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  1. What a wonderful idea - I am in! :-)
  2. Right I have the WP-1040 and I have no realised I needed to plug the wires from it into the channel 2 and not the battery part of the receiver! At least that has fixed one of the problems :-) I am thinking though that the TEU101 is broken, as I can push the setup button down (I hear it click) but it does not do anything, just flashes faster once I press forwards or backwards on the controller - leading me to believe it is ruined? Do you think I should just get rid of it?
  3. Wow thats crazy as I was just going to say, I remember buying another ESC ages ago - I have just dug it out, and its in fact one of those you talk of! Weird thing is - I literally JUST plugged it in and its not working ...well the steering is, but I cannot see where there is a 'set up' button..what am I actually missing please?! lol...
  4. Hi Guys so a further update - I can get my TEU104 to work, but not my TEU 101... What happens with the latter, is that as soon as you push forward or reverse, the red flashing light flashes really fast and constantly flashes..nothing happens... when I depress the setup button, whether it be before I turn the power on, or after, it does nothing - the flashing LED light doesn't alter..does this just mean that sadly the ESC is fried? When I depress the setup button on my TEU104 before turning on the power - that worked re: setup...but on the 101 it has done nothing (the steering works though so I know it has power).. should I just throw this one away? :-(
  5. Hi there - so I have an Acoms receiver and transmitter... I have a 'N' and 'R' on the transmitter no other bits that you mention.. I press the setup button AFTER I have turned on the power, and yes I hold the button down for over half a second (this is what the instructions tell me to do). I am really confused as yes I have the Speed Controller plugged into channel No.2. I am wondering if I should purchase another receiver to try? I am getting really confused as to what else to try lol....?
  6. Hi - so it's bizarre - I opened them up, no wires were broken, but I swapped the battery box from the one that worked, to the two that did not, and boom - they showed as working! I took some sand paper to every battery terminal inside their boxes and out, and lo and behold, they 'appear' to be working fine! I screwed them all back and the lights didn't go on..I took apart again, sanded a bit more, and hey presto back on again lol ... I can therefore only assume that it is a case that the terminals were (although not rusty) the cause of the problem...fingers crossed all is ok now - thank you for your help! :-)
  7. Hi mate thats wonderful thank you :-) OK well I daresay the $25 postage would still be cheaper than me buying a replacement online I think as they seem to be going for silly money :-(
  8. wowzers - good for you - sounds very complicated though :-)
  9. wow thats epic..do you have to program it yourself though or do you get the dimensions/scales yourself?
  10. Malakite

    2 into 1 Ninja

    hehe - thanks mate
  11. Malakite

    2 into 1 Ninja

    Team Blue Groove? Is that an online company, or someone on eBay lol?
  12. thanks guys - well none of the batteries leaked at all - thats why I am so confused? Shall I open them up and take some pics for you?
  13. Hello old friend - thanks so much for a fast response (as always!)..sorry to hear you have been too busy at work...I hate how the 'real world' gets in the way of us just wanting to be big kids :-)) OK so in answer to your questions:- 1. Yes, luckily have both springs... Where would you recommend that I get the bumper from, an online 3D printing service?... 2. Any ideas what kit/s I should look for for these?.. 3. Yes, if you wouldn't mind having a look out for those I would be most grateful and thank you :-)
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