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  1. Hi Jay, and happy birthday

    Are you using a 2.4ghz radio with your Lunchbox? If that's the case (and you don't plan to run both trucks together), maybe you can just get one serve and a receiver to go.

  2. Well, there's a reason why I avoid as much as possible to go down to our basement, just look at this. Sadder than a George Jones song!

    My beloved 1984 bikes Kuwahara Survivor 2.5 and Mongoose Expert...


    (I have the original Elina seat for the Kuwie, this one worked better for me to ride)

    I need new tires for them. Three years ago when I went to get some air for the tires the front one exploded right on to my face. My ear kept ringing for about three days.

    Y'all stay safe and have a good Sunday, the BEST day of the week. Or it used to be...

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  3. 14 minutes ago, moffman said:

    Every body is entitled to an opinion!

    [...]it's a stunning looking truck true to the 80s monster trucks but it kinda let's it self down a bit when it bounces around

    100% true. Everybody is entitled o an opinion.

    Oh, do you remember how much real monster trucks bounced back in the day. Monster trucks in the mid 80's were kinda clumsy, leafs made them difficult to control, but they were certainly eye candy. Short wheel base, leaf spring suspension, heavy as a Manhattan tower. That's what the Tamiya guys were looking at when they conceived the Clod Buster. Had they waited three years they would have made something more like the HPI's Wheely King after seeing the revolutionary Bigfoot 8, but that's another story :D

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  4. 2 hours ago, Flare65 said:

    I've always wanted a Clodbuster and came close to buying the new Black Edition last month, but for the money the kit just isn't worth it in my opinion.  It was impressive for its time back in the 80's and early 90's but now it just pales in comparison to what else is out there.  I'm actually surprised they still sell it after all these years.  I just got back into this hobby out of boredom due to the pandemic and after looking around at other offerings at similar price points, the Clod just doesn't measure up.  The kit is still relatively unchanged aside for some minor cosmetic differences, but the price is still steep for what little you get.  I feel its grossly overpriced for what it is. I know people love it and it continues to sell, but this kit should have been updated years ago.  I'll probably catch some heat here for bashing the Clod so I'll just stop with my opinion...

    I hear you. It is indeed overpriced. But everybody knows that's in the company's DNA.

    Now, Tamiya released how many four or five other monster trucks to choose from. Most these kits still sell for people to take parts from it or making customization. I've yet to see anywhere one of these trucks without any modifications, which to my eye is a very unfortunate thing. People doesn't love the Clod Buster for what it is, and very few know how to use the stock servo savers to make it steer so you get the usual "you'll need a TON capable servo for the Clod", which of course isn't the case. As you say, the Clod Buster in the 80's was the greatest. Of course you can not compare it to any modern standards, Emmax or whatever. It's a thing of beauty to enjoy for what it is (an old design, more aptly called "classic" to resemble some real 1986 monster truck), and for what it was back in the day (the most impressive piece of RC kit available from a company that, yeah, makes crazy expensive stuff).

    Perhaps you can find some used Clod for better money?

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  5. 13 hours ago, Rb4276 said:

    Clod complete except for the body, i have to admit i am not a fan. I knew all the issues going in too just doesnt compare to my txt 2. I am selling it and listed on numerous group and ebay  


    If those wheels are Tamiya you can remove the smoke off the chrome with a piece of cotton and nail polish. Super easy job.

  6. 9 hours ago, Rb4276 said:

    Clod almost complete. Definitely not my favorite build or really enjoyable. I can say I already prefer my txt to this.


    A lil black enamel on the non-Tamiya bits would look fine on your rather nice Clod Buster ;)

    On 6/28/2020 at 7:33 PM, metalheadDad said:

    Finished phase one of my basement hobby corner.


    Good job! What a nice place to work on the cars! :yuju:

    5 hours ago, BOARDRIDER said:

    My next project arrived today after being adrift in Hermes land for a couple of weeks.


    Nice chassis! Looks FAST! :yeah2:

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  7. On 12/7/2014 at 4:48 PM, wigtype said:

    No worries - here it is:

    We bashed it about some more today & the paint is holding on really well. It flexes & takes scrapes with no marks, but hard hits that gouge the plastic do show... this has only happened on the front bumper as you see on the pics, so I might just protect that with a carbon sticker.

    The video explains the process in detail. Great stuff! :blob7:

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  8. Painting the original Holiday buggy successfully is not impossible, but it sure is a pretty complicated and risky thing to try. And if you miss one you can ruin your body for good.

    Two master Tamiya builders in Europe discuss here the appropriate methods: https://tamiyabase.com/forum/38-scratch-builds-paint-a-body-shop/53-painting-the-holiday-buggy?start=0

    I have heard about using plastic primer for plastic bumpers, but can't assure you how good that works. I think TCer @terry.sc mentioned it years ago somewhere.

    This one I particularly LOVE (If I ever have the chance to come across one of these buggies, well, I'd love it to look half as good as this one) :ejercicio:



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  9. 15 hours ago, Saito2 said:

    I was always into older things, even as a kid

    I could have said the exact same thing to describe myself. It's crazy!

    When lecturing on history I often make the students frown when I tell them the one thing I hate in life is TIME. It takes everything away from you, your family, your friends, your youth, your capabilities, your possessions, your parents, EVERYTHING!

    And the things you have one day the next day they're not there anymore.

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  10. 20 minutes ago, Mad Ax said:

    SCX10 probably has the most opportunity for me to go out driving with local mates without spending any money

    Makes sense, and that approach aims to what I believe is the practical side of the hobby.

    I'm curious on what the OP was thinking when asking now. (I'm definitely keeping the Clod over the others, though)

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  11. 3 hours ago, Ferruz said:

    I find the "life is short" philosophy

    I appreciate that, and it definitely makes sense. When I look at your action pictures I can see lots of fun. I don't know what happened to me, or when did I started to sort of trying to keep the cars immaculate. I cringe at the thought of scuffing them, when back in 1992 I remember bashing the midnight pumpkin as if it was indestructible. Jumps, stones, the thing would just go ahead like crazy. Sometimes I think I lost so much in life I'd like to keep these things forever like new, they were just a dream three decades ago. It's a crazy thought, maybe it's related to getting old. It took me two years to raise the money for my first truck. And by the way just yesterday the guy from the hobby store who sold it to me passed away.

    Hey, the spare lexan piece to cover the bonnet hole it's a good idea, too. :thumbsup:

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