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  1. Great build Jenny. What about the High Ratio Wraith transmission by SSD?
  2. I'm in the U.S. and I have a feeling my recent order from landl models in the UK is going to take a while due to the cyber attack. I'm assuming Lee uses Royal Mail? I didn't know about the cyber issue until after I placed the order. So, I guess it's going to be a wait for any of us in the United States ordering from the U.K.
  3. Amazing work! How do you cut perfectly straight circles in styrene? I struggle with that.
  4. It's odd looking, that's for sure, but kudos to Tamiya for trying something new. My only gripes are the ball diffs and apparent lack of a slipper clutch. As BuggyGuy just stated, I sure hope gear diffs and a slipper are available as hopups. That's almost a necessity if the target for this release is the backyard basher, as the video implies. Kind of worried about the price too, but we'll see...
  5. So glad to see you back @i_am_scarecrow! Is the last photo of your CC01 Bug or is that the Grasshopper chassis? Looks like he CC01? How does it run?
  6. I have not had the same luck as others with Shapeways and AMPRO parts. I've found them to be fragile even with mild brushed models. My Hornet's AMPRO a-arms broke and so did an upright. Maybe it's just me though...
  7. Wow, that looks amazing! Fantastic work!
  8. I can confirm that the rear tires from the RC10 re-release buggy fit the re-release Optima and Javelin wheels. The rear Scorpion 2014 re-re tires also fit the Optima wheels. Both options look great (sorry, didn't take pictures).
  9. Love the TL01 chassis (just check out my showroom for proof), and as others have said, great idea on mounting the battery! I'll have to look into something similar for my latest TL01B build. Can't wait to see this one continue to progress. All of your projects are so cool and creative. Steve
  10. I know there are still quite a few DF03 fans on the forum, but I really dislike that buggy chassis, the gears, etc. For overall durability and fun factor, I think either the Blitzer chassis or the DT-02 are better even though you're sacrificing the 4wd. If you must have 4wd and a Tamiya, maybe look at adapting the Manta Ray buggy, a DF02 or a TT02B for the Stadium Thunder body? Just a thought... Steve
  11. It should be o.k. with the Stadium Thunder body. The beetle body is the tough one due to the large spur gear on the DT02. You have to cut a slot in the sand scorcher/blitzer shell to get it to fit over the spur if you're trying to re-create the Blitzer Beetle with the DT02. Just make sure to run a mild brushless motor on the DT02, instead of brushed because the brushless motor will run cooler with larger truck tires/wheels. The DT02 doesn't have the lower gearing options that the Stadium Thunder/Blitzer has. You might also have to get creative with the body mounts on the DT02. Hope this helps, Steve
  12. That's incredibly frustrating. I've recently used paypal twice on their site. I hope my information is o.k. since I used paypal? Like speedy, I communicated just recently (last 2 months) with TamiyaUSA about credit card security concerns, and they assured me their site was safe. Good thing I didn't use a credit card. I can no longer believe anything they tell me. Ugh. Really a tough situation for folks like us in the U.S. who are running out of options for ordering spare parts for Tamiya RC. Steve
  13. Love it! Can't wait to see more of the build.
  14. Hi! It's all perspective. I think the dicing and splicing is part of the fun. Anyway, you make an excellent point and I agree the Kyosho front end is superior to the stock Scorcher front, but also gives a wider track (I think?). So, if you're wanting to keep things sort-of scale, it would probably make sense to leave the front Scorcher suspension stock?
  15. You're more than likely absolutely correct Mokei! I tend not to get caught up in disagreements that happen on here or other forums, so I wasn't aware of his history. My apologies. I should have been more cautious with sharing the link. With that said, I do think it makes sense for Kyosho to re-release the Turbo Optima next.
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