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    I like, Golf, Weight training, Football, Both watching and playing, Basically any sport, Though I'm getting old now. Computing, anything mechanical, Especially farm equipment all motor sports and cars related to rallying. And of course model cars, especially ones created by Tamiya!
  1. Dear All, I was wondering if the rear tyre from the Sand Scorcher/Grasshopper will fit the wild willy rims/wheels (58035)? I have been looking for 4 new tyres but the seem extremely hard to find, Hope you can help. If anyone has a set or pair drop me a line. Regards Oatmeister
  2. As I mentioned in my first post I have just purchased a vintage wild willy and was wondering if parts were easy to come by? I'm not actually sure what will need replacing and what won't yet as the car hasn't arrived. Basically I would like to know where parts can be found? And are they reasonably priced? Finally, What would you expect a fully restored Wild Willy to be worth?
  3. Dear All, Just want to introduce myself, I have recently joined this great club after rekindling my love affair with model cars. I was an avid builder and racer of various modle's during the 80's and early 90's. I decided a few weeks ago to find a car to rebuild, The car in question? An original Wild Willy, Don't ask me why, it just seemed like a good idea. I actually had one in 1984/85 when I was about 11/12. Anyway 23 years later and I'm back to square one. I had lots of cars over the years, I was lucky I guess, While most of my mates struggled by on a couple of quid pocket money I had a far more lucrative job on the farm, I remeber being on a bout a quid an hour when I was 12 so the long summers paid rather well allowing me to buy a new model every every once in a while. Hopefully I be able to make a few new friends along the way. I'll keep you all posted, That's if your intrested in the progress of the W/W and what ever I decide to do next. Anyway, That's enough from me and if any one has got a few spares for the willy drop me a line, I may need them. Regards Oatmeister
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