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  1. I think the terra tires as you fitted them on your truck look very very good. Actually, anybody who'd have the chance to look at that BIG BOSS is going to say it looks nice. The one thing I'll never be able to understand is how these guys at Jconcepts didn't do their homework properly. There is no 66inch tall version that I am aware of. I believe the biggest ones were 48 inchers, which is what Bigfoot and later Ms.Bigfoot/Bigfoot Shuttle/Bigfoot Ranger used. If they really meant them to be used for 1:10 scale vehicles then they got them all wrong. I would have loved a correct set for the Bruiser in example. But other than that detail, the BOSS with those tires and wheel combination look very good. PS. A BIG "BY THE WAY" here with the 1980 Bigfoot tires. These particular ones are mounted on these interesting wheels. They look nice. Bob Chandler and Bigfoot shuttle vers.2: And nowadays what Bigfoot 4x4 inc presents the original truck with Firestone 48 inch tires, since they're obviously endorsed. No way to see the truck with the orig tires anymore GOTTA LOVE THE ORIG BIGFOOT GOODYEAR TERRA TIRES! BTW, the Toyota Bruiser tires are Firestone. I see RC guys everywhere naming them as BF Goodrich or Goodyear, but they're really Firestone. That never cease to amaze me, pretty much like rust on Sand Scorchers, when the obvious fiberglass parts never rust. I guess that isn't so obvious in the end. I'd say keep the tires on your BIG BOSS. It looks beautiful. You might want to check eBay to find some mock engine. And I?m sure there must be some chrome rollbars to fit. It's a very nice project what you have there. Don't destroy it
  2. It's interesting what you say. And you know shouldn't come as a surprise to me. Nobody better to identify and explain the customs of a certain culture and society than a foreign anthropologist. It is called exotopy. Whoever traveled across the United States looking for off-road races and shows is practically some type of anthropologist. If you look at the most conspicuous Tamiya off-road models from 1979 to 1987 you'll notice how these guys took ideas from anywhere, not just California. It's been amazing for me to come across this one in some old Off-road magazine: And it's just an example. I think now I'm finally finding out what's the thing that draws me so much to Tamiya RC cars. Thanks for bringing up another interesting discussion @Saito2! Y'all stay safe and have a good Thursday!
  3. For me it is pretty much a Chevrolet vs. Toyota thing. I'm very much into American culture, but on the same breath I grew up loving the Japanese industry and their incredible designs. Guitars, records, hifi equipment, RC vehicles, and BMX bikes. American industry make fantastic products, but for some reason I have a soft spot for the vintage Japanese stuff. It isn't necessarily better quality, but it sure isn't less. I love Tamiya, and I particularly love the way they captured and interpreted the development of the offroad motor-culture that was developed by the people (and not companies) in the United States throughout the late 60's and 70's decade. There was no car crushers made by Associated, therefore the brand had no way to really caught my attention. Now of course that doesn't mean I don't believe their racing cars are fantastic. As a matter of fact I understand they're great, just not my thing. Or at least not for now
  4. Both, driver and buggy look super nice. I love the detail you achieved on that lexan driver's body Kev.
  5. Actually, I don't feel like touching (or even seeing for that matter) the buggy anymore. I'm in hopes Alberto might see and comment here. There must be something wrong. The lunchbox bit has been all smiles for me, I can't believe this bracket requires any mod.
  6. The original Hornet from 1984 comes with what you call the "tab". Models without it are later releases. Here's the 1984 manual: Hopefully Alberto will have some answer so I can get the bracket working properly. I'd be totally gutted if I installed it wrong and ruined the car
  7. THANK YOU guys for your replies. No, the one I got it's the correct one. This is for the original version of the Hornet. Pictures below: The axle doesn't swing easy as my lunchbox with its AMPro brace. It's kind of stuck. I've removed the side axles because the Lunchbox bracket requires them to be removed, but I kept the metal bar inside. I now wonder what could I've done wrong?
