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  1. Thanks @Doc Hollywood, @stuhas & @toyolien The RC4WD body looks like the exact thing i'm after. I want to make a panoramic rear screen, similar to the Savage cars but I don't want it lookng too Bowler Wildcat so that looks like it'll tick the box. Are the proportions in line with the Tamiya PC shell?
  2. I'm looking for suggestions for a hard body Defender to suit a CC01 or CC02 chassis. All Tamiya ones are polycarbonate as far as I'm aware and as I plan to cut it up a bit to make a custom I can't use the Tamiya kit one. I would also like the scale to be as close to the Tamiya body as possible. I saw a Killerbody hard body online earlier but unsure of the size despite it stating 1/10 scale. Any suggestions would be much-appreciated. I'm looking at you @JennyMo!
  3. As title really. Can you buy R32, R33 & R34 bodyshells (and spoilers/mirrors/stickers) without having to buy a full TT01/02 kit? I've had a look online and on eBay and can't see much other than full kits but I'm sure I saw them all on their own before.
  4. I have the same plan
  5. what's the planned shell for this one?
  6. After seeing your painted shell with the clear rear deck I've decided to buy myself an Aqroshot as well ☺
  7. That's a really good design but very pricey. Are you tempted?
  8. Yeah, that looks spot-on to me. Love the Countach, so much so that I looked into buying one myself
  9. Looking forward to this and any other wtcc bodies too
  10. @Ferruz you, sir, are an animal!
  11. Looking forward to seeing how that turns out, sounds like the right move with the nose extension
  12. I love the colour, it really suits it and I'm no fan of yellow
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