway, you story sounds familiar, age, the therapeutic side of dealing with these things, and the BMX experience. Oh, and if you like Heavy metal (the old school type), I like that too. You don't need no hot motors with these. But if you want to see some serious improvement you really need to check the AMPro Hornet axle bracket. It's a tiny plastic bit that will change your Hornet experience for good! Stay safe and have a good Friday!
  23. The old one also has the angle. The outer post is taller. Thank you! I don't think I need the front bar, fortunately mine is in good condition. Before you mentioned that, I was thinking oh, that custom roof is beautiful. I will send you a message to make contact. And I am happy I will be able to help our other friend with the bit to complete his car.
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