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  1. Good to see - i did fancy a few but didn’t want to pester you!
  2. The strips around the edge are what make it look like a genuine box rear. Top class work. Is it big enough to fit a 1/10 touring car into?
  3. I would say the same - more hardener and a gentle heat with a hairdryer
  4. This completely passed me by at the time, thanks for bumping the thread @73robb @Re-Bugged that is excellent work! What plastic did you use to make the cover - acrylic? Also, how thick?
  5. I agree with @TurnipJF, that must have been a total nightmare but looks well worth it.
  6. All the best things are, that’s how i work as well. Is it going to have any sign writing?
  7. @PimpedMobility, what is the rear box going to be modelled on?
  8. Thanks for your replies. I knew they were thin on the ground cause, i have tried searching, but thought it was because my IP address was UK based so skewing the results. Why would you waste a good shell with football?!
  9. I have a favour to ask of you. Do any of you know if there are any 1:10 scale V8 Supercars and V8 Super Utes available anywhere? Ideally Falcons as i’m a Ford guy but would consider a dirty, filthy Holden if i had to When i say Super Ute i mean the proper 2 door Utes none of this 4 door diesel pick-up nonsense. Hopefully one of you can help me as i know there’s a few members on here from Down Under.
  10. It’s ****htening where your mind goes
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