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  1. Thanks goose. got to learn how to read, the info was there Maybe the demand is enough,there will be a re re , fingers crossed.
  2. How come the guy put a duster on his cap?
  3. If could also be your tiny house should you be in the bad book with the Mrs. Nice work.
  4. Thank you for the posting and look fwd to the final results. Always like the model with the nice big engine at the front and none of aero dynamic claddings of modern days design where everthing is coverd up and end up seeing nothing = boring. BTW, who makes it and is it RC or just a shell and you have to put a chassis on it?
  5. I now in Ottawa and brought my kyosho Utima with a 9T motor. I ran it the other day across lawns, the ESC sure got hot. I guess is the grass. Was the second time out since i got 10+/- yrs ago. I think you guys need to fine common place to meet close to HWY , maybe those kiss n ride parking lots in the weekends with plenty of open and paved areas. Have fun.
  6. Your photo 11 qualifies in the other thread, launched, aerial photo thread.
  7. BMT, love the landing with the tires all compressed. Good shot.
  8. The future holy grails would be capo's 6x6 and their new jeep. The details on these 2 models are nothing i have seen other than those 1 of by those craftsmen that makes every singles parts and asking price of a real car. With Tamiya, their re releases would make all current and old models unholy.
  9. I can relate to your dad's collection. I "USED" to have my static 1:43 collection on display and whenever i go there, i would take a car out one at a time and enjoy the details of it. But now is all boxed up.
  10. what is happening ? I guess buy the black porsche and go racing at the dirt track in the NJ shop.
  11. No longer there. But several years ago got a re release Ferrari T3 (F103) for $80, from, are you ready?, a shop in Yorkville of all places.
  12. Nikon d810, 14-24 lens, billingham bag....and i refused to pay the $0.50 for the plastic shopping bag the crazy tree hugger imposed on all plastic bags here.
  13. Give TN a break. He is entitle to savour the parts. Take them out, do the touch and sniff test, assembled them together side by side, put them back, imagine how they would all go together....and find out several key bits are missing during the assembly. And l prefer the lightest italian red.
  14. Sorry gents, only 3 wheels off the ground gets my likes vote. Must admit some of the jumps are amazing and looks painful upon landing.
  15. I would insist only 3 wheels are off the ground because 1) is that much more difficult to get it in photo 2) likely result in a crash and 3) likely very few photo will be submitted Never mind....
  16. Your work area is great. Nothing like fresh air and nature sun light condition.
  17. Dad didn't aged one bit. Can't say the same for his kids though. They now look like the parents.
  18. Thats Ok. You want nothing but the best for you favourite. I got the Gmade skit plate and Tamiya's parts for extra travel for the rear end, but cause the drive shaft to rub against the skit plate. What can i do?unless i grind away the skit plate, whichu won't do. But is does look cool with all the bling bling. The key is whatever makes you happy and no one else.
  19. Now we know why, at least for one, the World Trade Building came down. Are we sure is flour...did he just came back from Columbia?
  20. were you able to secure the kit? Or how much was the winning bid? As for the XR311 or the Cheetah, i can see why the army rejected it. It can't carry much and is huge. Is may look good for a General to seat in for parades. A pick up would probably be better use for the army. Now Tamiya will be re releasing the TA02 chassis, they should consider making it fit with the XR311 body to make it 4WD, which the real model is.
  21. Too much money, too much time = too much fun and bragging rights. A 4 banger is good enough for me.
  22. For a NIB, i would go as high as $1k. Maybe roughly twice the price of Tamiya's current batch of tanks.
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