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  1. Thank you! That looks very much like the originals. A friend here got MCI decals for his Scorpion and Turbo Scorpion and they were beautiful. Perhaps is the gloss thing that I missed from the top notch decals that TamiyaClub used to sell years ago? Anyway, when I get to sell something I'm going to order them stock, $4 isn't too little to save nowadays. Once again, PLEASE EXCUSE me @Kitzbuehel74 Now I'd love to have a look at your next Wild Willy 2 project
  2. Thanks. I am actually loving these wheels. And to be honest I like these better than the front ones in the original 1:1 Ford truck. If the wheelbase isn't longer than a stock Hornet then that's a pretty good idea. The Grasshopper 2 is even better than the original one! Hopefully I'll comeback with a couple more pictures tomorrow.
  3. After a week grading papers, I finally had the chance to go back and do something with this one. Hopefully I'll be able to work on the body details tonight. In the meantime (and while lettering a ton of tires) I painted the driver. Not a perfect job, but nice enough to fit this here Sand Dragster Ford pickup. Y'all stay safe and have a beautiful Thursday!
  4. A WW2!? That's a super nice platform to work on!
  5. Spent some hours last night doing some lettering and finishing the Ford driver. Never excited about painting drivers, but fortunately the tires all look good in the end. I was saving these Yokohama Geolandars for a TA-02 based custom that I plan to work on this this year. I'm about to make a deal with a friend abroad for a number of parts to start with. Y'all stay safe and have a beautiful Thursday!
  6. Sorry to touch the topic again, but, does that mean that you order a $9.99 decal, but you need to shell out another $2 to get it like the Tamiya version? I'm no fan of super glossy, I was asking because I need two sheets and I am only ten bucks away to be able to pay the postage costs to get them, and would like the Super Champ and Avante to look the best possible. Ah, the ever complicated payment thing... . Other than my questions about decals, I am LOVING this Blackfoot rebuild. Looks gorgeous.
  7. That's a beautiful Super Champ! I always loved the Super Champ in black! (Always wanted mine to be black, so much I painted the rough Rider black when I had the chance to do it. I have a body ready to be painted now but going for blue. Already have it in red, but I'll be replacing as soon as the quarantine allows me to get some paint).
  8. Good job! It's totally stock and looks beautiful. By the way, how do you like the MCI decals for this model?
  9. Looks great. The Landfreeder is one of the very nice new Tamiyas out there.
  10. I don't understand much the vehicle itself, but I am very well impressed with your body job there. Your custom work AND paintjob is absolutely fantastic. There's a custom military vehicle that's been in my mind the last weeks and I just wish I had access to styrene sheets and cement like what you used in your truck there.
  11. I can't see the picture, mate. Is it just me not being able to see it?
  12. Get it running and don't get rid of it
  13. Hi Roman. Well, I don't have experience combining Acoms with Hitec, but I do have with Futaba and Hitec and they work alright together. Not a problem with same crystals.
  14. What a beautiful picture! That's a very nice Blackfoot truck!
  15. Too late for the competition. That gorgeous picture deserves a new kit indeed!
  16. The gears are exactly the same as in the Frog and Blackfoot, so I think it won't be hard to find ball diffs for those buggies.
  17. Thanks, Dean! Well I still have lots to do, the tire lettering, all the lil body detail, rubbers, blower, the driver, rear "Ford" lettering, side blinkers, fog lights, and the list goes on and on. Also, a nice custom bit that's only in my head for now. Wait and see. Oh, and once it's all done I'm going to take a picture of this one beside the beloved Sand Rover, too!
