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    1st off, im from Sweden, my English aint so good, and i hope ya all can understand some of what i will wright here..can someone post a link with the code so i can do the pics SMALLER, thank you

    To make a long story, short. My first ever rc-car was a Tamiya Wildwilly got it back in -82 still have it...DRY rubberwheels :D. No electronics, but someday...i will restore it.

    I have always wanted a LB, a friend had one back in the 80s and there it started...so for a few days ago, i did it..i ordred the LB from Honkong, but before everything, i read a lot of the car on rcuniverse, and here. Still a lot of unanswered questions, but hopfully they will come :).

    Since im in to racing 95% of my rc time, i have a need for speed.. (2wd and 4wd buggy El 1:10th). But this one, wont come near the performance my buggys will give me, i wil only build this one for fun, and to have anything to play with..kind of missed it a bit..

    I hope to "pimp" it so much i can, and do some job on the handling...a major order from Towerhobbies will go on Tuesday. Will use Brushless spedo from LRP and a motor, around 6-7.5r and Lipo 4400mah for some runtime..

    This is a copy from my project thread in Sweden..enjoy and il try to keep ya all updated.

    Thomas P / back to basic :P?

    Tires and rims...

    Bought Hornet AluHEX, they will let me try some diff 12mm Hex rims... i have or will order thoose..

    RPM Bully rear/front (5mm axel r det, d r har vi Traxxas NR som e bra)

    HPI SS Monster Wheel

    Traxxas Front Light wheel Dyable Truck

    Rims above wil be shrouded with Proline rubber


    Speed Paw

    Striker II.

    Batteries are as i said erlier, not decided yet, but it will probably be E-Power lipo 4400 mah 2s 20-30C series

    My goal with this isnt speed , only joy..it will have a custom painted Parma lexan body for use, and a "nicer" stock body for meeting...



    Car is ordred, app time to arrive in Swe 1 week


    Alloy Hex, app 2 veeks


    Starting the PAINFULL job to grind down my New FT rc10B4 shockhouse...this one is the tricky part..hard anodized .

    Shocks in a Mr Muscle bath



    After a few hours...i was sooo close to give up...this is a true XXXX job, but something ive started i MUST end...Left house stock color..


    At last...the first one is done...


    The left one is my second, it is only "sanded, and it do realy have a weak surface, but the camera dont do it right... il think i go for the polished ones


    Stay tune for updates...

    /Thomas P

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