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  1. On closer inspection of the specs these don’t seem to be all that great. The Samsung 20s 18650 seem a better option. Which leads me to another question. If I put two pairs in parallel would this allow for twice the discharge current?
  2. They look to be a steal. Shame on the shipping cost to the U.K.
  3. These are another good option for a sw-01 https://www.fogstar.co.uk/products/samsung-20s
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393181284573 project farm has a good video where he tested all the different specs and the older Sony VTC5 came out really well. these are the newer higher spec version. seem worth a try for the price.
  5. I’m planning on gearing it down slightly or using a 35turn brushed motor. Also the cells I’m looking at are rated at 40amps which I suspect will be ample. I’ll look at the current draw and amps once I’ve got the car built. I don’t think the constant current will be a problem. Much lesser cells are used for high end drills. With bigger voltages and 550 motors. But we will soon find out.
  6. ☹️ That doesn’t sound promising
  7. Or can someone tell me which of the cheaper esc’s have reverse polarity protection. I have some 1060’s, tble02s, some of the various older Tamiya ones too I could switch from my shelfers. I’m pretty sure the 1060 doesn’t have protection. I have some of these too https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-x-car-45a-brushed-car-esc.html?queryID=7af62165fb9b9337f58511651052154d&objectID=48605&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products
  8. The charger has protection so the cells just won’t charge if put in the wrong way. the idea of modifying the cell and holder is compelling. Similar the the servo leads where they have the tab and corresponding slot on the Reciever. That could be an easier solution. 🤔 certainly easier than modifying the circuit.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Although I’ve made it pretty clear I really need to make this fool proof. Have you got any links to a mosfet mod. And would this have any limitations regarding the current?
  10. I’ll post a video eventually. Few more parts to arrive and the main build will begin. I think the key to good performance is finding decent quality cells. These are good Samsung ones but only 2000mah which considering the size is pretty impressive.
  11. I’ve taped up the ends of the cells with red tape. But I do also have concerns about that. Obviously 1 cell the wrong way around would be harmless but both I don’t know. If reverse polarity is applied I don’t think anything will happen. Not sure how to test it without frying the esc. If someone can chip in with a data sheet that would help.
  12. These come in various guises. Rebranded in several turn ratings and the build quality is decent. I’ve picked a few up for less than £10 in various turns. goolRc etc.
  13. More pics to follow I’m over my quota
  14. Quick update. I’ve come up with a solution I’m really happy with. An old drill battery that had a single duff cell. (actually fine now it’s been cycled on it’s own). A simple robust cell charger and an 18650 2 cell holder. I used a modified table-02s with a resistor to create a 6v cut off which is suitable for these cells. I will do some testing to find out what voltage the charger is happy with. So far so good. Worked out perfectly from a size point of view and seems to have ample capacity. Also I’ve got 4 cells to give him. Plus Super light to boot. many other input appreciated.
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