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  1. Just few minutes ago posted about a bodies sale thread you started way ago.

    Please let me know if this Mercedes body is available for sale.

    Parma Mercedes 240mm wide 17 plus P&P



    Cesar, from Spain


  2. I drive a silly car It has its problems Matt
  3. TB Evo 3 Surikarn propshaft. As far as I can tell, never released individually, and I need a replacement Matt
  4. Losi 8ight-e - 70.58mph 22/43 gearing Tekin RX8 Tekin T8 2650kv 2x Turnigy Nanotech 5300mah 50C 2s in series Measured with a speed trap. Matt
  5. Wanting a few spares/hop-ups for my TB Evo III Surikarn. I'm in need of/I would like the following: 49294 TRF Shocks (red) 49315 TRF Spring cups (red) Red propshaft And any other red hop-ups. Cheers Matt
  6. List is as follows: Tamiya TRF416x Tamiya TB Evo III Surikarn Tamiya XR311 Kyosho Ultima DB Kyosho V-One S Losi 8ight-e Associated SC10 Associated B4 Academy SP3 HPI Bullet Flux ST HPI Savage Matt
  7. It does have a very special function, they sometimes forget which way is forwards and which is reverse! I used to run the same esc and it would randomly shoot off in reverse when i throttled up. I'd recommend getting the Xtreme Stock 17.5t combo. Matt
  8. Looks to be part of a spool from a TRF series car, the bit the pulley and diff cups attach to. Matt
  9. Venue has been revealed now Matt
  10. Just thought I'd post this up here, MSUK are holding a weekend bash on the weekend of August 20th-21st. Venue has been revealed now, more details can be found here. Matt
  11. I think the F103GT would be around the right dimensions (the one that came with the courage shell) I've a feeling it has a wheelbase of 260mm, hardly noticable. Matt
  12. Meet went very well, there's some pics somewhere, I'll find them later. Just a heads up, there's another bash at the same location this sunday (17th april) Matt
  13. Mi4, 3.5t, 6s lipo, 53mph at about 1/4 throttle. A run can be seen in video.Matt
  14. Really? I have a Losi 8ight-e, with Tekin motor and esc and a savox servo... powered by a Zippy lipo from hobbyking! Bang for the buck from hobbyking stuff really is amazing, and the new Turnigy Nanotechs are awesome batteries! Matt
  15. Something like this would probably work, but won't be cheap. Matt
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