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  1. I haven’t commented in here yet, but cannot any longer. For me, this might genuinely be the most impressive build i’ve ever seen on here. The concept is amazing and the execution is first class. I wouldn’t even know how to start a set up like this.
  2. Kevin_Mc


    Nice!!!!! i also think the BBS style wheels suit it best
  3. [url=]this one[/url] in particular. The description says it’s a repro of a Tamiya shell but which one? I’m really wanting to know because i want an ABS body to modify and this would be perfect but it doesn’t come with windows / decals / parts to finish so i’d like to know what’s (at least possibly) likely to fit. I didn’t know Tamiya made an oval window shell, and it’s specifically an oval one i want, i thought it was maybe made as an option for bashing a MB or something like that but doubt that’s the case. I should maybe e-mail Keith to find out but don’t want to hassle him with questions.
  4. Kevin_Mc

    Tamiya M-06 with US Style MR2 Mk1 Shell

    You bought a Lexus shell?! 😎
  5. Kevin_Mc

    For sale: Tamiya scissors

    @53HRA mine’s arrived today too - ideal, thank you
  6. Kevin_Mc

    For sale: Tamiya scissors

    Brilliant, thanks
  7. Kevin_Mc

    CC01 build up..

    The more i see CC01s / Isuzu Mu builds the more i know i need one. It’s next on my purchase list the little off-road trailer is cool too, how are the wheels mounted to the body?
  8. Amazing work so far, but i always look forward to the JennyMo bodywork posts the most so the best part for me is just beginning.
  9. This will be concours when done, what a job. How long did it take to get the window plastics flatted?
  10. Kevin_Mc

    TamiyaClub discounts?

    For what it’s worth Fusion are brilliant to deal with
  11. Kevin_Mc

    Mad Max Fury Road War Rig build

    Love the smoke stacks Martin, they look the part! 😎
  12. A slight update - i managed to find a suitable grille / light / bumper combo that is black with light buckets. It has the mount for the Isuzu badge so i was all set on that, making a Vauxhall badge and using a bit of paint to make it look right. Then i noticed out that the standard grille is pretty much the same (without the light buckets) but finished in chrome. So the badge looks to be fully removable and I can strip the chrome off and paint what i want. I just need to buy the kit and scratch build a Vauxhall badge.
  13. That is the perfect colour for the flares - it looks like it came straight out the Mitsubishi factory.
  14. I thought this would be the place to ask as if anyone is likely to know it’ll be the 4x4 / CC01 bods on TC! i’m looking into buying a CC01 and fancy an Isuzu Mu bodyshell. I was only about 4 years old when my neighbour got a Frontera Sport and it was one of three cars i really loved when i was little. My question is, has anyone made a replacement grille / badges to change the CC01 model from an Isuzu Mu to a Vauxhall Frontera? I had a look on Shapeways but couldn’t see anything.