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  1. @Willy iinewhat car do you use through the winter when the Golf and Supra are tucked away?
  2. I would love it but can't afford it at this time unfortunately. The shipping is a killer as well. Good luck with the sale, it looks brilliant
  3. I'm another one who uses a spreadsheet to keep a track of parts that are fitted to my finished builds and what my thinking was / is for planned builds. I've done the same with my lego collection too!
  4. @alvinlwh, some people eh?! I'd like to think racism is dying as I'm lucky enough not to see if due to having decent work colleagues and having friends that are not in the least bit racist but I'm sure it's prevalent as ever sadly.
  5. Not a problem, I'll keep my eyes peeled for odds and ends
  6. I could do with some of those parts if you don't mind
  7. That's really disappointing to read, I hate the thought that you'd be singled out for being an Englishman and somehow everything's your fault and we should be voting Yes. I'm fully for Scottish Independence btw, but it's nothing to do with you, with "the English" or not wanting to be British. Rightly or wrongly, I think we would thrive if we were self governed. I voted No for Scottish Independence through fear last time and have regretted it ever since. I have family in England (well Newcastle so essentially Scottish) but would welcome anyone with a Welsh, Irish, Italian, French, Indian etc. accent to live and work here as well as our cousins South of the Border. I hate to say it Tony but you're one of us despite how you sound!
  8. They're a big improvement, they really do suit it
  9. Another hurdle fallen over - I bought a Grasshopper 2 the other night, I couldn't say no, £91 delivered. I had actually tried to buy ine at Time Tunnel in April 2020, during lockdown, to match my Mad Bull but accidently ordered a Grasshopper 1. Time Tunnel were great and offered a full refund but I knew I would buy one eventually so decided to keep it. Unfortunately I was too late and they were out of stock of the Grasshopper 2 at the time. If I can resist buying a Lunchbox Black Edition I'll be doing well...
  10. @TWINSETfor a long time I've considered getting into hydrodipping. I remember seeing it at a car show in Germany in 2005 or 2006 and being blown away by it. I think I'll dedicate an area of my work bench to a set up when I get it finished. Thanks for sharing the info
  11. I hate when that happens. Which it does occasionally for me too
  12. Still on the lookout for the right shell if anyone's got one for sale
  13. Still on the lookout for the right shell if anyone has anything for sale?
  14. They look great together, I hope youse have good fun racing round the garden
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