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  1. Somehow I have it in my head that we used to have a dedicated forum for this topic, maybe it's just the fact that I've been shut in for 3 weeks playing tricks on my mind. Anyways, to satisfy my building urge without killing my limited resources for the time being. (Haven't worked in over a month), I've turned to plastic model building for the time being. My 1st kit in over 30 years! It was a bit messy, with some tough detailing work, but overall satisfactory. The 2nd was a Honda classic CBR750. A much easier build, and I enjoyed the larger scale. Anyone else doing static models to pass the time?
  2. So sorry to hear of your loss nowinaminute. I know exactly how you feel. I had a dog that that was essential in my getting through tough times, especially when my girlfriend of 7 years who I was about to propose to came home and announced she was leaving. If it wasn't for that dog, I might not be here. When things started to pick up and my life was about to change for the better, I had to choose between keeping my dog or moving in with my now wife. Her son is severely allergic. It was the hardest decision I have ever made, but I had to do what was best for me in the long run. I gave my dog back to my ex where she would be well looked after. I miss that dog all the time, but now I have an especially energetic pup who turns 2 this June. He's hypoallergenic so he passes muster. Perhaps you can get another companion?
  3. I'm in, please include me with same username. Thanks!
  4. Saw some mod parts on Shapeways that look like they address the issue you're talking about montogeek.Just search XV-01 and you'll see a bunch.
  5. So I thought I would cheap out and buy a can of white gloss rustoleum. Actually it was more an issue of distance more than anything. Hobby shop is a half hour away, Home Depot is 10. I know I have seen people using Rustoleum paints in the past, and with success. Well, I found this paint to be extra runny and after almost 36 hours, still tacky. I'm in the process of wet sanding off as much of that coat as possible and going the extra distance for the Tamiya paints. Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened? Do Rustoleum paints just take an extra long time to cure?
  6. Looked on youtube for the same info. From what I gathered, people seemed to have good luck with nitro fuel. Well I went to my LHS and bought some. Buuuuut, it wasn't very effective. Mind you was using 20% fuel, and that might be too weak. I was also only trying to remove sections of the paint. I think the guys who were having success with it were soaking the bodies. I'm going to try the revell stuff.
  7. I'm measuring 6.5in long x 2.25in wide x .75in deep. Hope that helps
  8. I used Bondic to repair my Jaegermeister shell. I wasn't expecting much but it worked very well. First I did the inside and then the outside. IMG_0985.pdf IMG_0986.pdf
  9. @CoolHands, I am painting a driver figure set and was thinking that it would hold the Tamiya X paints better.
  10. Reviving this 17 year old thread to ask a question: Can I use Tamiya's fine primer on lexan?
  11. I'd wait until the long damper spec comes out, although you will have to buy a body separately.
  12. 106 for the set. If it were per damper I would give up Tamiya forever.
  13. So I recently found out that Tamiyausa site has the gb-01 aeration damper in stock. I actually bought a set, just to see if I would get them or if I would get an email back telling me they weren't in stock. They are way overpriced though. $106. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tt-gear-option-parts/rc-aeration-oil-damper/4pcs/
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