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  1. badword, I knew there was SOMETHING massively important that I'd forget! Recommendations? Let's say budget of around £50 for both?
  2. Great advice, thanks very much. I had no idea what flush sidecutters were, so I googled them, and it turns out I have some already! I'll get that Tamiya knife if I can find a UK stockist, and the sandpaper too. Thanks all, it's coming together!
  3. Thanks for the pointer, but blimey, there's a lot of choice on there. Happily, they're about a ten minute drive from me. What number of teeth would you recommend for say, the Top Force with the BZ, and the Stadium Blitzer with the brushless?
  4. Haha! My plan is to run these myself, then if he's interested, let him loose on my Yokomo crawler. If he masters that, probably get him a Grasshopper for Christmas.
  5. Ah yes, a decent scalpel-type knife. I used to have one, no idea where it is now. Do you think it's a good idea to start with steel pinions? Both will be running fairly hot motors - Superstock BZ, Dynatech 02H or an EZ Run 9T Brushless, not decided yet!
  6. I wish you could get a factory prepared body with the kit, so you still get to build it and know how it all works and fits together, but don't have to faff about with paint and stickers and cutting bodies.
  7. Back in the day I used to run an elastic band around it to stop it popping off. And I covered both sides of it with that green and yellow striped electrical tape, so it was easier to find when (not if) it did pop off.
  8. Bought two kits recently as I've got space to build again. I've been running my current stable off and on for a while now, sold a lot of the things I don't use, but still get some decent running out of my Lunch Box, Bear Hawk and TT-01. My little boy (aged 3, so too young to really get into r/c just yet!) has chosen me a Top Force re-re and a Stadium Blitzer. I've already got for both of them: Full bearings Radio gear Motors ESCs And I've treated myself to a new Tamiya cutting mat and set of Tamiya screwdrivers to build them with. I know I need paint (my least favourite bit of any build) - but don't know what type and colours? Will be doing box art to begin with. What else have I forgotten - do I need grease? Thread lock? Tyre cement? Thanks in advance - Don't want to start building only to find out I've not got something I need.
  9. How much are you looking for if a straight sale?
  10. For how much? Would be good to leave the price on so future sellers have an idea.
  11. I believe there used to be - specifically for model boats. I've had my eye out for one for some time, but not seen anything yet. It's getting a bit silly having a 3.5T brushless stadium truck that can get out of 27mhz range in about 3 seconds now!
  12. Oh, nuts. I've been buying cheap Spektrum receivers here and there, ready to change over from 27mhz when I can find a decent Spektrum stick transmitter. If they're not all compatible, I'm probably screwed.
  13. Is the one you're selling not compatible then, I take it?
  14. OK, prices of new body sets for the 2001 are just silly. Anyone know of a way to get paint off a lexan shell? I presume the polycarb method of a brake fluid bath would just melt it?
  15. Thanks, didn't realise new ones were so expensive. Anyone got a second hand one? It's going to be a runner, so condition not important - just would prefer blue/box art.
  16. Looking to get my Avante 2001 back up and running, not a fan of the green shell it came with, anyone got one going? Happy if it's box art or brand new unpainted. Also looking for wheels & tyres for it pls.
  17. Thanks for all the replies - you're right WillyChang, for out and out performance these probably don't cut it anymore. But for that I've got brushless motors in re-res so there's plenty of spares and no old brittle plastic to snap! In fact, my fastest car is an Ansmann stadium truck with a huge 3.5T brushless in it. Does standing backflips if set punchy and over 60mph on gravel when geared for speed. But I get just as much enjoyment from my Bear Hawk with a Sport Tuned out the back, so I'm sure my old Hornet with a Technigold is going to be a riot. A bit like how I bought a fairly new Lotus Elise, which was faster in every way than my old Peugeot 205 GTI, but just nowhere near as much fun. So I sold it, and kept the 205!
  18. Hello again - no idea if any of the old lot are still around, but hi if you are! Sorry, been away from R/C for a while other than taking the crawler around the garden for a couple of packs or so. Got two kids now, moved twice but now back near some woods and fields where I might be able to take the Tamiyas for a bash. A chap on a Facebook group convinced me that I needed to buy a Technigold and a Dynatech-02H from him. Always wanted both of these classic motors, so bought them, they've arrived, now what to put them into... I'm pretty much set on the Technigold going into my vintage Hornet. I've had the Hornet since I was 9 years old. Still running great, original servos, original 27MHz radio. Might get a new shell (anyone got a factory finished one for sale?) to spruce it up and bolt the Technigold in the back. OK to run it with the original pinion? As for the Dynatech - it's silver, so I think it would look good in my Avante 2001 - it's got the alu shocks, but a green body. Need a new body and wing (does the Egress body fit?), new wheels and tyres, a pinion, and I might finally invest in some 2.4GHz radio gear. I've also still got everything in my signature, although the King Cab has a very slippery diff. Tried a brushless in it, but it wasn't having any of it. Anything else there that would be good with a Dynatech? Also - guessing neither an old mechanical speed controller or a TEU-101 will run either of these motors. What would you recommend? So, please help with recommendations as I don't know what's current in the world of R/C, or what's currently available!
