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  1. I'm waiting for my new shock towers before fitting my HiCaps to my Terra Scorcher, but thanks for the info above. I'm going with the HiCaps, but using Schumacher springs for tuning. I' don't mind cutting springs if I cant get the ride height low enough, we'll see, and I'll update here.
  2. Some updates of the build. First off, thanks to Brian at SCREWZ4RC for the stainless steel screwset I am using, top quality: I've opted for a one way front diff for two reasons. I run a FAB on my Schumachers,, and like the additional turn in over a full time diff. and it'll take stress away from the front transmission under braking, relieving the diff and the front and rear crown gears. I used the post here as a guide to do it: I reviewed my old Terra Scorcher for wear and tear, for areas to strengthen. All hingepin points were cracked (resolved on this build by using e clip hingepins. All knuckle arms were cracked (upgraded to alloy here), chassis was broken (replaced with carbon fibre chassis here), and also the gear box fixing points were cracked. To resolve this, I decided to reinforce the gearbox fixing points with alloy rings. I ordered some tube from ebay, and drilled / filed it to fit: Next was the steering. I noticed on my old Terra Scorcher, that the steering was a little sloppy with the wire bell crank, so I used a Schumacher Rose joint to build in a turnbuckle across the two steering radius arms. The turnbuckle can be used to play about with the ackerman: I deliberated over running a servo saver, but I don't like the steering it steals away, and this albeit budget metal gear servo should be ok..... so this is where I'm up to. I'm still going slowly, as I'm waiting on shock towers from FibreLyte, I need to give them a call on Monday. One concern I have is the rear driveshafts seem sloppy in the drivecups, but I'll wait to see how they are once the shocks are on. .... and though I need to take some better pictures, I have restored my original Terra Scorcher with parts from the 2020 kit, here's one I have. It's restored to as it was on my first night of racing, same speedo, servo, motor (which was a real challenge to get). I'll cover this in another post sometime. I'm just waiting on the tyres (2" fullspikes Yellow compound) to complete.
  3. In 1990, after many hours watching promotional videos in Beaties, I bought a Tamiya Terra Scorcher. I used it for many hours in the local streets and fields, and raced it from 1992 til 1994 at a local club. Since then it's mainly sat, broken and worn. The A5 broke quite quickly, and a friend of my dad turned a new one out of a block of aluminium, it was an item of wonder at the local club. I recently came across the Tamiya Legends youtube channel, which motivated me to fix up my Terra Scorcher. I was unaware of the 2020 Re release, and so when I learned of this, my plan has grown. I will purchase the re-release kit, repair my broken Terra Scorcher from this kit (chassis, shock towers, shocks, suspension hangers, knuckle arms, C hubs, all cracked , broken and glued on my original. I will paint the car as my original in a petrol blue colour, and add the luminous yellow wheels I used when I raced it, so that it is restored to the way the car was when I first took it racing at the local club. As for the 2020 kit, I will replace the parts I take with upgradedes, alloy parts and the carbon chassis conversion, with a plan to once again take it racing in a vintage heat in the North East regionals. My plan for this car are: Carbon chassis conversion Alloy A5 / B8 / C hubs / knuckle arms. Carbon fibre fibre lyte shock towers One way unit in the front (not only for handling, but to eleviate the stress on the car from braking on high grip surfaces) Screw kit from RCSCREWZ Gearbox reinforcement sleeves to protect mounting positions HiCap dampers Hingepins and upper arm mounts to be replaced with e-clip style Improved turnbuckles. I intend to try and get this setup to get closer to the other vintage cars, RC10s, CATs, Cougars, Top Forces etc..... though maybe not close to the CAT2000s I anticipate being in that category. I'll post updates, and videos of races, once I get there. Any tips for setting up the Terra Scorcher for racing, much appreciated. Picture here of part built car I intend to race in the vintage class:
  4. Hi Jed, I can't believe I've only just found this on here. It really is a great read, and look forward to any future installments. I've just read the entire thread, and mentioning my Terra Scorcher making a brief appearance on your first outing, I think I need to run it again. I never knew you had such an interest in the cars themselves .... great to read. Reading about your first visit to the race meeting with your friends, takes me back to my first race meeting, with race control at one of of the school hall, and a stage for the drivers at the other. I couldn't believe the speed and skill of the drivers with ... two drivers standing out in particular ... one with a black procat, and the other with a silver Manta Ray converted with a carbon double deck chassis. And the car I turned up with that night, was my Terra Scorcher ... 23 years ago (September 1991) .... I need to get that car out and running around again.. Thanks again for the read, and I look forward to the next installment. Chris.
