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  1. Hello again everyone! I haven't logged in in years been busy with work. Lots of great speed numbers posted! Amazed I still have some cars on the list! Hope to get some new runs in when I move back home to Michigan next year!
  2. Boats are cool and worth the time and money if you have it. I got RC's and 1:1 but it helps to live on the water. We live in a canal subdivision, looks like a normal house up front but in the back yard is a canal going out to the lake.
  3. I appreciated all you guys with wives and kids still in the hobby! For me it's just the wife and I, we are not having kids so we have "disposable income". Almost all our friends have kids so we know how hard you guys work to provide for your family's. And you are right RC is SO much cheaper that a 1:1 sports car. I'm still looking at picking up a 1:1 sports car but I don't want to loose my space in the garage to one. Some much nicer to just open the garage and leave for work in the morning without scraping snow and ice off my car in the winter, don't have to do that with a RC car!
  4. I agree with that! Tamiya for sure knows! I have purchased many re-re's from back in the day but I'm also purchasing some of their new products just because I like what they are putting out and being back in the hobby.
  5. What's the difference between a midlife crisis and having more money than you did when you were a kid? I'm 41 and was only out of RC from 19-30, 19-30 spent my money in bars and random girls (what a waste of money but it was fun at the time I guess LOL). I still love stuff from the 80's and 90's that I did not have. One of my other hobbies is Sea Doo Jet skis from the 90's that I could not afford then, I got 4 of them right now. Sure I make enough money I could go out and buy new ones but they are not what I want. I want the old ones I couldn't afford back then, plus I like working on them and restoring them just like how I like working on RC.
  6. If you like scale building go for it. I had wanted a Bruiser since I was a kid, got one restored it, it looked great. I run all my stuff but it was so boring to drive I sold it.
  7. You found a great spot for that!! I love that you get in your car and drive! But you must have to do that running over 100MPH!! That is so freaking COOL!!!
  8. Got a new ESC in my F104 Silver can runner, it's good for up to 4s. I hope I can get to at least 40MPH on 3s but it might take 4s. Just need some good weather.
  9. This is a big debate on many forums, R/C or other things. I used to say Paypal as gift or you can add 3% to the total price if paying for goods, your choice. I'm on a r/c boating forum that the swap shop rules are no gift payments and I understand. So now on any forum I list something I just set my selling price to account for the 3% hit I take from Paypal, and don't even mention the gift option anymore.
  10. Welcome back!! Make sure you have a lot of storage space!! I have 3 large closets full of RC stuff, my wife only has 2 large closets of clothes. I'm trying to figure out better storage solutions or I'm going to have to sell some stuff.
  11. I first felt like you to but agree you need to try and do it yourself, it is much more rewarding when you do it yourself. I have been doing my cars myself and I feel I'm doing okay so far. Just get a good set of brushes, lots of different sizes and types of masking tape, Xacto blades, and good lexan scissors . The main thing is to take your time and strategically plan what you are going to mask and paint in what order. I have done a few pretty hard lexan bodies to paint. One was my RC10T and pics are below. It took a few weeks just putting in a little time each evening but I think it came out decent. It's all masked and painted on the inside in box art style with different colors.
  12. I was thinking the same thing, the period electronics are great along with the See's wheels, but no boxes and no verification on signature? badword I'm running vintage See's wheels on my Midnight Pumkin top speed runner truck, they might be rare but I'm running the crap out of them. If they get damaged oh well?
  13. Blackfoot sounds good, had an old Supershot never had a DF01 so can't comment between them, I love my DT02 handles great for a basic buggy,
  14. New built Losi JRX2 period correct gear $4600.00 does being signed by Gil add $4000.00 to value? I would think this is a $300-600$ buggy without Gil's signature. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264075289809
  15. That looks like Fox to me but with different wheel hubs and black shock tower (instead of natural fiberglass). I don't know if they used that transmission in later buggy's.
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