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  1. While I understand your needing to step away, I just want to vocalize what others may have not. It is possible that you haven't garnered as much discussion, respect, kudos, attention as your posts deserved. Speaking for myself, when I look at scratch builds and mods etc that are way out of my league in terms of ability and willingness to spend X amount of time and money on a project, it is often intimidating. Not in a negative way, just enough to have me gawk at the photos and either submit a short "Great shots/job" and move on. I know I can't add anything to the discussion. I appreciate good craftsmanship in anything, whether it's furniture, an rc build or just my toothbrush. I originally found TC because I was looking for an answer to a question after coming back to RC cars in my mid 30's. I took a break due to life and have found myself back here because now I have someone to share this hobby with in the form of my 12 year old stepson. Maybe you'll come back, maybe you won't but no one will ever have a handle as cool as yours.
  2. Hi Kev, I might have these. I will check in the morning. Bought a bunch of metal parts bags when I happened upon a vintage WO many years ago.
  3. Hello all, I double bought some unneeded items and am selling them at cheaper than ebay prices. TA Silver B parts $25 TA Blue Alloy Gear Cover by Yeah Racing $20 DB01 Blue Alloy Rear Knuckle Arms $5 Hotshot Front wheels $5 Shipping is $7 priority for the TA silver parts and $2 apiece for the others in US. Anyone international interested, pm me and I can get a shipping quote. I will sell the bundle for $40
  4. I have a set of the clear ones that came with my M chassis. Can't remember if it's the 4 or 5. I'm pretty sure they will fit on an M3 though. As soon as my mom ships my stuff, I can find them. I also have the black shocks that came with my TA03 SW. Not sure if those'll fit.
  5. Wow that is fast granddad. What motor/esc/battery setup are you running?
  6. Oooh I like that. Never really been much for trucks, except the vintage Tamiya's, but this looks like it could be a lot of fun. Especially on that chassis.
  7. Good idea Turnip, I just discovered those. Any idea what size bit to get?
  8. So, I started doing a DB01 overhaul which was inspired by my stepson's burning out the rear ball diffs. I replaced the stock damper stays with cf ones. 3Racing in the rear, Tamiya in the front. Then I some blingy steering arms, rear hubs, high traction chassis, aluminum motor heat sink, stabilizers and finally a slipper clutch. Well I get to dismantling the old rig and discover that one of my titanium screws in my front diff cover is stripped. So then I realize, in order to get this out, I'm gonna have have to dremel the screw to slot it. Which will effectively ruin that part. Does anyone know of another method to back out stripped screws? After I have resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to ruin this part to complete the overhaul, I start searching for replacement A parts, either stock or carbon fiber reinforced. There are currently NONE anywhere! What is going on with this parts tree? Not one place I checked had it in stock, including TamiyaUSA or eBay. If anyone has an extra I'd love to buy it at a reasonable price.
  9. Truck Norris, where did you get the roll bar parts? I really like the extra realism
  10. Those should work, as I recently replaced the stock dampers on my db01 and then took those and put them on my hotshot with upgraded front and rear damper stays. I would wait on another opinion from someone else before you pull the trigger though. I have yet to run the upgraded hotshot.
  11. Wow great idea, can this drywall mesh be found at homedepot or the hardware store?
  12. Yes excellent topic! I got into it around my 13th birthday. Never could find a racing league, let alone another kid with an rc car. I thought my Wild One was great though.
  13. I have built 3 kits with RC Screwz stainless screw sets. Each time there has been an issue with the set. Either they don't have the exact screws to match the Tamiya kit screws or they have stripped. I just completed a swap of the stock transmission cases for the silver ones on the Porsche Jagermeister. A totally unnecessary thing to do, but I like the looks so I went for it. After assembling both the front and rear transmission cases and putting them back on the car, I realized I had forgotten to put a crucial part back in the rear, and so had to open it up. 2 of the 3 screws stripped immediately. I actually had to slot 4 screws just to remove the old ones in the 1st place, which essentially ruins the plastic part. I used a tapping screw for every single hole and still this happens. Needless to say, I am DONE with using their sets. Anyone else have these issues I've mentioned?
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