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  1. HereBeMonsters

    Stuff required for builds?

    badword, I knew there was SOMETHING massively important that I'd forget! Recommendations? Let's say budget of around £50 for both?
  2. HereBeMonsters

    Stuff required for builds?

    Great advice, thanks very much. I had no idea what flush sidecutters were, so I googled them, and it turns out I have some already! I'll get that Tamiya knife if I can find a UK stockist, and the sandpaper too. Thanks all, it's coming together!
  3. HereBeMonsters

    Stuff required for builds?

    Thanks for the pointer, but blimey, there's a lot of choice on there. Happily, they're about a ten minute drive from me. What number of teeth would you recommend for say, the Top Force with the BZ, and the Stadium Blitzer with the brushless?
  4. HereBeMonsters

    Stuff required for builds?

    Haha! My plan is to run these myself, then if he's interested, let him loose on my Yokomo crawler. If he masters that, probably get him a Grasshopper for Christmas.
  5. HereBeMonsters

    Stuff required for builds?

    Ah yes, a decent scalpel-type knife. I used to have one, no idea where it is now. Do you think it's a good idea to start with steel pinions? Both will be running fairly hot motors - Superstock BZ, Dynatech 02H or an EZ Run 9T Brushless, not decided yet!
  6. HereBeMonsters

    What is the #1 thing you hate about Tamiya?

    I wish you could get a factory prepared body with the kit, so you still get to build it and know how it all works and fits together, but don't have to faff about with paint and stickers and cutting bodies.
  7. HereBeMonsters

    Hornet Battery Cover

    Back in the day I used to run an elastic band around it to stop it popping off. And I covered both sides of it with that green and yellow striped electrical tape, so it was easier to find when (not if) it did pop off.
  8. HereBeMonsters

    Stuff required for builds?

    Bought two kits recently as I've got space to build again. I've been running my current stable off and on for a while now, sold a lot of the things I don't use, but still get some decent running out of my Lunch Box, Bear Hawk and TT-01. My little boy (aged 3, so too young to really get into r/c just yet!) has chosen me a Top Force re-re and a Stadium Blitzer. I've already got for both of them: Full bearings Radio gear Motors ESCs And I've treated myself to a new Tamiya cutting mat and set of Tamiya screwdrivers to build them with. I know I need paint (my least favourite bit of any build) - but don't know what type and colours? Will be doing box art to begin with. What else have I forgotten - do I need grease? Thread lock? Tyre cement? Thanks in advance - Don't want to start building only to find out I've not got something I need.
  9. HereBeMonsters

    Trade - NIB Avante re-re

    How much are you looking for if a straight sale?
  10. HereBeMonsters

    SOLD : Brushless Lancia Integrale TG10

    For how much? Would be good to leave the price on so future sellers have an idea.
  11. HereBeMonsters

    Need 2.4 receiver.

    I believe there used to be - specifically for model boats. I've had my eye out for one for some time, but not seen anything yet. It's getting a bit silly having a 3.5T brushless stadium truck that can get out of 27mhz range in about 3 seconds now!
  12. HereBeMonsters

    Need 2.4 receiver.

    Oh, nuts. I've been buying cheap Spektrum receivers here and there, ready to change over from 27mhz when I can find a decent Spektrum stick transmitter. If they're not all compatible, I'm probably screwed.
  13. HereBeMonsters

    Need 2.4 receiver.

    Is the one you're selling not compatible then, I take it?
  14. OK, prices of new body sets for the 2001 are just silly. Anyone know of a way to get paint off a lexan shell? I presume the polycarb method of a brake fluid bath would just melt it?
  15. HereBeMonsters

    Wanted - Avante 2001 body shell & wheels

    Thanks, didn't realise new ones were so expensive. Anyone got a second hand one? It's going to be a runner, so condition not important - just would prefer blue/box art.