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  1. dazpt

    Tamiya Durga

    wanted tamiya durga pay up to 120 for right model thanks darryl
  2. with the fet wire attached to your pos wire if you find it is glitching you will need to solder a fet choke between you fet wire and pos wire, this will suppress any glitches darryl
  3. ok cheers mate, thanks for the info darryl
  4. cheers terry never thought about putting it on its side, what motor and gearing do you use, i use a 6.5 but not sure what pinion thanks darryl
  5. im sure someone told me the dfo2 universals will fit ??
  6. has anyone had any experience putting a novak gtb brushless speedo in a dark impact, it doesnt fit, any suggestions much appreciated thanks darryl
  7. hi there can any one help im wanting to replace the dog bone drive shafts in my dark impact, is there any aftermarket universals that i can use ,and if so where could i get them many thanks
  8. dazpt

    Predator Xrs

    both very good cars but both very expensive, an alternative an cheaper cars are available and very good straight from the box, like the tamiya durga and the kyosho zx5 both good cars
  9. accetone works well (nail varnish remover) but may ruin chrome wheels ??? as mentioned above a scalpel and a very steady hand may do the trick
  10. north yorks boasts a few offroad clubs ,starting with batley, then theres york, then teesside, then durham, these are affiliated brca clubs, im sure theres one or two that are not tho darryl york offroad car club
  11. or try using some hex headed screws you can get a bit more leverage with an allen driver, and did you set up a dirt track in your house or did you mean garden
  12. the emphasis is on fun whether bashing or racing, as i said at beginning of this thread i race as thats what i like doing but would never look down on antone who doesnt as its down to personal preference
  13. my full name is darryl and like you chris i race in the north east (York club) probably against each other on many occasions, not done indoor or outdoor regionals tho for last couple of years
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