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  1. Now that does look like a nice setup! Any clues on where to track one down? -Rob
  2. Excuse me? Things don't just land heavily in a river and die all by themselves! 'splain y'self
  3. Hilarious error in the Traxxas pics: "13mm wheelbase" -Rob
  4. What power supply does the IMAX B6 need? - the Chinglish of the ebay ads I've found so far is alittle unclear..... -Rob
  5. A few thoughts..... It sounds like you're picking up interference beyond a certain throttle opening which is blocking the tx -> rx signal which is making the ESC think it has no signal - hence the beeping. As suggested above reroute antenna well out of the way of the ESC/Motors/servo temporarily and try again - it may be an rf 'noisy' motor (check the caps) or as I found recently, an rf 'noisy' servo - I swapped it out and the problem went away. I've got one of these teu 103bk - it certainly seems to help if you have either: two people, or, three hands!! You *MUST* get the endpoints on the ESC set properly or it may do what you are describing - been there, done that - there's a dent in my kitchen unit's plinth to witness to the fact..... If possible get someone to read the instructions to you as you set the unit, but that's tricky in itself because Tamiya's instructions are a mess of arrows pointing every which way..... OK, so it's all set, but still not working.... charge up and try another battery - Just do it.... (Ahem! Been there done that too!) If you where near me I'd be only too happy to cast an eye over it for you. -Rob
  6. I shop via the internet all around the world, and after a few hundred, if not a few thousand transactions you notice certain national patterns emerging. Generally a British enterprise will not tell you if the item that you have ordered is out of stock - they'll wait until you enquire about the whereabouts of your order a month later to tell you, and then get snippy - or downright rude - when you quite justifiably get upset about it. There's no excuse for bad service, or poor communication in this era, and the "we're too busy excuse" just doesn't wash either - I just assume they're too busy for my business and move on to someone who pays proper attention. PEOPLE! Stop making excuses for shoddy service! I *KNOW* there are some British gems out there www.pendleslotracing.co.uk comes to mind, but they're VERY much the exception.
  7. I'm sorry..... What is this "sell" of which you speak? -Rob
  8. I'll add a "me too!" for the Integrale - mine's held together at both ends by more fibreglass tape than lexan - the shell is VERY, VERY thin in places. I thought it was just me getting a duff shell.... I acknowledge all the points put forward so far and build on them alittle with some more evidence - my Red Bull Audi A4 DTM has had some stupendous hits, but is almost pristine - it looks like it's jelly mould shape has contributed to it's survival - the lexan is pretty much uniformly thick all over. Live and learn I s'pose.... -Rob
  9. Didn't notice.... Distracted by birthday pic.... http://www.rctvlive.com/images/000_0030.jpg -Rob ps Shows how distracted I was.... It's the pic ABOVE the birthday.... what were we talking about?
  10. From your description it still sounds like speed controller motor noise, but, I think we're now into the realms of "find someone local to you to give it the once over"..... The turret rotation suggests a mechanical interference, careful inspection and a little/lots of trial and error. Not much use to you really I'm afraid, but it's all I can suggest remotely for now. edit: There's a *VERY* good forum on rcuniverse for tanks - I learnt alot myself there: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/forumid_369/tt.htm -Rob
  11. Sort of.... Nearly.... Much cheapness! EDITED - NO LINKS TO LIVE EBAY AUCTIONS -Rob ps shipping and taxes may take the shine off it though.....
  12. Hmmm.... There's a chap who'll never sell me anything - I only ever bother bidding 6 seconds to go - I bid what its worth to me and don't bother getting upset if I don't win - There'll always be another 'mint once in a lifetime chance' Maybe even tomorrow There's *SO* much stuff on ebay at the moment that I end up having quite arbitrary criteria for deciding which auctions to have a crack at - ALL CAPITALS, no ta.... six inch high text that needs a four foot wide screen to read the description, can't be bothered - bad attitude in the listing, what's the idiot going to be like when he's got my money AND the item? As an aside I was quite keen on that nice Volvo 850 of Fraser's that he got for 102 quid, but people saying "it only went to 102quid are incorrect - it went for the next lowest bid plus the bid increment, Fraser could have been prepared to take it all the way to 500quid (maybe not, but who knows?). Call me Mr Grumpy -Rob ps "Sir" would do though
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