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  1. I’m liking that so far. I’d love to build a camper van with detailed interior one day
  2. I love a good truck build - subscribed
  3. Nice bit of progress. Not without it’s problems, obviously, but nothing you can’t overcome. I don’t doubt that that’s part of the fun for you.
  4. The Beetle shell is an excellent touch, what a brilliant idea. The rust and weathering look authentic, what technique did you use?
  5. They look great together, you can be proud of that collection
  6. Couldn’t put it better myself, so i quoted @JennyMo i liked the previous dragster look but totally lovey the wheel huggers that you’ve made. I think you’re right for using your own step too, it just looks a lot more minimal 😎
  7. We should all club together, hire a private jet and pay you a visit. You’d probably never want visitors again!
  8. Thanks, what are they mounted on to get them sitting right on the grille?
  9. @87lc2 where did you get the front badge for the grille?
  10. Radial engines fascinate me - how was it possible to not only come up with a working design, but actually makes these, back at the turn of the 20th century. @MadInventor - Martin, your crazy experiments with walking beams never cease to amaze, and your manufacturing skills are fantastic with just hobby equipment.
  11. Glad to see a Nitro section here, thanks @netsmithUK
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