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  1. Slightly disappointed with the polycarbonate bodyshell, I'd have preferred ABS. But boy, do I LOVE those wheels!
  2. Honestly, I think a crack in the bummer is acceptable on vintage models.
  3. One from the top and two from the bottom please Carol.
  4. Oh my goodness... I've been away from these forums, and Tamiya, for about 6 years and have only just learned this sad news I remember Rad's products very well. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some wheel covers for my SRB, they were THE product to have during the SRB re-release fever era if you wanted to raise your SRB to higher levels. He was the 'go to' guy and his products never failed to be brilliant. Also his models in his showroom, some of the best top drawer work seen on TC, always worth a drool and were something to aspire too, always made me smile to see a new posting from Rad. Very sad news indeed. RIP Rad. Thanks for the inspiration and your incredibly hard work for helping Tamiya, and SRB fans all over the world to raise their game.
  5. I know it's just a drawing but the profile of that front tyre really reminds me of the rib tyre used on the front of the Hilux Monster Racer.
  6. It's TRF201, the 42203 version. I'm a bit late to the TRF party but have lusted after this 2wd buggy for years. Of course, I didn't know the Super Astute was imminent when I ordered this or I may have held off but what the heck, can't have too many hot 2wd buggies.
  7. I order a kit from RcJaz 12 days ago and it arrived today. I'd never used them before but their price was marginally better than Stella so I went for it...and was not disappointed! Without me asking them to they marked it as gift and a value of $22.00 so I wasn't stung for duty. Ker-ching!
  8. I'm certainly interested in that TA-07MS. I've been after 58636 TA-07 Pro chassis kit but nowhere in U.K. has it in stock so I might wait for new version to arrive.
  9. Well this is incredibly welcome news. I have been away from the hobby for last few years and have just starting to get back into it. I only just started perusing these forums again in the last week. Fortuitous timing... I've just put a pre-order in with Modelsport.
  10. That used to be my stomping ground, grew up between Daventry and Banbury. Got my first Tamiya from Trinders in Banbury, was gutted when they closed last year. I used to take my cars out by myself all the time, my favourite spot was Badby Woods. I don't know if you know it Don't use the front entrance on main road, go into village to "back" entrance. A big variety of surfaces in there and also a lot of bike trails that I built with friends when I was a teenage biker, are still there. Lots of doubles and stuff which, admittedly are a bit big for RC cars but still fun to blast on. Or if you want to let rip with straight line speed have you tried the old airfield at Chipping Warden? Take the back road from Chippy to Aston-Le-Walls and half of airfield is still accessible. It's great there because you literally are blasting your car down the runway, would be great for some high speed runs if you happen to be running crazy brushless speed set ups. I also used to use Daventry Country Park a bit, but not when it was busy. If you don't mind travelling a touch further there is the awesome Burton Dasset Country Park north of Banbury. Every natural surface you could want at that place...grass, tarmac, loose gravel, rocks for rock climbing. RC flyers often get up there too. If you're taking your kids out with a bunch of cars, do yourself a favour and get up Burton Dasset...you'll have hours of fun up there and the views are mind blowing. There's pics of me playing with my Willy at Dasset here in my showroom.. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=97833&id=24255 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=97833&id=24255
  11. Ha ha yeah being fluent in Japanese would be very handy with that site. I love the stuff they're doing with the WR02 and GF01 chassis and being able to read it would be fascinating but at least there are hundreds of pics to look at for inspiration.
  12. Yes these chaps over at WW2Maniax have been doing it for a while. Very innovative and a clever conversion. Their website and videos are good fun and watching them shows just what a great fun "crawler" the GF01 can be... www.ww2maniax.com/ww2_page/ww2_top2.htm
  13. TBH that negative feedback would instantly make me suspicious that the buyer was at fault anyway because as far as I know eBay does not allow a seller to revise a listing with 3 hours remaining. A seller can add information to a listing (at the bottom of the listing) but not revise the original wording. I can understand the buyer being annoyed with themselves for not reading the listing properly before hitting the Buy It Now but to leave feedback like that AND come and start this thread with a total BS post is..well...I don't know the word.... vindictive? Spiteful? With only one other feedback that seller's account has effectively been killed stone dead and they've done absolutely nothing wrong! I can't see what the OP was hoping to gain from this thread - but I can see his eBay id ending up on a lot of member's blocked list as a result.
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