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  1. I've never used this ebay buyer before, but a quick search on ebay found a NIB Thunder Shot from buyer "750wp"
  2. I must be doing something wrong.. can't see them listed on ebay? What's the cost & shipping to Australia? Cheers, Marty
  3. G'day guys, I've just received my first charger and 7.2V battery pack. The battery is a Venom 3000mAh and the charger is a Venom 5-8 Cell Multi Charger. All good right? Well, I dunno. The charger says to set to 1.8A for > 2400 mAh. OK, so I reckon to use that. However, the packaging with the battery says to charge at 3A for extended life or 4A for improved performance (but may reduce life) DO NOT TRICKLE CHARGE BATTERIES. Is 1.8A considered a trickle charge? So, have I bought a charger not suitable for my battery? Or should I just bang it in and hope for the best? Cheers, Marty
  4. G'day Stella, Are you likely to be getting any stock of this model soon? Am keen to get one asap. Also, thanks for the delivery of the Hotshot. Very happy with the speed of delivery and the packaging. Cheers, Marty.
  5. G'day guys, Thanks for the replies.. I've just ammended my locationk, I'm actually in Australia (commonly pronounced oztraya). Can anyone comment on what freq's are OK over here? And if I'm just bashing, is AM likely to really upset me? I did order the kit from HK (stellamodels) as per some recommendations I've read on this site. It states that the ESC is included, so I guess I'm OK there and will only need the one servo. I also bought a bearing kit - again, on advice that I've read previously on this forum. Happy to hear it reinforced. Thanks for the tips on the shell cutting - I'd heard about having to do it, but have not had to do anything like it before. All my modelling previously was with very tidy Airfix type planes Feel like a kid again - waiting for the postie to come Cheers, Marty.
  6. G'day All, Well, I've decided to have a crack at making a Tamiya Hotshot. After having lusted after one of these machines about 20 years ago, I've seen that I can get one new. So I did - I've bought one. However, whilst I'm waiting for it to be delivered, I realise that I'm going to need a few things. erm... What would that be? I know I need to get paint, battery, charger, Rx/Tx, servo's. but.. What kind of Rx/Tx? Is there a benefit to having a steering wheel type as opposed to a stick? Should servo's come with it? I believe I need 2 for the Hotshot? If I'm just going to be bashing, what kind of battery is going to be "best bang for my buck" - 1800 mAh, 3000, 4800??? Any brands to steer clear of? Do I need grease? Does this come in the kit? Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far - this forum is a fantastic resource - would be nice if there was a sticky for these kinds of questions - but I guess it's a way of saying G'day if nothing else.. Cheers, Marty.
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