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  1. Title says it all. I'm after five decals to cover the naked rollbar lights of my Hi-Lux High-Lift. I know the Clod and Super Clod had them. Also the Mountaineer model had them. Anything will do as long as it's a complete set of five decals. Thanks! Wielen Dank! EB --
  2. Nice yellow truck, but I don't agree! This truck was made for 2.2 wheels with Tamiya 1985 All-traction utility Tires. Y'all take care, EB --
  3. Hi Stuart, Never mind with them cable ties. I just re-placed the leafs but just like the real cars use them: the longer one (main spring) just has to be on top. That way I solved the problems you mention (same ones I had). I must admit I had to read twice the manual on the leaf spring section because I have never seen a real car having shorter leafs on top of the main one. What ever was thinking the Tamiya designer???? Have a nice day! EB --
  4. Congrats on the excellent paint job done on this one! You know if there was no Bruiser version of the Toyota Hi-Lux I would have thought it was a nice truck. Right up when I got the High-Lift box out of the package, first thought come to mind was that this surfer-themed truck was rather depressing, like "look what they done to their highest achievement in the history of RC modeling!" But still I have to admit that doing the art box paint scheme is very difficult. And you've done a great job there. Best regards, EB --
  5. Hiya Terry, Nothing here yet by the way, but I just wanted to know about spraying WD-40 over the tires. Will it prevent tires go dry rot or not? Best regards, EB --
  6. Yes. It's easy to use the High-Lift with a two-channel radio. I'm nowadays waiting to receive the Xtals for my three-channel radio gear. In the meantime, I tested the High-Lift using a regular Futaba 2CH and I lock the transmission by using a piece of wire in the gear I want to. I'll start using the tranny anyday, but this is an easy way to test how the truck runs. Enjoy your High-Lift. It really is a wonderful Tamiya model. EB --
  7. Well, I'd say it's just a matter of time. If you sell it complete maybe it will rise between 700 or 800 USD, maybe 1000. If you sell it by parts it may sell for much more. But that may take some time. My two cents. Best of luck with the sale! EB --
  8. Did Tamiya ever sold any kits with pre-cut decals?? Never heard such thing before. Still, if I had to choose, I'd go for the uncut sheets no doubt!
  9. Which one, the Toyota or the F-350??
  10. No offense, mate but I thought it was a bit pricey. I mean it has a nice-worked custom body and that painted chassis, but you know not everyone has the same tastes when it comes to customize a truck. One would need to spend $150 to $250 just to find a Toyota body in "runner" conditions. Also, this year most Bruisers have sold for about five hundred bucks on eBay. I've seen some for parts or fix at $400 and runners for up to $600. I know because I've checked them just in case something nice turns up. Anyway, best of luck with the sale, Bill. EB --
  11. Thank you so much, KEV! The info it's very appreciated. BTW, you mention an old one. Is it a spare one, cause I'll start searching for one from now on...
  12. Hey Y'All, I grew tired of the depressing High-Lift front bumper and now want to make custom aluminium parts to hold the Bruiser/Mounty white front bumper. Is there anybody there to help me with the measurements of the space between the holes? This is for the front bumper only. Thanks in advance!
  13. I see. Anyway, the parts I have are from a used (not abused) chassis. If you only need fresh-new vintage parts then I can't offer you those. My Beetle #2 will be a runner... I can't afford any more than that at the moment. Goodnight. EB --
  14. No problem! Them Blackfoot parts are never hard to find. See eBay item number: 200226611087... Cheers! EB --
  15. Hi Paul, Well, will you trade it for the front left spindle you broke the other night? I'm almost sure I have an extra one somewhere... Regards, EB --
  16. How about this one? INSPIRING, huh... Regards to Y'All, EB --
  17. Interesting. Anybody of you, DVD owners, to post a clip of that race on YouTube? Y'All have a nice Friday! EB --
  18. What a terrific Scorcher... Makes me want to have and restore one right now!
  19. I thought this would be of interest to all of you proud Subaru Brat owners! Best to Y'All! EB --
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