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  1. Fantastic project, keep the pictures coming.
  2. Its been a few years but I believe it was this testors fiery orange spray laquer.http://www.testors.com/products/137172
  3. Nice truck good luck with the paint search. Put new shocks on mine last weekend, and ran it yesterday works great. You will have a blast with yours when it's done. Mine's sort of orange.
  4. m size on the front and standard 1.9 rears for the classic big/little hot rod look
  5. Just pulled this down off the shelf for a little update, I am redoing the body mounts and relocating the battery. Now that the weather is getting better I should be able to get some outside pictures and maybe video
  6. Sure, I did post some info a few months ago I'll try to find the thread, if not I'll toss on some pictures. Jay
  7. yeah, as you can see by my avaitar I like gassers as well
  8. Looks great, just gave mine a little refit great little trucks.
  9. I have a 45T in mine and a set of losi 1.9 claws on the stock rims works great and still has a little wheel speed. Only locked in the rear.
  10. I have gotten stuff from RCmart to NS canada, faster than from a shop I could drive to in under four hours. Canada post is slow.
  11. Thanks for the tip, didn't realize I needed to. I'll have to see if i still have the package from my last order.
  12. RC mart has got to be the quickest place I have ever done business with. I got a torque tuned motor for the Amg mercedes a new pinion for the Pajero and just to top up the order a set of tl01 sway bars for the mercedes rally car.
  13. I used a 55T in a modified TL01 for my plow truck, I was only using rally tires on it but it would move snow.
  14. Thanks for the great info. Must be old age catching up as I don't rember buying it in the first place. I think I'll use it in the mini. Just added bearings to it a couple of weeks ago and I haven't even run it yet. Or maybe the lunchbox!
  15. Opened up one of my boats to change the speed control, for a little get together at the pool this week end and discovered a motor I didn't remember buying. I haven't used the boat in a couple of years. Guess either the Mini or the rally cars getting new power. I think it's likely a 27t. I'll stick a stock can in the boat lol.
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