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  1. Thanks all. Sheesh, I hope there's no strike! So, there are no good hobby shops left in or near London?
  2. That is one of the nicest color schemes I've seen for the RC10, and as you know, there are tons out there. This is amazing!
  3. Thanks all. Lots of good advice. We appreciate it! We'll be staying at the Bob W commercial house. We will be getting an oyster pass card for public transportation. And agreed about the royal family stuff! Steve
  4. Hi all - I know we have a lot of UK members on TC, so I thought I'd ask for pointers. We're traveling to London from the U.S. at the end of May for about six days. It's my first time to the UK and my wife's second. We're on a budget, so no rental car. We'll be using the tube and Uber I guess, along with a lot of walking. Unfortunately, we won't be able to take unguided trips outside of London while we're there due to budget. Any general advice from TC members (safety, travel, dining options that aren't tourist traps, etc.)? It doesn't look like there are any good hobby shops left in London, right? Thanks! Steve
  5. Excellent, thanks! So, I was going back to the original Classic re- release. I heard complaints about the white parts having fitment issues, molding marks, etc. I don't know if any of that is accurate as I was never able to grab one back then. But yes, the World's had several issues, especially with the gearbox case.
  6. Looking forward to hearing your perspective on parts quality. I know that was an issue on the last run.
  7. My theory on the World's edition being a sales dud is because word spread that the parts quality was severely lacking, especially the transmission case. I know that's why I didn't buy one, even when they were heavily discounted here in the U.S. It will be very interesting to hear about parts quality on this limited edition version and if Thunder Tiger/ Associated will actually support the product with spare parts. BTW, one Associated employee on the vintage rc10 Facebook group disputed the claim that the molds from the Classic were lost.
  8. Great thread! What AE touring car front-end did you use for your IFS version? TC3, 4, 5, 6 or 7? Hard to tell from the picture. Thanks!
  9. Being in the U.S., where are you finding the re-re Kyosho kits? All of the main vendors are out of stock, as well as Kyosho America.
  10. Hello! Really cool modification. Thanks for sharing. Miniguy doesn't really share printer setting recommendations for his parts. Would you mind sharing the settings you found that worked well for his parts, along with best filament? Sorry, I'm a bit of a newbie. Thank you! Steve
  11. Great build Jenny. What about the High Ratio Wraith transmission by SSD?
  12. I'm in the U.S. and I have a feeling my recent order from landl models in the UK is going to take a while due to the cyber attack. I'm assuming Lee uses Royal Mail? I didn't know about the cyber issue until after I placed the order. So, I guess it's going to be a wait for any of us in the United States ordering from the U.K.
  13. Amazing work! How do you cut perfectly straight circles in styrene? I struggle with that.
  14. It's odd looking, that's for sure, but kudos to Tamiya for trying something new. My only gripes are the ball diffs and apparent lack of a slipper clutch. As BuggyGuy just stated, I sure hope gear diffs and a slipper are available as hopups. That's almost a necessity if the target for this release is the backyard basher, as the video implies. Kind of worried about the price too, but we'll see...
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