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  1. I was looking on Hobbyking. Haven’t checked measurements. in Terms of punch and voltage I’ll just run an appropriate motor and esc. Maybe even go 3s. So that’s not really an issue. I might 3D print a case for some smaller soft packs.
  2. I’m pretty good with my Lipos, never had any incidents, a close relative recently had a car go up in flames which made me think twice. With a complicated home life and 3 disabled kids I rarely have the time to take my cars out so storage is important. I’m enjoying the building and modifying but they need to function. So I’m thinking you are right and I should just switch over.
  3. They don’t need to be stored at 100% but they can be. The main down side would be slightly lower voltage but they. Am be discharged to completely flat without any issues so the real capacity is way better. That’s what is tempting me. Low maintenance especially storage.
  4. So I thinking of moving over to LofePo4 due to them being so much safes now that the costs involved have come down a lot. It’s now comparable to Lipo. I’m aware of the various pros and cons. But has anyone else moved over and regretted or found it to be worth while? no over discharge problems and safe storage is a big plus. I did a search and couldn’t find anything recent. I’m interested in Any experiences
  5. My first build was actually a hornet from when I was about 8yo however it has become a bit of a triggers broom so I’m not sure what’s original anymore.
  6. I’m going with the hoarding theory. makes me feel better 😂
  7. So many questions, primarily where to I find these tracks.
  8. It depends what firmware has been flashed to it. I have a selection of programmers and usually have to try a few. I have ex run, hobbyking etc. Not as obvious as you might think.
  9. Just showed him this thread. if anyone on here wants it he will take £500. I think it’s probably likely to go in to storage otherwise.
  10. Here is the original advert and text. Happy to arrange shipping if anyone is interested. Hi everyone ive been bombarded with lots of low ball offers these will be ignored in the future as id rather give it away rather than sell for £200-300 i built this collection up over the last 4 years at great cost yes i know i wont get my money back but i want them to go to a genuine collector not someone looking to make money saying that's all they are worth !. Ive priced to sell but open to sensible offers too and sorry i dont have the time to sell separately as we move in 2 weeks and if not sold ill just put them in storage in my fathers loft. Cheers Hi im reluctantly selling my complete RC collection due to moving house and not having the room for it all. There are 8 rc cars/buggies 7 ready to run and one just needs electrics. All other than the Mini lunchbox have brushless motors and esc fitted. There are a total of 13 batteries 8 of which are Lipo and comes with charger ect along with 5 sets of transmitters new spare esc's receivers and servos. All cars have been used with some ware but no broken or cracked parts and most have hop-ups and all are ballraced and look good. As you will see there is a mountain of spare parts paint lots of sets of wheel and tyres and hop ups too. Take a close look at all the pictures to see everything properly. I'm gutted to have to sell it all but needs must ive priced to sell and all will need to go together. I highly recommend viewing in person as there's a lot to see. I'm located in Burgess Hill West Sussex obviously collection only due to the amount here. Thanks
  11. Yeah I’m bot on Facebook either. I’ll copy and paste the text but too many photos to post here.
  12. I’m surprised you haven’t had any interest. Unfortunately I’m not in the market and don’t really have the budget for this and wouldn’t want to offend with a low offer as it’s worth the £90 in my opinion. I’m sure someone will come along. Maybe if you can get together the bits needed to make two rolling chassis it will tempt someone interested in racing it. As all the spares will be there with a donor car. Wouldn’t worry about the wheels and other generic stuff just the bits you mentioned before.
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