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  1. My TRF103 that I ran in the TCS race last weekend.
  2. I'm glad to hear that. It is a lot of fun. Just as a heads up, nothing official, but they are trying to host another TCS race later this year. Possibly the 3rd weekend in August. I was also running the m-chassis class.
  3. So did you make to the HobbyPlex to catch any of the racing? It was great weekend. I finished painting up this body Friday before the race.
  4. I look forward to meeting you!
  5. Now you have to join us! Are you registered for the TCS race yet? It's March 27th - 28th !
  6. Thank you, and yes, it is a great facility. Definitely one of the tops in the country. From this view, you can the hobby shop upstairs. The indoor offroad track is in a separate building. And here is a view inside the hobby shop.
  7. Here's where I race my TRF103 The HobbyTown HobbyPLEX in Omaha, Nebraska
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