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  1. All Thank you for the replies. @JeffSpicolihit the nail on the head with the ones in the eBay link. Although they don't have the 4 studs they're exactly right and from looking at some pics of 1:1 wheels the lack of studs will look better as the single centre nut will look like the centre cap. So thanks, Jeff 👍🏻 @ChrisRx718, thanks for the info. The Skyline wheels are lovely but far too much for what I'm after. The others you posted (with the 4 studs) I actually have on another chassis sporting an 80's touring car shell. You're right, the spokes are much flatter than what I'm after. Regarding the MST wheels, they're lovely, and it's good to know for the future that they exist in 5 stud, but that fact is what stops me buying them. Once again, thank you all for your replies, links and suggestions - as always on here - ask a question, get an answer. Kevin
  2. I'm hoping someone on here can help. For the best part of a year now I've had a set of BBS RS style wheels in my watch list on eBay. The. Haven't got round to doing the shell they were going on so didn't pull the trigger until the other night when I decided that the shell is being done this coming week. The wheels were from China (hence the delay in ordering them the past few months), white with a polished lip and had a 4 stud pattern around the actual wheel nut. I stupidly removed them from my watch list thinking I could easily find another set but haven't been able to. Can anyone suggest anything suitable? The nearest I can see to them on Google Images is a set by Team Pogi but they don't have the 4 studs and are discontinued anyway. Hopefully someone on here with more knowledge than me can help. Thanks!
  3. Another @ACCELbuild I'm looking forward to
  4. @Nobbi1977 I'll take them whenever you're ready to move them on. The crane will look great next to my dumper and I'll give the Bronco to my uncle as a surprise
  5. That's a shame - the photos seemed to display ok to me Will need to miss this build then as I don't use the msuk forum sadly
  6. That's some transformation - well done!
  7. I've never had a Facebook account and never intend to
  8. Love @Shodog's Grave Digger - more pics / details please!
  9. @Tamiyabigstuff thanks again for the tip. That's the one I had heard before but never used. It worked a treat with minimal effort required. The shell's looking good, better than I thought it would, and just needs a final backing coat of white. Panel wipes are a good shout, had it not been lockdown I'd have given that a try as well so maybe one to try in the future if the same thing occurs.
  10. Impressed with the masking so far, I'll be following progress. I really like these shells, been considering one for nearly a year now but don't have a chassis to put one on yet.
  11. Thank you both! Olive oil sounds familiar, I've no doubt read that on here before. Hadn't thought of trying new masking tape though.
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