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  1. I hope this works One thing i always wanted to to try with dual motor setup, is to have the front motor with a sligtly higher rpm just to get little more front traction. This would be the ultimate rally chassis! I am really liking this new chassis its a tinkerer's dream Something i am realising over the years: the models that have stuck with me are the ones i could modify/tinker with!
  2. Red line shows were the front gearcase broke after my monster conversion. It started at the bottom(or top) of the bearing housing all the way to the other side.(sorry for poor picture quality)
  3. Ok that is really ace! Someone needs to release this chassis kit Its incredible how versatile the DF01 is!
  4. Version#1 (df01 Monster truck) I did this kind of conversion with an original Dirt Trasher. Hop up parts i used: Lower alloy gearcase cover.(from ebay) Those big aliexpress tires in upper picture(on the top force) Maybe it was the plastic that was getting old and brittle or it maybe the lower alloy case that transfered too much force to the plastic part. But the front gear case cover snapped exactly were the three screws behind the bumper screw in. I was running a stock silver can. I think the bigger tires put more stress on parts because of their higer mass/inertia combined with aged plastics. its a shame because it worked really well.(i you definetly need the smallest pinion possible) Version #2 (df01 crawler) I was even thinking of using it as a crawler With the lowest ratio 16t+74t spur(included with speed tuned gear set) x 3:1 gru i could acheive 33:1 ratio.(Still too fast for real crawler but close enough.) 20mm axle wideners (extra length of the gru+motor = tire rub on the extra long motor/gru combo.) Scale crawler tires.(Not monster truck tires) Putty in the diffs(locked) I got 90% into my modification until i notices the cracked fornt case.(But it had really good articulation)
  5. I just put some #16 zinc plated jack chain on the rear tire of my LB. Holly mother of god what a difference! and the diff is not even locked yet! (waiting for 3d printed diff locker in the mail) I agree ewith Otis311, it all depends on the type of snow.
  6. I have come full circle on which setup is the most reliable,maintenance free.(when talking about low voltage application, not 3s and 4s 100 mph setups) The setup below is the one that sees the most action in my fleet Brushed motors, with nimh or nicd batteries and a waterproof ESC(hobbywing) with a solid axle truck(Lunch Box or crawler).
  7. I know the Clod is not rock crawler, but can it go up some moderate uphill without flipping back?
  8. Ok that is very cool! Anyone tried the GF01FT in deep snow?
  9. Thank you for all the feedback given so far. I think you're validating what i am slowy starting to accept...the Clod Buster! The GF06 is interesting but and its not enough to justify a purchase.
  10. Its been almost 2 years since my last build and looking for the next build. So i'm reaching out to my fellow members for my next build. Buggy wise i think i have all the models that i ever wanted. (or maybe not ) Hotshot,Grasshopper,Hornet,Frog and Durga Im leaning towards a big tire model. i have a LunchBox and really like it but the 2wd is limiting. Had a MST CFX and gave it to my daughter. I thougth i was a crawler guy but i'm more of a go anywhere deep mud,snow guy. Tamiya Squah Van: It ticks almost all the point but theres something about the looks that doesnt sit rigth.(body vs tire size vs small shocks) Land crusier GF01: Im leaning towards this model, but is it atleast as capable as my LB?(i really like the looks with bigger tires, and drivetrain design) ClodBuster: The Clod ticks all the points. At the moment its the Clod vs GF01, i now there two totally different beasts, so thats why i'm reaching out for advice! Living in Quebec winter is like 6 month long so i would really like a kit that could handle deep snow. I thougth maybe the ligHTness of the GF01 combined with very large tires could be an option. Tires that i would use the GF01.(but dont know if they will fit) https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32798082098.html Thanks in advance for for your help
  11. Tamiya hit all the right points with this release. But there's something about the body VS the tire size that doesn't look rigth(its like it needed bigger tires) But all the rest is a winner in my book(just have to add longer shocks,shock tower and bigger tires :)
  12. Just curious if the LB with locked diff would make a big difference in the snow? Anyone tried this combo?
  13. I wish Tamiya could do a realistic FR 2wd RWD chassis setup, and create a class for it. I know the handling wouldn't be optimal but it would be fun! (I love realistic drivetrain setups) Like this MST FX 2.0 drift car https://www.rc-mst.com/product_car_info.php?class_sn=1&class_sn2=143&sn=3503
  14. That much play in parts is unacceptable. Tamiya engineers need some proper lessons in ISO fits. Also some classes in tolerance stacking.
  15. cobalt


    This is EXACTLY what Tamiya was missing! From customer standpoint: My daughter wants a fast big tire vehicule that can climb small hills, but finds... Traxxas vehicules to be aesthetically unappealing, and loves the looks of Tamiya kits. Likes the Monster Beetle, but 2wd and fragile transmission are a turn off for me. From a design standpoint: Being a mechanical designer heres my take on the transmission design Even tho there is alot of gears, they're all straigth toothed, so no side loading like bevel gears.(common with shaft) So maybe a theres little more friction vs a bevel gear/shaft setup. (bevel gears do generate more side load so have a little more friction) What you get in return is a bulletproof transmission and less risk of bevel gears skipping.(think TT02B) Bravo Tamiya!
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