  19. Are you looking to get into racing? Perhaps you already do, but need loads of spares and upgrades? Sounds like you need this Mini! I bought this off a member on here about 5-6 years ago I think as I wanted to race at my local club in Bransgore. They had a very competitive Tamiya Mini class, so I did everything I could to gain the edge on my competitors! After a bit of practice in my local park (see my forum avatar!) In my first race I turned up with the basic car, still had a 3 step speed control and hard tyres. I ran out of battery before the end of the first heat! When I could no longer get to the club on their Monday evenings due to work this is how my car was, perfectly tuned to run on their carpeted track: As you can see the shell has some battle scars, mainly caused by me. My next upgrade (included) was going to be aluminium hubs as I kept breaking the plastic ones. Comes with everything pictured including a very competitive silver can motor. Bought off a guy who used to buy 20 at a time, measure their output and sell the best ones back to us for double the price! As you can see it has hopped up dampers with tuned springs at each end to kerb the understeer. I think these are the Tamiya hop-up dampers, but with 3 Racing springs. I could be wrong though. Alu and carbon fibre battery cradle. A carbon LiPo in here looks great. \ Here's some of the spares. Original chassis, some of the blue parts I didn't use. Carpet burn from running too low a few times... Spare shocks, springs, wheels, tyre inserts, aluminium driveshafts with titanium turnbuckles, not pictured blue anodised alu steering joint bits. M Grip tyres on the rear to stop the lift-off oversteer. The fronts are standard. Please ask any questions, I can post Friday at the earliest upon cleared payment by Parcel Force 48. Big discount if you can collect from Southampton. £75 posted to UK please.
  20. Wow. Just wow. Thanks for instilling confidence in my future buyers by leaving it a whole 4 hours between PMing me then panicking and putting a public reply on the thread. Did it occur to you at all that I might have been at work on a Friday afternoon? Turns out I worked so late that I went straight from the office to dinner, then straight to bed once I got home, leaving no time in which I could respond to your message. The reason you have not heard from me is that I was waiting to hear from you on whether you wanted the battery with the powerpole connectors on it at all. All paid for items will be posted today :-)
  21. DF-03, Clod and Pajero all gone. Manta Ray still for sale. Will update my forum sig shortly!
  22. Yes you did, by 3 minutes! Sorry, Muddybaldboy, but you're first in line if sale doesn't go through :-)
  23. I need the space in my shed, no idea what these are worth, so I'm going to go with half of what they owe me. If I'm way out let me know. All come as pictured unless otherwise stated, prices including UK delivery only. I will heavily discount if you can pick up from Southampton. Please buy on the condition you see. First up... Manta Ray. I've had it for years, but it's a bit too low to run on grass and I never get to the gravel track any more. It's had everything from a silver can to a Dynatech to a 9T brushless in it, and done brilliantly with them all. Time to sell though as I only have room for one buggy, and the Avante 2001 wins that contest I'm afraid. Comes as is with no motor, speed control or radio gear but there's a decent and fairly new steering servo still in place. £40 for this one please. Next... This heavily hopped-up DF-03 I believe started life as a Keen Hawk. The shell was made up to look like an Avante, I believe with a decal set from a QD Avante 2001. Suffice to say it will probably need a new shell to look presentable, although I have since found the rear wing which will be supplied as well. It may also require a new front part, or at least a decent repair. Damage as per the photo. No idea how it got like that, only noticed it when taking the photos to be honest! Running a 9T EZ-Run brushless motor with speed controller. Supplied with programming card as well (control how quick it gets off the line, speed of acceleration etc.). This is a ridiculously fast system for a lightweight buggy. Every time I've run it I've had people coming over to ask me what on Earth it is. It comes with everything in the photos bar the 27mhz radio gear. I have removed this as I believe it to be dangerous on such a fast car. It goes out of range so quickly you really need something decent in there. It was only on 27mhz for running at a short gravel track as I wanted to use a stick controller. Also very good steering servo in there, carbon fibre parts etc. Would be great for spares for your DF-03 runner, or wouldn't take much to put back into running order. £70 for this one please, including the brushless setup. Scale fans... CC-01 Pajero. Assembled by me from new kit, hand painted - could do with a retouch now! I built as a waterproof scaler, so original silver can motor, waterproof motroniks ESC, waterproof Traxxas 27mhz radio gear, locked rear diff but open front. Of course you can open or lock either or both of these diffs depending on what you want it to do. I've had great fun with this, taking it up and down little streams in the woods around here. Always dried out and re-lubed after every run. Hop-up (softer) springs to allow more axle articulation. Powerpole battery connectors as they cope better with the water. Supplied with the Panasonic NiMH pack pictured, still holds about a 15 min charge on this car. £70 please Now the big daddy... Original Clod Buster, not the re-release. I always wanted one of these. Bought a runner, replaced some of the older parts for new, ran it once, then put it on a shelf. The shell could really do with a strip and repaint, and some proper decals. I've replaced the running gear with two Sport Tuned motors, the Tamiya ESC that runs two motors at once (I forget what it's called) and modern steering servos that actually turn the giant wheels. Since its been on the shelf one of the tyres has split, but it still seems to run OK. £100 for this please, given the brand new Sport Tuned motors etc. I've got a few more coming up soon - a very hopped up racing M-03 (titanium, blue anodised, carbon etc.) Mini with loads of spares, a brushless TT-01 Lancia Delta, an Ansmann with a 5T brushless that can do standing backflips, loads of Hornet spares, a half built Mardave Caterham, and you might persuade me to part with a Sport Tuned BearHawk as well.
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