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  1. Ooops, my bad! I don't own an Avante 2001 myself, so I was just guessing that the new Egress damper stay would let the nose fit through. What i DO have though is Avante 2001 damper stay set for sale on ebay ;-)
  2. " BTW: How do they expect the nose of the 2001 to fit through the Egress-2.0's front damper stay? Perhaps they will include a new damper stay? Oh, and will they include a 2001 undertray? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! " Front damper stay: http://tamiyablog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/tamiya-tokyo-hobby-show-2013-20.jpg
  3. Ahh, you're right! I absolutely should have asked the bidders/buyers to pay within 48 hours. Totally forgot about that. Thanks!
  4. Damper stay set (front+rear) for Avante 2001 Screw bag B for Avante 2001 Screw bag C for Avante 2001 Day-glow wheel set (front+rear) for Super Hornet Screw bag D for Monster Beetle Please have a look: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/splended73/m.html?item=321216033724&pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ac9f7b3bc&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  5. "Ads all look fine to me, in fact I recognise the wheels and screw bags from my saved search mails!". Good to know. "I am on ebay.com.au and they came up in general searches no problems". Also good to know. I have to refine my search a bit before they show up. Maybe it's the way I search and not the way I listed them? "Do you have many people watching your items?" Less than 30 veiws per item, but 4 watchers on some of them. "Maybe to attract collectors, or at least people who know what they are looking you might want to include the Tamiya part number in the title. I always search by those when looking for something specific". Good idea. I'll try that next time. "Shipping options is different for every local variant of eBay, but you can always spell it out in the text of your ad". Guess I'll have to do that. "Also, I guess, the items you have listed are pretty specific, so maybe 10 views a day is to be expected". Hmmm... seems that my expectations were a bit unrealistic then. I thought that worldwide listing would generate at least hundred viewings per item. "I have had some equally specific items sell on ebay, sometimes not selling for 2 attempts, but then a buying frenzy on the 3rd. Go figure. I also still have a few things that I listed again and again but they just never sold". I guess it's all normal then. "PS, your English is better than most people I know!". Thanks! It took me about an hour to write the post ;-) Thanks a lot for your input, Cristian! Two more days to go before the first listings end.
  6. Thanks, I'll do just that! "I'm no expert on selling on eBay, but I've done my fair share of buying ;-)" Me too ;-)
  7. Hi! I'm new at selling on ebay, so I have some newbie questions that I hope someone can help me out with. It's not possible to sell on Norwegian ebay (ebay.no) so I listed some items on ebay.com 2 days ago. English is not my native language and I suspect that I have done something wrong when I made the listings. 1. My listings have very few veiwings in my opinion. Since it's a worldwide auction site I expected more. When I Google search similar items listed on ebay they show up instantly, but not mine. I even have problem finding my own items when I search ebay.com! I included Worldwide shipping and placed the items in the right category so now I scratch my head. Maybe my asking price is set too high, but I should at least have more than 20 veiws per item in 48 hours? 2. Regarding shipping: I often see listings with Worldwide shipping that excludes certain countries. I didn't find the option to exclude countries when I made my listing. My options were USA or Worldwide only. 3. A customer is asking me over and over to reduse both starting price AND shipping price on one item. I suspect that I soon will want to prevent him (block him?) from bidding/buying and from contacting me again. How do I do that? I feel a bit lost here and hope that someone has the time to guide me a bit. That's all for now. Thanks! PS! I posted a link to my listings in the trade section on Tamiyaclub's main page. Look for username "Splended".
