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  1. Fantastic project, keep the pictures coming.
  2. Its been a few years but I believe it was this testors fiery orange spray laquer.http://www.testors.com/products/137172
  3. Nice truck good luck with the paint search. Put new shocks on mine last weekend, and ran it yesterday works great. You will have a blast with yours when it's done. Mine's sort of orange.
  4. m size on the front and standard 1.9 rears for the classic big/little hot rod look
  5. Just pulled this down off the shelf for a little update, I am redoing the body mounts and relocating the battery. Now that the weather is getting better I should be able to get some outside pictures and maybe video
  6. Sure, I did post some info a few months ago I'll try to find the thread, if not I'll toss on some pictures. Jay
  7. yeah, as you can see by my avaitar I like gassers as well
  8. Looks great, just gave mine a little refit great little trucks.
  9. I have a 45T in mine and a set of losi 1.9 claws on the stock rims works great and still has a little wheel speed. Only locked in the rear.
  10. I have gotten stuff from RCmart to NS canada, faster than from a shop I could drive to in under four hours. Canada post is slow.
  11. Thanks for the tip, didn't realize I needed to. I'll have to see if i still have the package from my last order.
  12. RC mart has got to be the quickest place I have ever done business with. I got a torque tuned motor for the Amg mercedes a new pinion for the Pajero and just to top up the order a set of tl01 sway bars for the mercedes rally car.
  13. I used a 55T in a modified TL01 for my plow truck, I was only using rally tires on it but it would move snow.
  14. Thanks for the great info. Must be old age catching up as I don't rember buying it in the first place. I think I'll use it in the mini. Just added bearings to it a couple of weeks ago and I haven't even run it yet. Or maybe the lunchbox!
  15. Opened up one of my boats to change the speed control, for a little get together at the pool this week end and discovered a motor I didn't remember buying. I haven't used the boat in a couple of years. Guess either the Mini or the rally cars getting new power. I think it's likely a 27t. I'll stick a stock can in the boat lol.
  16. Awesome truck shell, I haven't seen one before wish I was closer.
  17. While I had my Pajero apart for a good cleaning and to upgrade the stock bushings to some cheap ebay bearings. I decided to try my hand at tightening up the steeing. Rather than buying a proper aftermarket kit I used what i had in the parts bin. I had seen pictures of someting similar in the past but can't remember where it was. Anyhow I had some spare losi parts from my micro crawler project. I simply replaced the z-bent wire link with ball ends. I did have to use the dremel to increase the clearance for the new ends and add some thin styrene to the inside of the gearbox, this has to be very thin gauge to allow clearance for the bevel gear. No cost and much tighter steering.
  18. I have one on my Axial, painted on the outside in silver and met. red I had planned on a bit darker red but it turned out Ok with the silver on the inside as well to let the scratches show through. But it's hard to go wrong with gunmetal always looks good and you could use just about any of your other colours for a two tone.
  19. Looks great in that colour, and not a lot of decals.
  20. Did a little digging and found a poor brfore picture of the body with part of my brothers collection.
  21. Well I think it's done for now. Still need some big *** driving lights to look completed. Kind of pleased with the modified Traxxas decal, under the drivers window, lol. Hopefully the weather will get better soon and I can take it out for a run.
  22. Thanks I would appreciate it,let me know what you find. My decals arrived today just put a few on one side before supper
  23. yea, I understood you. Just using what I have on hand at the moment. Will likely keep my eyes open for another bumper as its a great suggestion.
  24. Did some digging in the parts bins and came up with this for a front bumper, with a bit of foam inside the body shell the front bumper, fits tight to the chassis. Stuck a stock motor in and one of my cheap ebay esc's it was able to do donuts on the hardwood floor, should be OK.
  25. Did a quick google search, looks like it's been done a least a couple of times
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