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  1. Are these not listed on eBay anymore. I noticed a seller offering a carbon fibre washer solution what’s that all about? if these are going to be back on eBay anytime soon please let me know. I don’t want a production run on my account and it will be for a nib kit that isn’t going to be built for a while.
  2. What ya got. Or where is the cheapest place to get some. Possibly some wheels too if you have any gathering dust.
  3. Built mine a little while ago. I think I paid £150 from RC Mart. I agree they certainly aren't worth £400 plus. Mines still mint on the shelf. £300 if anyone wants a bargain. 😉
  4. I think they are just selling the wheels.
  5. I have all sorts. But all different values. I have a tt-02 but it’s mint and newly built ball raced etc. I’ll P.M you
  6. No probs. I also have too many but I think the mad bull is such a great basher.
  7. Thanks for the tip. What about the ones I want to jeep on display will it work for them too?
  8. So I have an integrated garage but it can get cold and maybe even slightly damp at times. But I have many shelters and some have new but perished tyres. A few are brittle and upon handling they rip others appear completely fine. In fact my runners seem to be in better condition. 🤔 anyone else have similar problems and or solutions. Short of removing the wheels and boxing them up. I don’t like the idea of them all cracking as I do plan on running some of them. The worst ones seem to be the lunch box and monster spike ones.
  9. TL01B is another option. But I would be more inclined towards a tt02b. I wouldn’t rule out some of the rereleases you could potentially find a used one on eBay and the DB01 usually cost a lot more if you can find one. Also if it doesn’t have to be a buggy there are other truck and rally car options that make good 4wd bashers. What is the intended use?
  10. Would you consider swaps?
  11. Yep this is super helpful. Makes sense now.
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