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  1. Hi BigLion I had the same problem with my LunchBox+TBLE02S i turned off the low-volatge cut off and the problem went away.(using 5000 nimh pack) Things to look out for: My nimh is starting to die, so under load, the voltage maybe drops too much and may have activated the low voltage cut-off. I also plugged a "glitch buster" in the spare radio channel see link below: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM1600 Cheers!
  2. Tried brushless got back to brushed for the reasons below 1.I like tinkering, i just find brushed more interesting. 2.Better looks, yes I'm a very superficial person😁 , but those alu endbell handwound trinity motors were gorgeous!(tamiya dynatech 01R is also very nice) 3. Simple and robust: can be submerges in water mud anything and keep going! 4.Low rpm control: a 5 slot brushed motor has incredible low speed resolution, still the gold standard in crawling. (have one in my crawler, also watch the top crawler world champ crawler setup) 5.As already mentioned less wires: yes i know but i dont like how the three wire AND control look in a vintage buggy.
  3. With shipping this part comes to 40$ a little steep for one plastic part BUT.. I was wondering if it's worth the price? Even more important, is it durable?
  4. Very opposing experiences,intersting! Hope others will shime in!
  5. Well with the Falcon re-release looming on the horizon, i was wondering if a DT01(memorial buggy with oil shock) handling is as good as a Falcon's. I really like the look of both buggies, but if the Falcon is a much better handling buggy then i will wait for its release. But i really like the durability of the DT01...kind of torn between the two. If both are equal (handling wise) then i would go with the DT01 thats what i am trying to say! Any input from people that have driven both?
  6. Wow fantastic replies gentlemen keep them coming! very interesting reading! I used to have a Clod and that thing was so reliable, there's something to be said about reliability. In fact i tend to come back to durable kits with decent handling, they earn my respect and become favorites.
  7. On a cheeky twist to Mechanic AH post...which Tamiya(or other brand) kit you have not regretted?
  8. Hey Carmine You compared the DT01 vs the frog right?(DT02 being far superior to both) If the DT01 is as good or even better then the Frog then that is enough for me..(superior handling to Frog with rear rigid axle is the perfect buggy for me ) Thanks again!
  9. Oh yes uhmm hello , sorry about that forgot that its been quite awhile since my last last my apologies! Carmine: Do you own a DT01 and a frog? thanks again for your feedback! Juggular: Its mostly the rear of the Hornet that bugs me, i see now how it locks out under acceleration. Just wondering if the DT01 has the same degree of lock-out! By the ways thanks alot for your detailed reply some very interesting points you brought to my attention!
  10. Hello I have a frog and very satisfied with its handling and a Hornet. I like the Hornet but i dont like to drive it its just bounces way too much. My question to people that own a DT01..is the handling as good as a Frog? If it handles like a frog then i would be very satisfied.(i really like the look of solid axle buggies) Anyway thank you in advance for your feedback!
  11. Depends on how "progressive" the rate is if done right it can be very good...the linkage also allows to eek out more wheel travel from a short travel shock...but if the wheel to shock stroke is too high then you end up with the need for for very stiff spring so dampning becomes harder more wear in the pivots... From a design point of view tamiya engineers where very bold for 1984!
  12. Hotshot chassis You know one of these days i will put an analysis of the HS supension on TC.(mapping out the suspension) The HS is very sound in term of design engineering, it has a rising rate rear suspension but were tamiya engineering messed up is with the "ratio". (too small of shock stroke vs the travel) So if you put a period accurate motor in the HS it isnt that bad! Frog/orv chassis If you map out the rear suspension of the Frog you will notice it has a linear rising rate suspension, again you can see that tamiya were not in the dark when designing their buggies!
  13. Thanks for the reply jonny:) My theory was that a 35t motor is around 12000rpm no load vs 17000(silver can), so my thinking was that the 6.7 ratio would bring back some speed. 17000/7.3=2328 rpm at the wheel(silver can) 12000/6.7=1791 rpm(35t motor)
  14. Hey guys Just wondering if it would be a good idea to use a 35t motor(tamiya cr-tuned) with a 6.7 ratio in a frog i was thinking that i could get away with the low ratio because of the motor high torque! (also by using the bigger pinion i could limit the torque going into the gearbox)
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