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  1. Im new mail send to bboy İm so soryy but i cant. Because i was wait too long time to you. İ gona wait a few day's maby more week or mounth dont do it agian another buyer's.. Aand you told me Lier u said me 2 times i sended your İtem and you didnt...
  2. bbay sent me the money but i struggled hard for it he wants me to delete the negative wiev about him i said i would delete it if you paid me the money back now i have my money it is in the paypal what do you think what shall i do i am asking you my aim is not letting him harm anybody i am ready for bottle for everybody
  3. Im negative feedback to bboy new mail send my Hallo deepdrastic, Ok, I cna only give you the settlement, I will give you full refund and you withdraw the feedback, is it OK? thanks lier !!!! the old mail bboykorea382 17.03.08 um 14:48:39 MEZ it left from HK on 3/11 the very old mail Hallo deepdrastic, it was sent off on 1/30 officaly - bboykorea382 Samstag, 2. Februar 2008 09:47:09 lier all times sending my pack bla bla bla lie lie lie
  4. hello Very very bad seller Bboykorea382 On Ebay please look The empty package sent the me not come item TAMIYA R/C PART TT-01 FRONT ONE WAY UNIT 53671 i m 3 month waiting The I paid package insurance but the salesman has mailed uninsured Which comes empty and good have not been closed. She has not stuck you do not package bad sorry my english bad
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