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  1. Thanks Incredible_Serious as i were thinking, the GP 405T16 wheelbase is shorter than my EP Escort ( 270mm ) so i have to mod the rear arms to adapt the 405 T16 body
  2. Hi, i have a Kyosho EP chassis ( actually with a very bad Ford Escort RS body ) that i wanted to convert into a 405 T16, so before buying the 405 T16 body i need to know the wheelbase of the original GP Chassis thanks guys.
  3. i think it is the Blazer this time ;-)
  4. This is a typically Japanese product i am not fan but they are
  5. Hi, yes i can ship to Malaysia and shipping cost are 50 euros Cheers Bruno.
  6. Hi, i need an info about the Supershot how long are the dampers ? front & rear thanks
  7. At this time it were the only one that has such wheels for sale, so he sell them as the last ones to makes the price higher, this is purely commercial ;-)
  8. i understand , it were the same for me when i buy my first wheels but after if you are a regular buyer he makes only one payment. i bought more than 10 set of wheels and now if i need customs ( for example my last buy is a set of black anodized rims for hotshot) he made them and guives me a bonus set of wheels (this time they are the gold anodized Fox wheels), that's very very cool from him. He has a direct contact to the factory too ;-)
  9. What do you mean by multi perchases he refuses ?
  10. Here are them: http://cgi.ebay.fr/VINTAGE-ALLOY-WHEEL-FOR-TAMIYA-FOX-WILD-ONE-/130923833510?pt=US_Radio_Control_Control_Line&hash=item1e7bab28a6#ht_995wt_1186
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