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  1. The Box, was shrouded with some stock tires and rims...just to see how it handles vs the Trac-Ta-Gator from proline...And man, what a difference, the car not just wider, it can even slide ..that was impossible with the Trac rubbers. I dont use any Foam in the tires and i think it handles real good. Dirty...
  2. Tested the new Prolines Trac-Ta-Gator..and they are MEAN!!!!..talk about GRIP!!..i have a few movies to, but it will take a while to upload them to the Tube enjoy!
  3. app 67 dollars for the kit - new app 150 dollars for the motor and ESC - used app 50 dollars wheels and rubbers - new app 50 dollars for AE B4 shocks (other brands working ofcourse) used app 200 dollars for 3 lipo and a charger app 100 dollars for extra spareparts,lexan body (not needed)
  4. ohh yes..but i think it is kind of perfect not to slooow or to fast...since the 3rd mod and oilshock mod the box is better...no, from this run i hav edrilled the rear pistons, realy hard so there is not much "Pack"..
  5. Some one handed films from todays bashing..**** this is fun..
  6. Almost done, will just get some 10w oil, and other springs...little to stiff in the rear.. filmed with one hand, driven by the other.. [url="http://s123.photobucket.com/albums/o306/gabbax_74/?action=view&cu
  7. Now it begins to look like a LB...It is SatinBlack color..im not done with the chassi..still some fix.. Enjoy
  8. Yes i will do that, asap. last race of the indoor season this weekend, so no more LBs untill Sat night.. Did some sleeving..dont know yet if i will hold on to the "fat" sleeve, or use 3 small..
  9. @markbt73 i just testmounted my stuff and it is no problem Some update.. Mounted some shocks.. Prolines Striker II..ME LIKE!!!! distance is no issue One word.HPI adapters seems to working ACE
  10. 27/3-2008 So..finaly, everything but the 12mm Hornet 12mm hex have arrived..but they are ordred and abut a week or so.. Some building and parts.. All BB KInd of pleased.. Sleeves..my best friend Some stuff
  11. The car arrived today...to bad was the Lipo i wanted they where out of stock...so i went for some smaller lipos.. no building untill BB arrives, that will be Thursday..hopfully all other parts will come Friday (UPS from USA to Swe...) so maybe Sunday will be a "nice day"
  12. Kind of used to over motorized cars i will ofcourse use custom made carbonfibre bodymounts. And im aware it will be kind of difficult to drive, in that case, il throw in a bonded 7.5r . I will use a Lexan body, the stock one will i save =). May i as, how does it handle with a 15?. maybe if it is so hard to drive, il get a 13.5 ? "stock bl"
  13. Ok, so i took the motor today...my choice fell on a Novak motor, the new one with Sintred (this is used,some scratches, but ok) rotor.a 6.5r will be good. First some Mr Muscle bath, to remove the most of the Purple color.. Middle ring is done.. And the result..enjoy!
  14. any chance to see some pic on that installation mymonsterbeetleisbroken ? =) EDIT Can someone kind massure the steering link/rod length ?
  15. Final update for this day...Shock nr2 (the one that i only brushed)..think Dremel and a tube of Autosol can do some miracles
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