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  1. I've just been pointed in the direction of this post. I will be thinking of you Martin - your scratch builds, advice, and fountain of machining knowledge have been a pleasure to watch over the past 10+ years. Wishing you and your family strength and peace.
  2. Aye the JPS collection was impressive, so many iconic cars in one place. I don't know if i could choose just one to take home. One for every day of the year maybe
  3. A few weekends back I flew into Dusseldorf with my best mate to go visit the Essen Motor Show. I hadn't been since 2018 and my pal had never been. My wife had suggested I go for a few days as she knows I love making the trip there and had missed it for a few years. We flew on a Friday afternoon from Edinburgh to Dusseldorf and got the train into Essen where we stayed at a hotel next to the Hauptbahnhof. We spent Friday night round the Christmas markets and the full day on Saturday at the show before having a night out in Essen until the early hours of Sunday. Our flight home was until 6pm so we had most of the day to recover, get lunch and make our way to the airport. We did look at squeezing Amsterdam in on the Sunday morning but with it being Sunday Service we wouldn't have had time to get back for our flight. We're going to build a day in for that next year though. I hope you enjoy the pictures, of which there are many of! They're all straight out of the camera with no editing - some photos i struggled to get in focus due to the bright lighting overhead and only having a split second while it was clear to get a decent shot without someone walking through it but the majority of them turned out well.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Edgarmon sitting proudly inside ❤️
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