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  1. Couldn’t put it better myself, so i quoted @JennyMo i liked the previous dragster look but totally lovey the wheel huggers that you’ve made. I think you’re right for using your own step too, it just looks a lot more minimal 😎
  2. We should all club together, hire a private jet and pay you a visit. You’d probably never want visitors again!
  3. Thanks, what are they mounted on to get them sitting right on the grille?
  4. @87lc2 where did you get the front badge for the grille?
  5. Radial engines fascinate me - how was it possible to not only come up with a working design, but actually makes these, back at the turn of the 20th century. @MadInventor - Martin, your crazy experiments with walking beams never cease to amaze, and your manufacturing skills are fantastic with just hobby equipment.
  6. Glad to see a Nitro section here, thanks @netsmithUK
  7. Still looking for two King Blackfoot bodies, any condition considered
  8. Both the Electric Orange and yellow rigs are lovely! What shells are they?
  9. I love seeing posts like this with peoples’ collections. The 21 years later photo is excellent too
  10. @Re-Bugged, that’s not the one but it’ll do the job nicely - thanks!
  11. That could explain why i can’t find it. It may not have been as old as that and it certainly hadn’t been replied to for a while so could’ve been Grandad Stinky before he left. Although i’m sure it was after he left and deleted all his posts, it was only about 8 weeks ago.
  12. I thought i found it there, when i spotted @markbt73‘s Build a Bear thread but it stops short of what i remember happening with the chassis. The one i remember detailed out all parts required to fit parts to the tub to help shorten it this is driving me mad!!
  13. That’s the one Jenny, no idea why i can’t find it!
  14. That’s not the one, although it’s very interesting and i’ll have a proper read through it shortly - thank you @max69vk It was definitely from the Builds section on here
  15. I came across this a couple of weeks ago whilst browsing on here but can’t find it now, no matter how much i trawl or use the search function. It was a thread from maybe 2014 that someone had bumped back to the top but i haven’t commented on it so can’t find it. Can’t remember what the chassis was but it was shortened to match the body, then the wheelbase was reduced to look more scale. Can anyone link me up to it please?
  16. That has worked really well, i’m interested in seeing this one progress as it’s in a similar vein to something i have planned for the future. Also, i love the Recaros, where did you get them?
  17. @acprc i love your nitro builds m, subscribed. perhaps when i rebuild my NDF01T you and @Tamiyabigstuff would be so kind as to answer approx 418 questions each
  18. This is something i plan on doing in the near future so it’s good to know there’s a chassis with the correct wheelbase. It’s looking good so far, i’m interested to see how it turns out.
  19. They’re not the ones you need to worry about, you can chase them away. It’s the grizzlies you need to watch out for...!
  20. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again Paul, you live the life we all dream of!
  21. @Skottoman, good to see you back here - hope all is well with you
  22. What shell is it? I’ve had a similar thought about widening an M-04 but keeping the wheelbase at 237mm. I’ve fitted TL01 arms to a lengthened M04 to make it 257 x 190mm so you should be able to do similar with the M03 or M05
  23. Something made me think you were in the Czech Republic...!
  24. Other than the Cordoba made by Carson, which is impossible to find, is there anyone else that makes a Leon or Ibiza or Cordoba shell for a 190mm touring car?
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