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  1. I have for sale a Tamiya TGR with lots of new parts, which would make an excellent restoration project. The original engine is in very good condition! It is complete with a Toyota TS020 body (only missing the rear spoiler), which needs a repaint. For the rest, I'll let the photos speak for themselves and if you want more information let me know. https://ibb.co/bOcLrv https://ibb.co/n3jiBv https://ibb.co/dot4Ja https://ibb.co/fczN4F https://ibb.co/j7uGWv https://ibb.co/c4X9jF Price: € 200,-
  2. There is already someone else who is interested in this motor. If it doesn't come to a deal I'll let you know!
  3. Thanks for letting me know! I've sent him a PM.
  4. For Sale: Tamiya Camber tool and screwdrivers: Price: £ 15,- Various Tamiya Parts: Price: £ 15,- TB EVO 3 upper frames: Price: £ 10,- each Tamiya Brushless motors: Price for 10.5T: SOLD! Price for 12T: £ 10
  5. For Sale: Extremely rare Tamiya Blue Car stand. In mint condition, complete with the manual and bag. Price: £ 35 ,-
  6. Tamiya 414 Bulkheads with number: Price: £ 40,-
  7. For sale: My racing chassis with a lot of Tamiya genuine hopups. It has got the titanium axles, titanium screws and the lighter ball diff. This chassis is in very good condition and complete with all the documentation. Price: £ 140,-
  8. For Sale: Very Rare Tamiya Tire Warmers. In good condition. Price: £ 40,-
  9. Hi there, I am shrinking back the 414 collection a bit: TRF414M In excellent condition, with manual and box. Price: £ 100,- ------------------------------------------------------
  10. For sale: Two, in perfect condition, Tamiya Blue Maintenance Stands. Price: €30,- each
  11. As my 414 collection has grown over the last three years, I decided to sell two chassis. The 414 is in perfect condition and almost as good as new! Complete with all the documentation, of course. Some photos: The 414MII is in perfect condition with almost all the (rare) upgrades. This chassis comes with the very rare blue setting wheels. Complete with box and documentation. Some photos: Price TRF414: € 335,- Price TRF414MII: € 325,-
  12. For sale, A very rare 1987 vintage 1/32 Tamiya Junior BigWig. The kit is complete and has never been used, but some parts are already painted. Some photos: Make me an offer
  13. Took it out for a spin on an outdoor track yesterday:
  14. Well, decided to make the 414 as my primary race car and sold the 414m lightweight car to a collector in the US. This 414m chassis was perfect but it missed the special status like the first edition 414 has. I have driven this 414 a few times now and I am getting used to it. It felt a lot different than the 414m and I still need to find the right setup. Setting up the 414 seems to be a bit harder than the 414m, although they have about the same adjustability. Some photos: At the indoor track: And now I can't see anymore which chassis I was driving...
  15. Hi all, I am looking for a carbon upperdeck and a set of steering posts for the original 414 (the limited 1000pcs one). Hope someone can help me out. Eric
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