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  1. I've now raced these spools several times and they work great. No complaints at all.
  2. As far as I can tell it looks all new. The price on the package is 2,400 JPY if that's any indication. Plus, it's marketed towards drift use (in the rear of the car) and I think that's a relatively new phenomenon.
  3. Well, I came across a new spool for the TB02 on eBay recently and ordered two. They fit and work perfectly! Aluminum body with hardened steel outdrives -- the perfect spool IMO. I am a happy camper. TECH Racing part number TBD010.
  4. We're forming a spec class at our track for open-wheel Tamiya F1 cars. The handout motor is a custom 27T 30 brushed. I am installing this 93t spur: http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=53104 I believe the 0.4 module spur is compatible with standard 64p pinions (is this correct?) Medium-sized outdoor asphalt track with decent grip, 8-minute mains. Any suggestions for pinion size?
  5. Tamiya DT-02 Sand Viper w/Extras Lightly Used 1/10 2WD off-road buggy, NIP ball diff, Futaba S3003 servo, and front pin spikes. I bought this to try out off-road racing but 2WD buggy isn't big around here and I'm way into on-road so it's gotta go. You can tell by the minimal wear on the original rear tires how little use it has had. I've run about a half-dozen packs through it, all on a proper track, and it's VERY clean. The bottom has the typical scuffing that it gets after the first run, but there is no structural damage whatsoever. Replacement tubs are like $8 on eBay when the time comes anyway. It's box stock save for the shock setup. Additional preload spacers, 80-wt oil, and bump stops drastically improved the handling. It also really needed a ball diff, so I bought one (~$30) but haven't put it in. It's included. I'll leave the standard Futaba steering servo in there. A set of Traxxas pin spike front tires will also go with it. I just took the car completely apart, cleaned everything, and put it back together again. Kit: $145 Servo: $11 Ball diff: $30 Pin spikes: $8 TOTAL: $194 $100 or trade for Futaba BLS351/BLS451 (or similar) servo or Hyperion AC/DC charger.
  6. I have the MuchMore version of this charger and I love it.
  7. My question was answered elsewhere, but here's a great resource for the record for anyone else interested:
  8. Hi all- We're running a spec silver can vintage class and the most effective combo for our track seems to mean running a FDR of about 6.5. This is great for most of us, but some are running TT-01s. Is there a way to get this FDR, or close to it, out of a TT-01? TIA.
  9. I got a TA-05 to try my hand at touring car racing a few months ago. I didn't know if I'd like racing so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a "proper" racing chassis. Now I'm totally hooked on racing and finishing top 3 in Sportsman stock with the same TA-05. It's stone stock except for a front spool, real tires, and a racing body. I've been running 27T brushed when the other front runners are running 13.5BL, and I'm in the process of going brushless. I expect to be able to win some Sportsman races and move up to Expert Stock with the brushless setup. I get endless satisfaction out of the carbon fiber/titanium/whatever guys coming over to scope my car and seeing the plastic shocks and tub! The point is that a regular TA-05 is a great car in my opinion. I have never broken anything yet and if you build it very carefully to the kit specs it is a stable, forgiving car. I'm sure I'll want to upgrade at some point but not for a while yet.
  10. OK, so what I'm trying to confirm is that "yellow is yellow is yellow" so it's all the same, soft yellow 400. On a related note, what's up with the numbering system? For example, is Tamiya 800 equivalent to 80 weight from other brands such as Associated?
  11. I've got a bunch of the little bottles of shock oil that have come with various Tamiya kits. They all just say "Tamiya Damper Oil" on them with no mention of weight. One larger bottle that came with my DT-02 says "Damper Oil Soft". They are ALL the same color, sort of yellow-ish -- does this mean they are all the same weight? If so, what weight are they? Tamiya wouldn't make different weights of oil the same color would they?
  12. It'll be raced, so it certainly will see some abuse. I already have some spare cups so I'll probably try the above approach anyway. I just wish there were something nice and beefy!
  13. Yeah, I was thinking of doing that, but those outdrives are fragile enough as it is without taking away the give of the diff. My TA-05 spool has hardened steel outdrives.
  14. I've been racing my TA-05 with a spool and realized a drastic improvement on our track. I'm putting together a TB-02 as a Vintage T/A racer and I'd love to put a front spool in it as well. Is there anything that will fit?
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