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  1. Yes they look better but they get expensive if you drive the car and wear out the tires. Also, stock tires won’t work well as a rally car. Lol. I found that on the TT02 drift c parts tree item 6 are stub axles with a longer thread to use the wider hexes. But now to try and find some. Does anyone have a set they would part with or can measure one for reference?
  2. Hey all, I have a TT02 Carrere RSR and found when I buy tires for it they are tucked too far inside the wheel wells. I’ve gone to zero offset at the front and 3mm at the rear wish still isn’t enough. I’m thinking 3mm in the front and 6mm in the rear? Has anyone tried this or have suggestions for different rims/tire combination that look a bit more realistic?
  3. Is putting a Grasshopper body (White abs) on a Hornet chassis just a straight swap? Or are any other parts/pieces needed? Thanks
  4. The servo is a traxxas 2075 blue servo. The waterproof rx box is also traxxas. It is found in their newer electric models.
  5. I cheated in waterproofing my CC01. I purchased a Traxxas XL5 esc and waterproof servo and also they have a waterproof rx box. I have also hear for servos taking them apart and using petrolium jelly to repell any water. I also did the same to an Axial I had. (hope its ok to post a not Tamiya vid here)
  6. I just used my Garmin from my 1:1 car . Don't tell the wife.
  7. Well, I just threw on my gps and i was pretty much right. 47.5 kmh or 29.52 mph. I am loving this little car. I just with there was a way to give the suspension more travel. Any ideas?
  8. Well, I had a TT01 that i was not too thrilled about. Not the fastest and cornering was an issue, too much understeer. I did a straight up swap for the above mentioned DF03RA. It was minus a radio and had the basic teu101 esc. Inside the box was a Reedy KR Kryptonite motor and a Black Can. The instructions said do not install the black can (anyone know why?) so I put in the Reedy and use an extra Traxxas XL-5 Esc. OMG this little thing is an absolute rocket!!!!! I havent gps's the speed yet but I am guessing 30ish mph. What a fast little car and cornering is really good too. Now the only thing i have to get for it is the 240 body as it came with the Mitsubishi body. Great little car.
  9. like the title says here is my so called customized Tamiya CC01 Unimog. Right now it should almost be called a Traxxas Unimog. Traxxas waterproof xl-5 ESC Traxxas waterproof servo Traxxas waterproof rx box. Proline winch (non functional). Fog lights from a Pajero Steel checkerplate box in the back. GPM sterring to come soon
  10. If I am not mistaken, on the cc01 you only have 2 pinion choices. 16t is stock and 20t is optional.
  11. ldgasp

    Tamiya Sale

    Hello all, This is a great hobby shop with Tamiya on sale now. He is one of the largest Tamiya distributors in Canada. He told me Mr. Tamiyas son has visited his store. The store wesite is http://www.thezoomroom.ca/ and the sale link is http://www.thezoomroom.ca/fulldetail.php?id=169
  12. Like I said. I tanked the paint job. Next time liquid mask.
  13. Well, I bought the cc01 Unimog and assembled it. The paintjob I did tanked really bad. Not what I wanted but it will pass for now. The kit has too many stickers for my liking so I only put on what I wanted. Lights aren't installed yet. I will put up a few pics later' Don
  14. Thanks for the input. I think I am going to go with the CC01 kit. Seems more reasonable and I just really want a trail truck. Found one for $139.99 CDN at a shop about 1.5 hours away. I will post pics of my build if you wish. Don
  15. Wondering what to buy and thoughts. I can either buy a cr01 and leave it stock or a cc01 and do a lot of upgrades for the price of the cr01. What do you think?
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