  8. I have never had any issues with Jason earlier, but when he's unable to respond/re-send/refund I don't want to buy from him any more. After spending thousands of dollars in his shop I must say I'm disappointed... I understand that errors occur from time to time, but when a seller starts to ignore his/her costumers instead of solving problems it's "over and out" for me. Luckily ebay solved this case for me. Some quotes from ebay's response: "After reviewing your transaction history and your message to us, I understand that you have not received your items, your Seller is not responding, and it has been 57 days since you purchased these items. I apologize this transaction did not go smoothly and I share in your concern regarding this issue." "After careful review of your account, I want to thank you for being a valued Member of the eBay Global Buying Community. Your business is very important to us and we hope our resolution of this situation will motivate you to continue your relationship with us. As a one-time courtesy, we have opened 2 Item Not Received cases on your behalf and we are issuing you a refund of the purchase price plus the original shipping for your items. This courtesy credit is being issued to your original method of payment and will appear in your account no later than 10 days from now."
  9. Today I left negative feedback for the first time on ebay because of Jason's problem with correcting errors. October 3. I ordered parts for USD 315 + 55 shipping. October 11. I recieved a big box of goodies but with 4 missing parts. Normally I recieve what I ordered and in very reasonable time too, but not this time. I contacted him about this and he replied: "Sorry I will send the missing parts. Jason". So far so good, but after some time and several e-mails he stopped replying. More than 45 days have passed and now I'm not able to get refund through ebay/paypal. I'm not used to this kind of behaviour, so I left him appropriate feedback. I expect him to block me, but I can get what I want elsewhere. He still owns me USD 55 in parts + shipping. It's not the end of the world for me, but I'm dissapointed after spending thousands of USD in his shop over the last 5-6 years. Very sorry that I can't recommend him any longer. He's just too much of a "soup nazi" as mentioned earlier in this thread
  10. They are closing down the shop but it will be possible to buy directly from their warehouse if you bring with you the part number. The web shop will be unchanged, so I can be your translator if you want to buy from them again :-)
  11. This is a model shop not very far from where I live. It closes down next Saturday and I want to share with you how it looks inside today. It has a vintage look and the shop owner treats us customers like royalties and offers extended opening hours if we give him a call. Sad to see the very last "old style" shop nearby dissapearing... http://www.nortrading.no/?page=5
  12. I just measured mine. I believe they are buildt correctly.Front: 69mm, Rear: 89mm
  13. <p> Yesterday I bought a second hand Midnight Pumpkin with the cpr p-160f unit and Dyna Storm shocks installed, so "No car is too cheap for good/great shocks" :-)
  14. I have orange day-glow wheels for sale if it helps. They are exactly like the yellow ones you are mentioning, but another colour. Super Hornet uses them. Have a look in my trade section on the main page and PM me if you are interested. http://www.tamiyaclu...108965&id=24222 Vidar.
  15. Glad to see they arrived safe, and thanks for an easy trade. Enjoy your 959 :-)
  16. From what I can see in the photo you need BS5, C5, E7, E9 and SM4. I have all these parts both new and used. Just drop me an PM if you are interested. About the large turning circle I would have checked for binding in the steering mechanism/servo saver and if the steering servo is moving properly.
  17. Here you go: http://www.zaonce.com/stuff/motors/scan/dyna01r1.jpg
  18. Avante Truck http://tamiyablog.com/2011/07/expected-110...7-tamiya-vajra/
  19. I've heard (from inside my head) that the 58499 will be Audi Quattro Rally and Opel Ascona 400 Rally in a duo/ twin pack, and 58500 will be Porsche 959 4wd and Toyota Celica gr.b Rally Special in a duo/ twin pack. They will even be available as XB kits early next year!
  20. Sold to: Bidder: a***_( 11633) = tamiya_rc_car_spares (11633)?
  21. 53068 (7437012) RS-540 Sport-Tuned Usable voltage: 6 - 8,4V Torque at best efficiency: 350g-cm R.P.M. at best efficiency:18.300rpm (7,2V) Current drain at best efficiency: 12A (7,2V) Best efficiency: 74% (7,2V) Turns: 27 single - 0,65mm (USA/Asia) Turns: 23 single - 0,8mm (Europe) Source: http://www.zaonce.com/stuff/motors/motors.htm
  22. The parts arrived safely some days ago. Thanks a lot for a perfect trade! TC Trade Score: 100%
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