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  1. @boomer22 thanks for the reference! Never would have thought to get so in depth with different lubricants and their "fortes" if you will.
  2. Interested to see what others say about using WD40. Never would have thought to use that, although weirdly I do love the smell.
  3. I'm not a crawler fan by any means but these sure look like fun!
  4. @metalheadDad What shop is this?
  5. I've brewed about 30 batches of LME beer and at first they were "ok", but by the 5th or 6th batch they were tasting as they should. I think largely you need to pay attention to your boil, and of course washing and sanitizing bottling eq and bottles is absolutely imperative. You can ruin entire batches by not properly washing and sanitizing.
  6. I've been selling a lot of my stuff on Mercari. So far it's been great. Check them out if you want a break from ebay.
  7. Sadly I sold my setup, over $400 worth of gear for $50 when I had to get rid of everything quickly. I had 2 carboys, a few 6 gallon buckets and bottling equipment. The most expensive thing out of the lot was a 5 gallon stainless steel pot for boiling the wort. I miss it because I made some really good brews and it was very satisfying to drink what I had made. Plus, it saved a bit of money over buying store bought beer. One of these days I may take the plunge again, this time with full grain recipes, rather than LME.
  8. you got me interested in this kit. Of course, it's very visually appealing, as it is a similar color scheme to my Datsun 240 rally car, and the chassis looks pretty robust too.
  9. I'd love to know this too, as I have a couple of shells I'd like to custom up.
  10. I have successfully destroyed another A Parts set (bulkhead covers) I can't find these anywhere. If someone has replaced theirs with the carbon reinforced A Parts and has the old ones lying around, I'm interested!
  11. Nice work Problemchild! Regarding masking tape, I had a roll of plastic based masking tape that worked like a charm, but sadly, my dog ate it! Does anyone know of a vinyl or plastic based masking tape?
  12. So I accidentally ordered light grey primer instead of white, and didn't actually realize it until I started painting. I'm wondering if the white will cover the grey or will the grey show through to make the white look like a lighter grey? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  13. Neat! looking forward to seeing how this looks in video.
  14. Welcome Chris. This forum is full of helpful people with loads of creativity. By far the best resource on the net for Tamiya.
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