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  1. I finally got around to ordering a Tamtech 934 RSR body for my RC18R (now T) chassis. Whoo Hoo! Harry
  2. I finally painted my driver and decided he needed a little protection. I know he's not on a dirt bike, but I always felt this helmet needed a visor to protect from rocks and such. Then a little more paint, some stripes, and finally some goggles. To make this old school buggy more old school, I put in my last AM radio and now have it all dialed in. Now, where's that dirt? Harry
  3. Maybe it's an American thing, I don't know. I actually do like the smaller fronts and would love to have the small tires all the way around. Since we are playing the what if game, I would like the fronts to be the same height as the rears. HArry
  4. It's been a while, but I finally got some additional upgrades and got around to painting the helmet and details. I bought 2 sets of Rogue Element wheels. I am starting to wish I had bought another set of narrow for up front. Harry
  5. They are RC4WD 80mm dual spring shocks from a Gelande II kit. They are just right for the WO. It would be nice to find a stiffer set of springs, but for the little bit of driving I will do, they should be fine. Here are the king versons http://store.rc4wd.com/King-Off-Road-Scale-Dual-Spring-Shocks-80mm_p_2498.html Harry
  6. Those are coming along nicely and your pit crew turned out excellent! Harry
  7. I kind of thought that, but just in case. The narrowed mud thrashers would look really nice though. Harry
  8. Ha Ha! I am not going to narrow the aluminum wheels. They are too pretty to cut! I ordered two sets of aluminum wheels and I will have the option to run the 915s or sand scorcher rears, and 915s or rough rider fronts. This buggy will have more bling than a rapper. Harry
  9. I finally received the the last of parts I ordered from Japan! I wasted no time putting it together as well. The parts tree is forms a Tamiya F103GT. I had to cut them down to fit inside the A arm which took all of 5 minutes. They are a little wobbly, so I either need to make a sleeve for the screw or drill & tap for a set screw to keep the original spindle shaft. The finished result. I think these are a touch too big. Ahhhh! Much better! These look just right! Thanks for looking! Harry
  10. I took the WO to work today and let it spin the tires in the vacant building. Before long, it was catching air on the slope near the loading dock After not having a buggy since 1990, I really forgot just how much fun they were. I shouldn't be allowed to have fun like this at my age. I decided to have another run before I left the office and try to set up a better camera angle. Dang it this buggy is fun! I can't wait to get it on some dirt! Harry
  11. I was lured back up into the attic last night and did a little more work on the buggy. My rear hex adapters came in and I mounted up the rear wheels. I like these a lot! I am just waiting for the F103GT parts tree to come in. The spindles were set up so Tamiya could use sedan wheels on the F1 chassis (F40, NSX, and another kit) that has the 850 bearings in the spindles and the shaft runs right through the spindle. The shaft is offset of the cross pin, so I will have to hold the spindle with screws. Hopefully the parts tree comes in today so I can confirm if it will work. If it does, then I can keep these Rogue wheels and have another set for the Wild One. I hooked up a battery pack and was pleased, but then decided I may need a couple more lights. Then I added some stickers and took more pictures. Thanks for looking. Harry
  12. I got the rear lights mounted after looking and looking for the best spot. It's not exactly what or how I wanted, but it's clean. If I mount a spare, it's going to block them. Everything is all wired and sitting in place. Now it's time to put the rest of the decals on and paint the front "tubing" red to match the rest of the tube work. That's all for tonight. Harry
  13. The stock Clod has a lot more suspension travel than the original monster trucks, so you really need to take that into consideration. You could replace the stock shocks with some shorter units that will lower the entire chassis and give you shorter travel as well. Harry
  14. I decided to slow it down a bit because this build was going to be coming to an end quicker than I hoped. I moved the electronics around several times and I think I finally found my happy spot where everything can be reached easily. I also put the stripes on the body and other than a Tamiya sticker, these will be the only re-re stickers going on the buggy. Harry
  15. Over the years, I have loved this hobby tremendously. Like all of us, I have hit roadblocks in the past and hit a major one this spring. I decided to call it quits and let everything go. After talking to a friend about it, his words of "you have to keep at least one" put a little thought in my head. I started thinking that yes, everything is going, but maybe getting or keeping one RC wouldn't be a bad idea. It would have to be cool enough that would sit on my bench and look cool may get run a couple days a year. A few weeks later, Chris with REC came out with the wide front wheels for the vintage buggies and the wheels started turning. I decided to get a Wild One. My brother had one and I always thought it was cool, but I never had one of my own. I am going to kick it old school and just have fun with it and not get so stressed out over making it scale. Stickers, paint, aluminum wheels, and maybe some lights is what made buggies rock in the 80s and that is what I am going to do again. Bring back the fun in my RC life. I had just sold off my Willys & Wraith as well as a few other parts and had me in a spot where I have not ever been in a while...stocked with cash. My first purchase was a standard set of REC's wheels and a pair of front wide wheels, the WO, a pair of 915s & Sand Scorcher paddles, bearings, light buckets, and shims. The fed ex driver showed up yesterday morning and I got busy. I had some uninterrupted time and within 30 minutes, I had the chassis painted. After a little while, progress was being made. I had some RC4WD coil overs and I thought I would give them a try and with a spacer up top, they work just fine. I wanted to run some lights on it had still had my Tamiya light controller and I think it's all going to fit. I think. I'll have a couple pairs of 5mm LEDs up front and pair of 3mm in the back. I even got the panels painted tonight as well. The driver was painted on the outside for a matte finish. That's all for now. Harry
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