  5. New, sealed in packet 3454662 Front upper alloy bulkhead for the 511 £30 posted in UK
  6. For Sale High End Brushless Speed Controller, NIMH or Lipo compatible LRP SXX TC. Boxed, with instructions and decals. Fully working, just removed from my 2wd car as I am running my sponsors electrics. Includes switch and capacitor and cooling fan. Cost me £210 when new. 6 months old. Never missed a beat. Sell for £50 posted in UK. Link to the description of the item here: http://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=34119 Manufacturer's description here: SXX series is a complete redesign of the super-successful SPHERE series and boosts brushless performance into a new dimension. LRP sets new standards and is conquering R/C-racing worldwide!SXX series is a complete redesign of the super-successful SPHERE series and boosts brushless performance into a new dimension. LRP once again confirms and proves its leading position in brushless technology. The all new SXX TC spec represent the best of todays brushless speed control! With its new ADPC 2 software, low profile heatsink and plugged fan, optimised Internal Temp Check System 2 and many more great features results in a perfect speed control for 1/10 Onroad (Touringcar modified) and 4wd Offroad modified. Features; C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling technology for lowest running temperatures New X.Brake: Stronger brake and 10 autobrake setting for perfect adjustments. New ADPC 2 software: 10 power profiles, includes all profiles used by the team. Extra small size: 30.5x34x21mm Optimised Internal Temp Check System 2: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature that the speedo has reached. Sensored design AutoCell System: Automatic NiMH-LiPo adaptation Externally removable power capacitor and 3.3mm2 power cable Specification; Rec. Motor Limit - Over 3.0T (7.4V) Rec. Motor Limit - Over 2.5T (6V) Voltage Input - 4.8-7.4V Type - Forward / Brake
  7. For sale, I have my latest TRF511. This was new built for the start of the 2013 UK national season. Has been ran at 5 nationals, 3 regionals, 2 Worksop Masters meetings, and a few club meetings. All additional parts are genuine Tamiya, unless otherwise stated, there is no 3Racing, Yeah racing or GPM on this car, all genuine TRF. In October, this car was fully serviced incl shock and diff rebuilds using the following: Shocks: with new Much More 40 degree orings (the best O rings I have found); £8 New Tamiya 53979 piston rod guide set (to replace the std plastic guides) £9 Tamiya 53977 1.3mm pistons £2.50 Tamiya 53978 1.4mm pistons £2.50 Tamiya 54043 titanium coated rear damper shaft £6 Tamiya 54042 titanium coated front damper shaft £6 Diffs: Tokyo Option Parts TOP Ceramic caged thrust races (£12 each x 2) Ceramic main diff balls (Rudebits diff balls (high grade) £15 each x 2 New diff plates New diff pulleys New diff seals Drive Train: New Spur gear New centre pulleys Belts were inspected, but not replaced. I have new ball ends, ball studs to go on the car, I can either do this for you, or you can have them as brand new items not fitted. This was to be my next maintenance on the car. Comes with the following option parts fitted: Full alloy steering, including: Tamiya 53971 Aluminium Steering Arm £15 Tamiya 53972 Aluminium Steering Bridge £16 Tamiya 53973 Aluminium Steering Base £9 Fredrik Rear transmission casing £25 12 Degree front aloy caster blocks £35 New Genuine Tamiya carbon battery holders, and centre carbon lipo brace. £19 Rudebits Brass weight kit £? Fibrelyte 5mm front shock tower for extra strength £14 RW racing CNC machined spur gear (perfectly round precision spur, unlike moulded kit items) Brand new (1 meeting old) pro painted bodyshell. Under tray is also 1 meeting old, and effectively brand new. Comes with the following option parts not fitted but in a spares box: Tamiya 53951 front one way £38 Tamiya 54006 front one way adapter Tamiya 54023 37t one way pulley Spring tuning kit Damper cartridges Zero degree alloy rear hubs (the plastic ones are left fitted, as they provide greater rear traction). Spare set of shock bottoms Spare hinge pins Spare diff cams Diff pulleys / centre pulleys (used but swapped out as part of maintenance) Wishbones new Thrust race bearings in packet Spare driveshaft parts Spare shock tower (hairline crack) Antiroll bar This car is currently dialled, the last two race meetings bringing excellent for my ability results: Schumacher UK Indoor Masters Round 2 4WD : B final 7th ["]http://www.racing-cars.com/Worksop%2...51/ressum.htm] Seaham / Jarrow club night last week 4WD: TQ and A final 1st against strong opposition. ["]http://www.oople.com/forums/attachme...&d=1355699068] Comes with Manual in as new condition I will upload photographs of this car online soon (tonight) Sell for £290 packaged and delivered in the UK, OVNO. Will include Speedo (LRP SXX TC) and Motor (Tekin Redline 5.5) for £410 OVNO Thanks for looking.
  8. Link to my ebay auction for a new in box Tamiya TRF511, plus extras. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=281041014623 Thanks for looking.
  9. Terra Scorcher is prepped and ready to go...... http://www.oople.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=40546&d=1343374490
  10. For those that don't know, as part of the Oople Invernational 2012, this Friday @ 7pm is a vintage race. There are a few Tamiyas in there, including my Terra Scorcher: GAINSY - TAMIYA FOX NORTHY - RC10 6 GEAR GRAPHITE MARK SUTCLIFFE - MARDAVE METEOR STU EVANS - RC10 6 GEAR JAMIE PATON - RC10 6 GEAR JAMES BURGESS - TAMIYA GRASSHOPPER ANTHONY POTTER - TAMIYA GRASSHOPPER CRAIG MAWSON - MRC MRX 2WD JIM DIXON - KYOSHO OPTIMA PHIL CAMPBELL - TAMIYA MANTA RAY CHRIS PATTINSON - TAMIYA TERRA SCORCHER I've got no idea how my Terra Scorcher will do, it has period Futaba MC210CB ESC, and a 23T stock motor, other than that, it is stock. I have refreshed the shock seals and oil, but it hasnt turned a wheel in 22 years. I'll try to get a video of the race, I suspect some of the other cars will be running much faster brushless gear...... I just hope there are no breakages.
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