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  1. Thanks both, some decent options there
  2. This will be the second I've made, the first was my Fabia vRS using a WRC shell. Loosely based around my own cars tbf, but keeps me happy
  3. I'm looking for a ridiculously big drift rear wing like in the below link but obviously in 1/10 scale! https://driftdialects.com/products/70-1800mm-gt-wing-universal-kit I don't like the swan neck ones and the ones that come up braced from the rear panel aren't my type of thing either.
  4. As I'm a total saddo I'm going to paint it white like mine's
  5. 185bhp for the mk3 since it's a diesel. It pulls really well through the gears and is really tuneable.
  6. Sorry, just saw the replies. If your preference is white then you're sorted but these ones are always here as a back up
  7. I now find myself back in a Fast Ford after buying a mk3.5 Focus ST estate which I absolutely love.
  8. I figured that last night after a few Google image searches and couldn't resist buying one since I now have a 1:1 Focus. Not a 5-pot like your son's but still an ST.
  9. I love my 90s Mad Bull, there's something so cool about them. Mine's is completely standard but I fancy putting oil shocks on it. After reading this thread the other night I was reminded that I still need to change the yellow wheels on mine's for white WW ones, which I have coming to me from @toyolien so I should have a spare yellow set soon
  10. That looks a bit stingy! The Focus is looking good, what shell is it? Pity about the decals right enough.
  11. As title, I'm looking for a complete set of WW or WW2 wheels. Would prefer white but will consider chrome. Tyres not required.
  12. I was thinking the same thing, that's some impressive hardware
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