  8. 1998 here. I started searching for records, CDs, music books, sheetmusic, books, and a specific line of Matchbox toy figures from 1973. Shipping costs weren't so high as in the last decade so I had the chance to get plenty of nice stuff for my collections. I remember I started paying with US cash wrapped up in a piece of newspaper. Sellers would wait no problem, it was fantastic. And exciting in the same breath. Since I started selling and exchanging records with people from all over the world earlier on that decade I had no problem with the system. And I still believe it works great. Too bad postage costs being so darn high nowdays
  9. Tonight I've installed the 045005-04 Hornet Transmission Retainer-Trans Tab that's sold by AMPro in California on my vintage Hornet. I have used previously the AMPro axle bracket for the Lunchbox and it works absolutely fantastic. I don't know I might have done something wrong but this one doesn't work properly. The bad thing about this is that you have absolutely no information on how to mount it and what it requires to work. I've checked the sale link, and the AMPro youtube channel, and there is NOTHING. Now, you'd suppose someone with years of experience might be able to find out, but... it just hasn't been the case with me -seemingly. Here's the sale link: https://www.shapeways.com/product/JAY8JS7SY/045005-04-hornet-transmission-retainer-trans-tab?optionId=59366106&li=marketplace I just want to know, do I need to remove the side springs? And also, do I need to remove the metal bar that goes inside the lower mount of the Hornet's axle? I've searched pictures on the internet and so far I've come up with nothing. I think perhaps someone in here installed one of these before so you might know better. I do believe I've installed the thing properly, but since it doesn't work, then I believe I must have done something wrong. And it's killing me not just because it doesn't work but mostly because I've drilled two holes in a vintage 1984 Hornet chassis, not a rere! Please help me if you can. Y'all stay safe and have a nice Thursday!
  10. If you plan to run the car then get the Boomerang. If you want something for the eye to enjoy get the Sand Scorcher. (At the same price I'd go for the Sand Scorcher, but that's just me and my choice).
  11. Thank you all guys, you're much too kind! Well, I hate to come back here with excuses. I am facing a couple of challenges here. First of all time, as I have had to work a lot. June is always complex, too many paper work to do, and working with students remotely has really been demanding this year with the covid and all. Then, cold days have arrived and I can't stand much wintertime. We don't have heaters here, and my hands hurt. I'm hoping I can come across a lil inspiration and a couple of hours to grab the project again one of these nights. Yeah, Bert. It worked alright with the phone. Are you still stuck and not able to go back home? Oh, the Orange Blossom Special 2... I know I'd be happy to see pictures of that one finished! That was a pretty unique build. I'm sure the new TCers will be happy to see it You all stay safe and have a good Monday! I want to resume the project so I can finally come with some pictures.
  12. That's beautiful. If I hadn't had one I know I'd me more than happy to have it. One of my all time favorite Futabas! By the way, what are those small cars on the background?
  13. Yes, both of them are different. The front post for the Ford Ranger is longer than the Sand Scorcher's. And the rear bar is shorter.
  14. That is absolutely beautiful. We don't have kids, but if I had a daughter I know I'd be more than happy to build a house for her. You did such a fantastic job!
  15. Pretty much a NIB Japanese Avante for a 15 year old kid.
  16. It was Dean aka @casethejoint. Here's the thread: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82718-funco-srb-build-short-rear-track-width/ I'm glad I've saved a picture in my archives as all pictures in the thread seem to be lost. I loved what he was doing, and would be nice to see the prject finished. Anyway, here's the picture I saved if you're curious.
  17. Thanks, Erik for always bringing some interesting information with you! Anyway, there was some TCer in England I believe who modified the actual rear arms to make them shorter, and they looked really good. For some reason I can't locate his nickname and I'm in hopes someone in here will help. I certainly remember his SRBs were top notch, and the darker blue he used for his latest Sand Scorcher. I really want to find those links.
  18. Well, math differs a lot for us in the poorer hemisphere. To put things in perspective, the minimum wage for us in 1992 was $40000 CLP. That of course for a full month of work. I got a Midnight Pumpkin kit in our LHS for $97000 CLP. And I remember the kit I dreamed with was the Clod Buster kit which you could buy for about $260000 CLP. That money for just the kit, no extras! Things were so expensive I remember buying a pack of original Tamiya bearings in 1993. And it was not enough to remove all of the nylon bearings off my Pumpkin. I still keep the original package. Heck, I still have the bags and stuff they handed me the items with-for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to throw a thing
  19. It was about five years ago, maybe six? Anybody know who was working on shortening the rear arms of the Sand Scorcher VW bug? You all stay safe and have a nice Sunday!
  20. I don't think anybody took their place. I suppose their competitors from Parma captured most the market after the company closed. The founder of Autographics RC decals was a serious RC champ driver in California. I can't remember his name right now. When he passed away years ago his wife started selling all of the decals that were left. She was super kind, always sending extras or doubles for your purchases. Her name is Delia Wilson, and you can probably get in touch with her through her e-mail: delawilson@aol.com
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