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  1. That looks like it came from the factory like that, top job
  2. For having “just thrown” some paint at that it looks immense. Well done on saving a classic 👍🏻
  3. Kevin_Mc

    Double Wheels

    Top work as ever Martin! I love the look of the Madbull with the dual rears 😍👍🏻
  4. I bought an item from Hobby King that arrived with parts missing. I contacted them but had several e-mails bounce back. I decided to open a Paypal dispute and managed to get in contact over live chat. I was told that they would send out the missing parts. Later that day I was then contacted to say that they don’t have the parts in stock and i would be issued compensation through Paypal if i closed the dispute. I asked what sort of compensation and was offered a full refund or store credit to the same value. I chose a refund and closed the Paypal dispute to enable them to process the refund. Then all went quiet. I have tried to contact again and have had no reply. Have i been scammed? Thankfully my Paypal is linked to my bank via Direct Debit so i can speak to the bank to recover the money owed to me but i will never shop with Hobby King again and would recommend others don’t if my experience is anything to go by. If anyone is in contact with Fallon from Hobby King please inform him of this thread.
  5. Not really adding much to the conversation here but i love goth girls! 😍
  6. So it’s not just me who has a shaved head and tattoos?! although i am by no means large and intimidating.
  7. Well, in the end Paypal refunded me the money, HobbyKing sent me a refund and i kept the item as they didn’t want it returned. I’m sure Paypal will see i’ve been refunded and take their money back from me as i have a DD with them. But a happy ending nonetheless.
  8. Kevin_Mc

    King Hauler Drag Truck

    Came for the truck, stayed for the comedy
  9. That’s my thinking about the bank. However, i contacted Paypal again today and they issued me a refund. Lessons learned - 1. Don’t close a dispute and 2. Don’t use Hobby King.
  10. That’s who i normally go to but the item i wanted was sold out everywhere else. I eventually tracked one last set down through RCMart so it’s on the way.
  11. Kevin_Mc

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    Lovely. Is that an FF01 chassis?
  12. Thanks, i’ll give Paypal a call at lunch time. Apparently my order was coming from the European warehouse wherever that may be. It did arrive quickly to be fair.
  13. Kevin_Mc

    What is This?

    It’s quite obviously a Tomita Cobra, just look at the badges!
  14. Kevin_Mc

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    Nooooo!!!! WE NEED MORE PICS!
  15. Kevin_Mc


    That is impressive!
  16. I’m looking for a Delta shell, any condition will be considered. As long as the front end from the middle of the bonnet forward isn't split it’s good to me. I don't want to go out and but a brand new one to chop up if someone has an old basher they don’t use any more. Anyone got anything suitable?
  17. Kevin_Mc

    List your extra shells?

    Are you 39 years old?
  18. Kevin_Mc

    List your extra shells?

    Bodies trimmed but not painted, in the order i bought them (some have a chassis chosen for them, other’s don’t) - 1. Skoda Fabia WRC 2. BMW M3 Schnitzer 3. Porsche 996 Turbo 4. HPI Grave Robber 5. Dodge Status 6. Dodge Status 3.0 7. HPI Mondeo BTCC 8. BMW 320is 9. Zakspeed Capri 10. VW Golf mk1 11. VW Golf mk2 still to be trimmed & painted - 12. Ford RS200 13. Ford RS200 Evo 14. Lancia Delta S4 15. Lancia Delta S4 Stradale
  19. Kevin_Mc

    Vanquish rebuild

    That’s impessive work - you can be proud of that!
  20. A long shot i know, but does anyone have a spare spoiler & mirrors parts tree for a Rally Legends Delta S4? I bought what was supposed to be a complete shell but i was let down and only sent the body and decals. Can anyone help?
  21. Where can i buy something along the lines of the turbofans on the Lancia pictured below? They look brilliant and i have approx 412 cars that they would suit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  22. Kevin_Mc

    Turbofans for wheels - Talk to me!

    It’s a Delta i want them on. And i think you’ve sold me on the idea! i thought they’d look too modern but the look great on both the Lancia and the Fiesta
  23. Kevin_Mc

    Turbofans for wheels - Talk to me!

    That’s a pity, i was hoping they’d mount to the wheel nut and be universal
  24. Kevin_Mc

    Turbofans for wheels - Talk to me!

    Do these only fit the fifteen52 wheels as i’m not a massive fan of the wheel itself but knew they come with them? I was hoping to be able to fit a set on top of, say, a BTCC style wheel and be able to buy them separately.
  25. Kevin_Mc

    Show Me Your Porches ...

    Yeah, @Truck Norris is the man to ask here