  18. Nice color. I don't think I've seen a Hornet like that before Oh, and yeah, welcome to TamiyaClub!
  19. Welcome aboard You can't go wrong with a XC-01! (Tamiya changed its name to CC-01)
  20. Seeing this I believe the F-150 body sits better on this chassis than on both, the original SRB and the ORV (with such an ugly wide front axle). The sway bar is an old-school hopup from CRP I believe. I also have the alu side bars, you can see them in the first post. Actually I copied it in the past in a much simpler way, but with the very same performance results. That thing was sold with the buggy I installed it in, years ago. I'll try to find some pictures later, it was surprisingly nice. Here's a picture of the thing, from some sale online: And this is how it goes attached to the chassis. This is from @Pintopower's showroom: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=119558 Back to my project, I decided to reinstall the original Tamiya black sidebars. I think the truck looks better with them. More pictures later on this weekend. Y'all stay safe!
  21. No probs. They have a bit of a tight fit, but they do the job.
  22. This Blackfoot body originally belongs to my other project (See: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/91225-rc-project-for-2019-non-boxart-orig-blackfoot/) that has got to be discarded as I have no way to locate the missing parts of that chassis. Or at least not this year. ANYWAY, I still have lots to do on this one, first of all I've to borrow some steering bars from another of my buggies, and then do the body detail. I have many nice decals, but I don't think this particular vehicle needs much of that, does it. I removed the aluminum bars. But that was for a while. I'm no fan of anodized stuff. Rear: The front windshield is actually a re-re one. I happen to have a new original one, but that one is completely dark. The re-re one is much clearer and allows a look at the driver, which is nice when you're trying to go for scale looks, you know. I have a ton papers to grade tomorrow, but I hope to find a minute to work on this one a little more. You all have a fantastic weekend
  23. A look at the custom parts and prototype bits to make this combination possible. Now they're not pretty, but this is just starting This goes attached on the front of the chassis. You just screw it and it stays in place. I used pieces of an old Blackfoot body to make it. Oh, and that's friction welding, a trick I learnt thanks to out good friend @yogi-bear The two small holes on top (middle picture) keep on top a couple of spacers and sort of a plastic "cup" to fit exactly the "nest" I've made for a blower on the Blackfoot body. It's going to go attached with a Velcro bit. Tomorrow after I sand it and paint it I'm going to show you more picture so you can understand a bit more the process. Not pretty, but firm and it works. Rear bracket: Alright, by now you're probably wondering how the whole thing looks when together... These pictures were taken before installing the rear bracket, so the body is just lying in place. BUT, that's exactly where the thing sits now with the thing on. I absolutely love the wheel-tire combination on this one. You see my Gene driver there. Not sure he's going to stay behind the wheel yet. Also, the front part is going to be about 1,5mm higher than on this picture. And finally... who doesn't love a nice wide and thick rear-end? Some more pictures soon.
  24. For years I've been curious about this. And to my surprise I haven't seen this done anywhere before, so I thought about sharing my experience with this kind of custom vehicle. I will use a new built 1984 original Hornet buggy chassis, and a 1986 Blackfoot Ford F-150. My goal (apart of making an unusual pickup truck) is not to modify the body, nor the chassis. I just don't have the heart to touch cars that are classics. Now had I have access to newer re-re stuff perhaps I would have gone to extremes, but not with vintage parts. Here's a look at some real Sand Dragster that worked as inspiration for my build. And this is my chassis. I built it from original parts as you can see. Oh and of course those are old-school CRP hopups. The motor was donated by my good friend @Blissard Thank you Bert! The wheels were taken from some European Graupner buggy, and the tires originally belong to a Lamborghini Cheetah (fronts) and Sand Scorcher (rears). They fit perfectly on these wheels, I don't like to stretch my tires. By the way, the Sand Scorcher tires (rears) are the only thing re-re in this build (along with the windshield used in the Ford truck). The metal bit you see in the middle keeps the tip of the axle rotating in place, that means the axle swings alright side to side, making the stock side springs useless. The thing works great. I love the chassis. Unfortunately (as opposite with the Ford body) I never had the chance to have a decent Hornet body for it. So I decided to take it out of the box for this project and try and relax a bit with this build. Can you believe I got these vintage Hornet parts in a trade for two Mabuchi silvercans? I'll show you the body and custom parts to mount the body over my Hornet chassis soon. Y'all stay safe and have a good weekend!
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