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  1. Tamiyas (all but one are runners): Vintage Blackfoot, bought in 1987, thoroughly bashed, now being rebuilt. Vintage Blackfoot shelf-queen, found on eBay Feb.'08, now on MY shelf. Blackfoot Xtreme, bought new Feb.'08, modded all over. Mustang Cobra R TL01 AWD, found on eBay Feb.'08 as a shelf-queen, now modded up and run hard. Mustang Cobra R TL01, chassis minus wheels/motor/bopdy/electrics found on eBay Mar.'08 for $11, cut and stretched, RWD and mildly modded. My old-school 'MuscleCar'. F150 Race Truck, from Tower Mar.'08, minor mods. Others (all 'toy-grade' junk, just for giggles): Fresh Cherries AMC Pacer Radio Shack 'Stuart Little' convertible. Radio Shack 1/64ish scale Dodge Ram pickup. Coming soon......??? GlobeLiner semi and box trailer, full lights/sound, yada, yada, yada. Non-Tamiya hobby-grade rigs: Why would I do that???
  2. We have 3 LHSs within 30 minutes drive. One is a chain store, HobbyTown. They have a bit of every hobby type, no subject is all-encompassing. RC is nearly Traxxas-exclusive, so no use to me beyond convenient location for 'gotta have it now' supplies like paint, grease, etc. The other two are smaller mom-a-pop joints that stick with mainly guy-hobby stuf...vehicle related static kits, RC and railroading. Both owners are older guys. One seems more tuned in to trains and grudgingly carries a few RCs. The other guy looks overwhelmed but enthused to get the right RC gear in stock. It's he who asks all the question, and it seems Gas/Nitro are the focus he's being pushed into. As such, all three are limited in their use to me. Again, for the need-it-now supplies, I'm glad to throw them them the few extra bucks. And if they carried the bigger ticket stuff I'm into, I be glad to support them there, too. But as my tastes tend to run counter to popular choices, my stuff doesn't get stocked. Hence, I'm forced to frequent Tower for my needs...and as long as they ship out of Illinois, I get the stuff in 2 days. When they ship from Nevada, 10 days..which blows. I don't fault the LHS for its limited space/inventory. I only wish it weren't so.
  3. Don't make me come over there! I tossed my Honcho body on the chassis....and instantly realized there was no good reason to have cut up the Comanche, as the Honcho looks SO cool on there, and lines right up. Even the tires fill the wells properly. Darn it!!
  4. I think I'll try out the O-rings, and I'll put the kit-supplied 3-hole discs inside the shocks (instead of the 1-holes) to allow oil to get past quicker, thus quickening the compression. I'll let you know how that works out. Meanwhile, got bored today and decided to finally get on that Comanche shell. Oh, how it pained me to just chop off the front bumper! Here's where it's at now. I'll be adding more stickers to 'race' it up, but my sponsor sticker sheet pulled a vanishing act today. Grr.
  5. Based on that ad and the listed price, I'd be in his driveway so fast, it'd make his mullet spin. These days, the worst pile of junk 'Cuda is still worth big bucks.
  6. Oh, stop...I'm blushing. Thanks a bunch. I couldn't have done it without the great suggestions that came from everyone. You're all in there somewhere. Here's a short video of the body in motion... http://img532.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cuda1pt2.flv I also replaced the photos in my previous post with better ones taken outdoors today.
  7. I'm on it! Here's a bunch of new pics...painted, tinted, more details. Last night I realized I'd painted the separate rear valance piece wrong. It turns out the quarter panels on real 'Cudas hang lower while the valance is narrower. HPI didn't mold these panel lines, so I assumed the place where the 2 pieces are joined was the proper panel separation. Wrong! The panel lines should be directly under the lower corners of the bumper. My only option for fixing it was to tape it along the 'correct' panel line, and paint the outer portions on the outside to match each quarter panel. That also meant I needed to extend the rotted area further down on the right side. Also- - The For Sale sign has been moved inside the windshield. - The side and rear glass is tinted. - The custom K40 CB antenna is on an aluminum-looking bracket (adhesive foil). - Nitrous stickers are added to the front spoiler and tail panel. - Taped-up tail light. Now for the photos (almost finished!)...
  8. Well, while waiting for paint to dry, I was re-reading the above posts, and BJ's mention of the old K40 antenna reminded me that 20 years ago, I got sick of my ol' Bigfoot having such a long antenna. The LHS had a more scale replacement with a real metal base and stiff antenna mast about 6" long. I did some digging and found it. I tested it out and it and the 20-year-old receiver it's spliced to are working perfectly. I then snipped a spare tie rod end to get a proper size black collar for the antenna base and used a black marker on a red sticker to create the logo, and viola!... Howz that for ya, BJ? It's even bracketed to the leading edge of the trunklid like all the cool guys had it. ..and now, no foot-long plastic tube sticking up to ruin the scale appearance.
  9. First pass with Pactra's 'Grape Pearl'... The second coat is drying now, then I'll hit it with silver. Then two shades of tint on the windows, a little trim work and she'll be all done....sorta.
  10. Last update today....promise! These shots include: - Fully trimmed shell (still to be sanded for straighter lines) - custom front spoiler trimmed out and painted black. - Rear license plate (from Blackfoot Xtreme, modified with 'Plymouth' logo).
  11. I have to agree this feature is rather annoying. If it can't be adjusted to, say, apply only when 4 or more caps in a row are found, then I'd rather put up with the shouting... I.M.H.O.
  12. I might have the antenna on hand...hmm.... The Hurst stickers are already there, and I've just added the Holley and Hooker stickers to the rear glass. I'd need to replace the rear posts (again) to get more height, but then the well aren't cut out fully yet, so it will look more raised when that's done. I'll decide then. Thanks all. The latest shots, which include: - The missing trunk lock cylinder - Rear valance installed - Rear steel wheels installed, aged, etc. - new rear glass stickers
  13. Exactly what I want. LMAO!! Every one of those ideas is fawking awesome! Gotta get to work on the sticker and hanger....but the trunk lock is now gone (just drilled it)! Thanks!
  14. For a smashed lens, I'm going to go with the passenger-side tail light. Gotta find some red tape to cover the broken portion with. A missing headlight would be a bit much, as they are SO cheap, this guy isn't gonna run around without one. Even a beat-up 'Cuda is vauable, so he's gotta have SOME money. (over-thinking here? ) As for dents, I definately want to. I'm thinking the driver's fender could use a good crease near the foward corner of the wheel well. Thanks.
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