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  1. I have a Exceed 443 Manual. I need the Center differential gear. 54 Tooth, this one page

    Exceed Manuel.jpg

  2. marui hunter

    Protect NIBs from - Silverfish etc...

    hi guy's, i have a few vintage kits and have a small infestation of silverfish, id like to know how to get rid of them. prefer to place a natural product in each box so they dont like being in there.
  3. chasing the original body for the losi xx4
  4. Can you email me with a price please,
  5. marui hunter

    yokomo 870c

    looking for a cool project
  6. marui hunter

    super champ body set

    chasing a used body set! dont mind if it's cracked/painted as long as its all there for repair. driver/roof a bonus.
  7. marui hunter

    jrx2/parts wanted

    hi guys, im chasing any jrx2 hop-ups, any help would be unreal. i need aftermarket* battery mount ball raced steering front bumper alloy rims rear tower slipper set-up motor mount drive shaft's mip etc etc jrx2 body white or blue turnbuckle ends factory rear dark orange rims spur gear grey
  8. marui hunter

    Wanted Old Yokomo Rim's

    any old rims??
  9. marui hunter

    Ayk Boost, Pro Radiant

    hi! anyone got a boost or pro radiant to sell? pm me
  10. marui hunter

    Avante Coming Soon

    maybe the dogfighter lol!! mate they are super collectable and are only going up in value! (not dime a dozzen like tamiya's) lets face it associated and yokomo won most of the world's back in the day not tamiya!!! ill buy an avante as a show piece/runner but it will never out perform a yokomo, just ask masami!!! as for associated they dominated rc before tamiya ever existed!! heard of the rc1,rc100 etc etc!! 1/10th is a new born compared to 1/8th that's where it all started.. so much more to the hobby then tamiya, im really laughing here. i bought my avante for $199.00 from toyworld because they couldnt give them away! they are so sexy and that's there appeal.
  11. marui hunter

    Losi Jrx2 Rims

    looking for any rims in new condition! send me a pm!!! or email
  12. marui hunter

    Wtb Yokomo Parts For 91,93 Buggies

    hi im looking for any parts to complete some builds! prefer as new condition.
  13. marui hunter

    Yokomo Parts For Old Buggies

    hi! im looking for any parts you might have for sale.
  14. marui hunter

    Wanted Jrx2 Rear Wheels

    im looking also they aint easy to find are they?
  15. marui hunter

    Wtb Ayk Buggies

    looking for any of these buggies please send me any email.